Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hitting a new low?

Oh my. I have simply the most obnoxious taste in music. I'm sure that you're all aware of my country liking. However, I've started listening to...hip hop. Oh, gods. The baggy pants and quarter turned cap are in the mail. It's funny because I'm so very white and so VERY suburban...I've got nothing to do with the style or attitude or anything. It's very odd. I blame school. We've got a hip hop teacher for the week (she's SO CUTE!! OMGWTF!!!1111!!!eleven!!!ONE!) and it's probably the most adorable thing I've EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE to see five year olds giving stage "attitude" (arms crossed, hips cocked, head leaning over [not so cute when they give you real attitude...] ) then flashing a peace sign (and yelling "PEACE OUT".)

The song they're performing their dance to? It's from the show Kim Possible. EEEE!! And I found the lyrics. Muahahaha!!!

Now, I need people to tell me who to listen to for my Pandora radio station. I know all the country singers now, but I'm totally out of touch with this.

Oh man. I had another evaluation with my faculty advisor today. ARGH. I got so frustrated with some of it. Oh, and get this. I've only got five weeks in my practicum (that looks weird. Spelling?)...the last week of which is really nothing. I have a four week unit planned...which means it starts next week. FUCK. Anyone want to turn my classroom into a rainforest before Wednesay? Two day week for me, SUCKERS. Well, kind of. Victoria day on Monday, there's a ProD day on Tuesday, I'm doing a classroom exchange with another student teacher at my school on Wednesday morning, and Friday's a half day. Basically...I've got two full days of teaching my class next week. Gah. And this week was hip hop (five lessons) a three day write (three lessons) and testing (kids getting pulled out of my class throughout the day.)

I wasn't stressed this morning. What the hell happened?

(Edit: and now I've got that rap song stuck in my head. *snarl*)

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