Monday, October 31, 2005

Still feeling gross

Wow. Ok, so it turns out I've been fighting this cold since before school started...about two months. I've been sick without really getting better since Tuesday. Time to see the doctor...I have an appointment at the university student clinic for Wednesday.

I'm really freaked out by being sick all the time. I hadn't realized it had been this long...not to mention that over the summer I had a cold/flu that lasted well over a month as well. I'm so scared that I've got something really bad. *sigh* Best case scenario: Wednesday the doctor looks at me and goes, "Aha! This is all caused by blah blah blah...and all of your stomach problems stem from the same source. It is cured by a non-side effects laden, sweet tasting pill that dissolves on your tongue instantly. Just let me write you a perscription...oh no wait. Here's a free sample!! Oh wait...there is a minor side effect. You start sleeping well and can focus and do homework much better than you could before. Here's your pill!"

And then poof, I'm healthy. How awesome would that be?

In other news, I start in my classroom tomorrow once a week for all of November. Whee! I shall start referring to my school as Gigabyte Elementary.

In other, other news, I'm a werewolf.

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
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In other, other, other news, I'm a dork. Funny, I always thought I was a geek.

Modern, Cool Nerd
60 % Nerd, 56% Geek, 39% Dork
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Saturday, October 29, 2005

All about Meme

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?


Virginia Woolf
You are Virginia Woolf! You were openly bisexual
and had public affairs, but you never liked
sex. You wrote a seminal feminist work, long
before feminists knew that they were feminists.
In this vein, you never really considered
yourself a feminist. You were a tragic figure,
but a damn genius.

Interesting... I'm certainly a damn genius. Some of this isn't true, for sure...

Hey, I'm still here.

I've been sick for the last few days. Wow. Bleah. I lay down for five minutes today before karate (330) and woke up at almost 6:30, when karate was over. Whoops.

I don't have anything of substance to say, so I'll meme instead. I think I took this quiz last year or even further back, but had a different result. Interesting.

You are Form 3, Unicorn: The Innocent.

"And The Unicorn knew she wasn't meant to
go into the Dark Wood. Disregarding the advice
given to her by the spirits, Unicorn went
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misdeed, the world knew evil."

Some examples of the Unicorn Form are Eve
(Christian) and Pandora (Greek).
The Unicorn is associated with the concept of
innocence, the number 3, and the element of
Her sign is the twilight sun.

As a member of Form 3, you are a curious
individual. You are drawn to new things and
become fascinated with ideas you've never come
in contact with before. Some people may say
you are too nosey, but it's only because you
like getting to the bottom of things and
solving them. Unicorns are the best friends to
have because they are inquisitive.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I feel hella crappy

The cold that's been teasing me for the last couple...umm...months... has finally exploded. Ugh.

I saw Serenity on the weekend. Good stuff. :)

I did SO MUCH WORK today. I'm feeling awesome about it all. I've even done my jogging for the last two days in the evening. Mostly it's been jogging on the spot, because I forget to do it until ten thirty and need to go to bed soon, but tonight I'm going to actually go to the gym and run on the treadmill. Whee!

(edit: hey, my post from yesterday finally showed up. WEIRD)

Monday, October 24, 2005


I forgot to bring my knitting, or a book or any other crafty stuff.

I want to start knitting Jayne's hat from Firefly.

I saw Serenity last's good stuff.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

God fucking dammit.

Why does so much shit happen to some people? Deb from was diagnosed with leukemia. That is so fucking unfair. She's got a little girl who needs her to be healthy.


Good thing Deb is so kick ass that that cancer is shaking in its metaphorical boots right now.

It's the end of the world as we know it...

There are some constants in the world. The sky is up and the ground is down. It rains in Vancouver and snows in Alberta. Karin will always find a new hobby when she is the busiest. Karin is lazy and will not run/jog for exercise.

Hold onto your hats kiddos. The immoveable object has met the unstoppable force. I've decided to start a running program, starting with a walk/jog program, then gradually working my way up to running the Sun Run, a 10 km "fun run" in the spring.

