Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Guess what I have on my desk.

No, seriously. Guess. I'll wait.



Ok, done waiting. I've got a new coolest thing. I have a fuzzy leafed plant. The leaves are dark green and the fuzz? The fuzz...it is PURPLE!!! It is seriously, the coolest thing on my desk.

Oh, except for Buffy Season Two. And a book about Firefly. So, I guess it's the coolest non-Whedon thing on my desk.

And except for my computer...but it's more in my desk.

Tomorrow morning I'm taking over a grade four class from one of the other student teachers in my school, while she takes my kindergarten/grade one class. I'm a little nervous. Her kids are kind of...well...insane. Two of them almost got suspended last week. It will be an...experience.

I have a wicked rainforest in my classroom now. Pictures will be coming eventually. Hopefully sooner than when I promised before.

Holy crap, I've only got five weeks left of practicum...which is actually closer to four because this week is basically only two days and the last week is pretty much nothing. Yikes. I'm only 11 weeks from them giving me a piece of paper and telling me to go forth and teach the next generation.

What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

Edit: Ooh! Found out what my new plant is...apparently it's a "Gynura aurantiaca Cv." 'Purple Passion'. The flowers smell like dog poop, and need to be pinched off. Apparently it also grows to be about nine feet tall and is easily propagated via cuttings. Does anyone want a piece of potentially nine foot dog poop purple fuzz plant?

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