Sunday, May 07, 2006

Carb craving

If you're hungry, you may want to skip the following...

I want to make, and gorge on the following:
-lemon poppyseed loaf/muffins
-cornmeal bread/muffins
-chocolate chip cookies
-rice krispie squares
-white bread soaked in syrup so it's like candy
-cinnamon toast on white bread
-vast quantities of pasta with alfredo sauce and chicken or shrimp
-cheese and crackers
-chicken noodle soup from a box
-Kraft dinner
-Rice a roni (chicken flavour)
-Mr Noodles

If I ate even a bite of each of those, I would gain back the nearly ten pounds I've lost while being sick. Therefore, I will go eat a sensible lunch and hope that some of these cravings will diminish. Otherwise, I'm making the first two on the list, and damning the consequences.

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