...and I feel fine.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Weirdest penalty ever

What should you do on a breakaway when you lose your stick? Wait for the guy behind you to come up and try to grab HIS hockey stick to try and score.

Ummmm...I don't think you're allowed to do that...neither do the refs. Bertuzzi in the box for holding the stick.


Dude, that sounds DIRTY.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Carbs 'n' cheese 'n' ham (squared)

My dinner tonight...very impromptu...

Twice baked potato, stuffed with ham and cheddar cheese.
Annie's White Cheddar Mac and Cheese, with ham tossed in when I realized that there was ham in the fridge.

Apparently I like ham and cheese and carbs. Not much of a surprise to me, really... :P

Teacher Strike News

Petition that might do something...might not.

This sucks. I'm supposed to be in my practicum classroom today. I should've had a couple weeks of meeting my class and getting to know them before I teach them in the spring. *sigh*

Saturday, October 15, 2005

18 now...

Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar just had a baby girl.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ow, my hand...

Has anyone ever had one of those days when you're really sick of making hats, so you start crocheting a baby blanket for practice and it somehow starts turning into a hat so you just run with it?





Oh. I guess it's just me.

I think it's time for bed.

Have you ever had one of those days...

...where everyone seems slow and stupid and irrational, and then you look around and realize that it's really you who is slow and stupid and irrational? *cough* neither...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


...spawned by "As The World Falls Down" --David Bowie, currently on my mp3 player, and a trip to the Party Bazaar which had many awesome masks...

I propose a Labyrinth themed Hallowe'en party. Dress up like a character from Labyrinth, one of the Masquerade characters, or...???

Who's in? Say...Friday October 28th?

This is all tentative...but who knows? I could use an excuse to dress up. :D

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A meme and an update

First the meme: Just like Donna...

You Are Apple Cider

Smooth and comforting. But downright nasty when cold.

I had an amazing weekend. My Oma was in town from Edmonton, and I spent a lot of it with her, getting to hear her stories and learning to tat (hand make lace). *sarcasm* I wanted to learn because y'know that I have way too much time and not nearly enough hobbies to do with string. */sarcasm* It was so incredible though. I'm the fourth (fifth if you count my aunt...but she isn't in the direct line for me) tatter in my mom's family. My grandmother, my great grandmother and my great, great grandmother all tatted and it feels so awe inspiring to see my hands create something that women in my family have made for nearly 150 years.

I'm half Scottish (dad's side) and half Austrian (mom's side), and I've always only explored the Scottish side, what with playing in a pipe band, Highland dancing, celtic music, eating haggis etc. The closest I've really been to Austrian culture is watching The Sound Of Music and opening family presents Christmas Eve. Oh, and rye bread. I loves me my rye bread...with liverwurst on it. (Side note: why is it that I always pick the disgusting traditional food to love?? Ah well, keeps people away from it.) So to be able to explore some of the other side, that was such a great experience. I have a copy of the book she uses, with a handwritten inscription from her to me in it, as well as her notes, and a tatting shuttle that she bought for me from Lewiscraft, but I think the most important thing she left for me was the memories of seven or eight hours over the weekend of crafting together, talking to each other and my mom, learning a beautiful art.

When I practice my tatting, I can hear her speaking in my head with her accent, telling me the next move to make. I make the same exasperated noises when I make a mistake. All of us take our tea the same way, enjoy cheese, smoked oysters, crackers, liverwurst, rye bread and coldcuts for lunch. We'll all have different last names, but we're all connected.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Birthday, me!

I've left my mid-twenties and entered my late twenties...although maybe that's not accurate...since I really only had one mid twenty.

I'm babbling. Look at my newest project to see why I babble.

I'm very tired and my shoulders are tired.

Also, I've been reading Alien Dice, an amazing webcomic/graphic novel. Don't start unless you've got several days straight to read it. Personal experience...from me and Kit.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just to annoy everyone...

