Saturday, May 06, 2006

This Day in the Life

This will hopefully be a running thing, because I'll be somewhat near a computer most of the day, unlike last month. Like last month however, I'm still sick. BOOO! Watch this space...I'm going to keep adding onto this same post.

1200-I am in a dark theatre with Dave on one side, Jeff on the other side watching Tom Cruise doing one of several things...jumping on a couch, running very rapidly towards a fight, running very rapidly away from a missile/bullet shower/helicopter, being in a gun fight or else we were watching his stunt double do something mean to Phillip Seymore Hoffman's stunt double.

1220-The movie is over, and we're rather impressed, despite this being the sixth or seventh movie in a row that we've seen that didn't have an Easter egg at the end. Honestly...if we're going to look like dorks and sit to the end of the credits, at least reward us ONCE in a while. Driving home, I pretend that the cars are following me, which is fun until I get nervous that one of them actually IS following me. What is it "they" say about paranoia?

1230-I get home and remember that I need to start this post. I run to the bathroom first.

1231-I remember that I forgot to refill the toilet paper, and since I don't share a bathroom the only one I can blame are the spiders. Damned spiders. Problem easily solved.

1235-Why does all the toilet paper have to be all the way upstairs. *grumble and decide to begin post*

1240-When Dave calls, I make the good decision to have us just go to bed in our respective houses because I'm still sick and coughing, and I teach T tomorrow morning.

1242-I start this post.

1252-I am going to go away from the keyboard, but I feel as though I should continue typing as an internal monologue while I go and do the things I need to do to get ready for bed. Maybe I should type into the future...oh dear. The cold medicine seems to have rotted my brain because I'm actually worried about this. Dave? Is this meta? I'm so confused. ok...solution...

1254-prediction: the quest for toilet paper, writing in my paper journal, getting changed for bed, setting my alarm for 930 *get giddy at the idea of sleeping in until 930* *ignore needling thought that I won't actually sleep that long*, read a little bit of my new Sara Douglass book (God's two of The Troy Game) and hopefully be asleep without the use of a roofie-pill.

0200-I actually get to sleep around this time becaues I was enthralled with my book. DAMN, it's a good series.

0910-I get a phone call from T's mom saying that tutoring is cancelled for this morning. How annoying...I'd changed my plans last night to reflect the fact that I was going to be tutoring. I try to fall asleep again and fail.

0920-I start reading my book again.

1030-I finish my book. This is something like five huge novels I've read in the last week or so. I've MISSED reading!!

1037-check email and blog roll, then head upstairs for some food.

1043-while idly surfing around blogs and referrers, I discover MC Hammer's blog. This has to be would think that MC Hammer would have enough money to have his own domain name at least. (God, I'm such an internet snob.)

1050-Dave calls me and while I'm talking to him, there's a knock on my door. It's him! On his cell phone! Awwwww... :)

1051-*censored* ;)

1245-We go to the mall for lunch and drugstore stop. I get some Contact-C since I'm pretty much out of the stuff I like. I get a BURRRR-EEEEE-TOOOOOOOOOO and rice. We wander around for a bit, and since I took a non-roofie Contact-C on a stomach that'd been empty since early last evening, I start wigging out. I'm high as a kite, giggling, getting distracted by little Winnie the Pooh figures in animal costumes and purple dragons, which I coveted. I was wandering around in a complete daze and talking nonsense. Dave figured that I was just saying whatever came into my head, like I had no internal monologue. I know this sounds like me on a normal day, but it was really uncontrolled.

130-We get home and I lie down in bed and despite the allegedly non drowsiness of my pill, I nearly fall asleep while pulling the covers over me. When I pulled them over me, I twisted my leg into an uncomfortable position, which kept me awake long enough to get up, make my bed, recite a short impromptu soliloquy about how primitive bed clothes are and how sleeping bags are far superior for their instant climb-in-ability. Dave thinks that's pretty funny. I really should record the stuff I say when I'm tripping on cold medicine. I get into bed and fall asleep while Dave does stuff on my computer.

420-I wake up a little when Dave comes over to cuddle with me.

530-We both wake up. Dave does some more stuff on my computer, and I think I read for a while. Dave marvels at the sheer amount of stuff I've got set to tape on my computer.

630-I take a shower which steams out my stuffy nose and makes me feel a bit better and actually a little hungry.

700-We have dinner upstairs. I have salmon in dill sauce, asparagus, mashed potatoes and corn. Oh, and green tea.

800-I drink my tea and read while Dave does some stuff on my computer. (I'm such a cliche...I just need a cat on my lap and I'm the stereotypical English major on a Saturday night!) I now have my TV hooked back up to cable, a headphone extender for my stereo (whee! I can move the bike back from the TV!), a working webcam, a tidy desk, my PC tower back where it's supposed to be, a wireless game controller and probably a few other things that I'm unaware of. Yay!

900-Dave and I watch last week's Alias that we recorded on my computer. I <3 my computer. I don't <3 this episode of Alias. :P Too...forced.

1030-Dave goes home and I read for a little while, then come and update.

1100-I;m planning on taking a roofie based cold pill, quickly check my blogroll, then will probably do my squished tree journal, read a little of my newly begun book and pass right out. If I do something wonderous and amazing, I'll be sure to update. :) Sorry this day wasn't very interesting...most of it was spent asleep and/or reading. :P

Edited: I started reading blogs and now it's midnight. I haven't taken my roofie yet, and my chest hurts really badly and it kind of hurts to breathe. I think I coughed too much today. I had a bunch of coughing attacks...time for bed and medicine. Good night!

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