Saturday, May 13, 2006


Something happened today at school with a child who isn't in my class. Obviously I can't go into any detail about it in this forum, but it's really bothering me. :( And the worst part? There honestly, seriously, isn't anything that I can do. This isn't one of my kids, which I'm glad of, because it would completely eat me up. THIS is why I couldn't go into policing. THIS is why I couldn't go into counselling. How do I shut myself down so that it doesn't destroy me? Next time it could be one of my kids...someone I've made a connection to. I guess the real question is, "how do I keep myself separate emotionally, without sacrificing building relationships?" (And if I could tell you that I could probably write a book and make a million dollars being on Oprah. [I don't actually care too much about Oprah, but if I had a book, I'd go everywhere to promote it. {I hope this doesn't hurt my chances to get on Oprah when I get my novel published.(Gwyn: I think you just start over again when you run out of brackets...although it should technically be the pointy brackets.)}])

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