Daa da da da daaaaaa da. Daaaa da da da daaaaaaaa. (Graduation processional marchie thing.)

I didn't walk to that...I walked to the SFU pipe band, and chatted with them a bit, since I know some of them (did I ever mention that I used to play in the pipe band? I did...tenor drum)

Anyway, I got flowers, and a degree and now I'm gettin lunch. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Holy crap

This is gonna affect my practicum...however, it might mean I get a vacation on Tuesday...

Thanks Bimkins for pointing it out.

Edit: The above link stopped working, but here's another.

"...teachers will mount picket lines at schools across B.C. on Friday, and will remain off the job until a resolution has been reached and accepted by a subsequent member vote."

Now you don't have an excuse!!

AND you don't have to freeze your tail off!

Watch me convocate tomorrow morning!!!

Ok, fine. I'll watch, but I'm still mad.

Sittin' here in my Canucks jersey, watching the game. They hooked me. I admit it. Not totally though...I was tutoring for the first half hour, and I ran down here to watch when I got home, but forgot to turn on the TV...but I get to watch the whole third period.

So, I went all girly today...I got my eyebrows waxed for convocation tomorrow. (aside: 9:15 tomorrow morning at SFU! Come if you want!) I figure there will be more pictures taken of me tomorrow than there will be until whenever my wedding is, so I might want to look purdy.

Also, remember that tomorrow night is my grad/bday dinner/karaoke ((AUGH!! Phoenix just scored!!)) and I'll be there at seven until late. Come by sometime for five minutes, or five hours...whatever you want. (((((WOOOOOOO NASLUND!!!!! 19 seconds later by number 19!!!!)))))))) Significant others and/or kids are welcome. I never sent out evites, but consider yourself invited if I know ya. Email me to tell me you're coming, and I'll tell you where we'll be. (Burnaby)

Monday, October 03, 2005


School is good...very tiring. I have a headache most of the time, and this weekend was murder. Tired and dizzy. Bleh. I feel somewhat better though.

I'm wearing my new favourite sweater/top/thing. It's got thick horizontal stripes of light blue, medium blue and teal with a big...I think it's brown, but it might be purple stripe...right across the middle. It sounds pretty hideous but it's actually very pretty. I also have a "Neapoliton" sweater/top/thing in pink, white and light brown, a pair of brown cords and a brown skirt that my mom bought me for school. I'm all respectable looking!!

I'll be meeting my sponsor teachers tomorrow probably...which means I'll be wearing makeup tomorrow probably. Freaky weird...maybe I should practice tonight, it's been so long.

Some wonton soup is MUCH superior to other. Holy chemical processing, Batman. Speaking of Batman...I had a dream about him (Christian Bale one) last night. Speaking of dreams...I won't tell you about the Batman dream, but here's a different one.

Dreams involving pink or orange gerbera daisies being presented to small robot vacuums by large city destroying robots immediately before rushing off to destroy the city...those make me giggle when I wake up. They are much better than the recent dreams I've had of being in bed and waking up to find someone IN MY ROOM, STARING AT ME, then really for real waking up. Those dreams suck much. I've had them two nights running...and I disagree with them. No more such dreams I say.

And now I stop typing into my blog, and instead type into a word processing document...for LO, I must do a social studies lesson plan. By tomorrow night. *eep*

Oh, and I started knitting again. I am working on a hat. And I discovered today that I can walk and knit at the same time. I'm planning on knitting Jayne's hat from Firefly, because I have become moderately obsessed with Firefly. No, I haven't seen Serenity yet. Yes, I'm going to. Probably several times. It's going to be THAT GOOD.

right...lesson plan. then bed. i'm on it.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


My headache is finally going away, thanks to the curative powers of aromatherapy, wonton soup, various flavours of tea and vast quantities of Advil.

Note to self: nearly out of Advil...purchase more.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

ColorQuiz.comKarin took the free personality test!

"Wants to make a favorable impression and be reward..."

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