Monday, October 03, 2005


School is good...very tiring. I have a headache most of the time, and this weekend was murder. Tired and dizzy. Bleh. I feel somewhat better though.

I'm wearing my new favourite sweater/top/thing. It's got thick horizontal stripes of light blue, medium blue and teal with a big...I think it's brown, but it might be purple stripe...right across the middle. It sounds pretty hideous but it's actually very pretty. I also have a "Neapoliton" sweater/top/thing in pink, white and light brown, a pair of brown cords and a brown skirt that my mom bought me for school. I'm all respectable looking!!

I'll be meeting my sponsor teachers tomorrow probably...which means I'll be wearing makeup tomorrow probably. Freaky weird...maybe I should practice tonight, it's been so long.

Some wonton soup is MUCH superior to other. Holy chemical processing, Batman. Speaking of Batman...I had a dream about him (Christian Bale one) last night. Speaking of dreams...I won't tell you about the Batman dream, but here's a different one.

Dreams involving pink or orange gerbera daisies being presented to small robot vacuums by large city destroying robots immediately before rushing off to destroy the city...those make me giggle when I wake up. They are much better than the recent dreams I've had of being in bed and waking up to find someone IN MY ROOM, STARING AT ME, then really for real waking up. Those dreams suck much. I've had them two nights running...and I disagree with them. No more such dreams I say.

And now I stop typing into my blog, and instead type into a word processing document...for LO, I must do a social studies lesson plan. By tomorrow night. *eep*

Oh, and I started knitting again. I am working on a hat. And I discovered today that I can walk and knit at the same time. I'm planning on knitting Jayne's hat from Firefly, because I have become moderately obsessed with Firefly. No, I haven't seen Serenity yet. Yes, I'm going to. Probably several times. It's going to be THAT GOOD.

right...lesson plan. then bed. i'm on it.

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