Sunday, January 29, 2006

I've seen this one a few times today

Muhaha...especially one bit...Dave, point it out to everyone. ;)

Yellows are motivated by fun. They are inviting and embrace life as a party which they're hosting. They love playful interaction and can be extremely sociable and persuasive. They seek instant gratification. YELLOWS need to be adored and praised. While YELLOWS are carefree, they are quite sensitive and highly alert to others motives to control them. YELLOWS carry within themselves the gift of a good heart.

YELLOWS need to look good socially, and friendships command a high priority in their lives. YELLOWS are happy, highly verbal, easily bored, and crave adventure. They can never sit still for long. They choose friends who, like themselves, refuse to allow lifes boring details stifle their curiosity. They embrace each day in the present tense. YELLOWS are charismatic, spontaneous, positive, and can be irresponsible, obnoxious, and forgetful. When you deal with a YELLOW praise and adore them, take a positive, upbeat approach, and promote creative and fun activities for and with them.

What Color Are You?
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Exercise today: 3 hours disc golf in the pouring rain...deja vu...

I woke up at 1000 on a Sunday morning. Voluntarily.

Apparently I've taken leave of my senses. No matter. Today is a mini disc golf competition at Mundy Park in Coquitlam (for googlers: Mundy Park Doubles, 1200 sharp [and they mean it], $5 plus mandatory $1 closest to the pin, various $1 and $5 charges that happen rarely [for holes in one and so on]).

I've got a headache. :( I've been having headaches the last few days when I wake up. I'm wondering if it's due to less caffiene (checks the empty cans...I'm mostly not drinking caffinated drinks any more) or sleeping wrong, or not getting enough, or too much sleep? Who knows? Not me. Internet? Got any ideas?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Crazy Disc Golf Lady

This morning I woke up to weak sun coming in through my window. Good thing, since today's the day that I competed in the Ice Bowl, a charity disc (frisbee) golf tournament. It's been a while since I played (before Christmas, and before that...ummm...sometime in the summer...?), so I didn't have much expectation of me doing very well.

I arrived, a few minutes late because I took too long getting things ready. Whoops. Things hadn't started yet, and I got to throw the disc around some of the baskets a bit with some guys from Mundy. (Rats, I should've gotten a ride out with one of them. Meh.) I threw pretty well in the warm up. The Tim Horton-mobile was there with Timbits, coffee and hot chocolate for us. Faaaabulous. Our teams were assigned and we were off. I played decently, even though most of my good drives were used up in warm up.

We were playing Texas Scramble style, so the best throws were the ones we took, however each person could only record three baskets and three drives for the whole 12 holes, which meant that there was a certain amount of strategy involved. I wound up with some okay drives and a wicked good putt. Some of the holes had games with them, like you could only use your opposing hand (the exception was the one player who only hand one arm...he did a funny throw instead), you had to roll the first throw, the first throw had to be performed with a paper bag over your head etc. Lots of fun. I was soaked through within about fifteen minutes of playing, and my shoes were soaked within about fifteen seconds of walking into the park. Mental note: white, mesh topped shoes are not the best things to walk around a park in January in.

Lunch was chili and ice cream, apparently ice cream is an Ice Bowl tradition. It was GOOOOOOD. We had a putting contest, as well as longest drive, an auction and something called Ring of Fire where everyone is about twenty feet back from the basket and everyone throws their putter discs all at once towards it. It was chaotic and nifty. All in all it was a really great day.

Oh. I almost forgot. I won the women's putting, women's longest drive, novice putting, women's closest to the pin and I tied for the most food and money donated to charity. *buffs fingernails* Women's Championships in Kamloops, here I come. Note to self: I'm busy on May 28th...I'll be in Kamloops.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bored at school

I'm in the computer lab for a non optional far it's been mostly stuff I knew already. Blah.

I desperately want a steamed milk with almond syrup. I managed to control myself today before, and then after PE (I go past two Starbucks on my way to the gym, then to the education building.) I'm proud of myself. :) I need to pick up the syrup myself so that I can make significantly cheaper drinks at home to curb my cravings.

Blah, blah blah, tutoring, blah blah school, blah hanging out with Dave, blah blah blah karate.

I'm so disorganized this term. I have papers scattered all over my room, I don't have a good central binder, and I have no idea what/when my assignments are. I'm exhausted. *sigh* Soon. Seven more months. Or seven more weeks and I'm back on practicum. I can't wait to be the teacher again!! It's so frustrating because I really feel that I could teach a class if I was given one right now.

Oh, I remember. I was offered a job that would start in October 2007 in Los Angeles. I don't have to get things started until September...don't know if I'll take it, but it's an option. And it's certainly a relief that I'm being noted as "EXCELLENT STRONG CANDIDATE" on the file that the interviewer had. Also him insisting that I stay in touch with him because he really really wants me to work in LA...

...maybe I'll get to meet Jack Bauer and Sydney Bristow... ;)

Monday, January 23, 2006


I've had a really bad day today. I don't usually get bad days, or else I just deal with it better than a lot of people (or else I forget that I have them). Anyway, I don't want to get into it right now (it's not weight related for frickin' once) but now my Rio mp3 player is only playing into one headphone. How irritating. And slightly disorienting. Phantom of the Opera is significantly less dramatic when it's not in surround sound.

I'm going to go play with fabric and the sewing machine for a while.

(edit: Pink Floyd also is significantly less dramatic. Dammit.)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

No, seriously...I am doing homework.

This is really really long. Who else has gotten it?

Please Save Canada! [2006Jan20]


Why I shouldn't read old blog entries.

Last year around this time I was ten pounds lighter. :(

Four days of blog catchup.

I've now caught up with all my blogs/LJs that I read. I haven't commented because there would be far too pick the comment from below that best fits your recent posts.

"OMG, I totally agree!"
"I can't believe"
"Glad you had fun."
"I'm sorry...I wish I could help somehow."
"I don't know what to say."

I have survived my first week back in class. I did not have a relaxing day yesterday. I have far too much homework already. I landed on my head at karate yesterday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Soooooo tired...

Am I done my eight weeks yet? Can I go back to being the teacher now? uggghhhh...

My methods classes are fun. I'm learning how to teach math, science, art, music and PE this semester. My art class is mostly going to be studio work, which means actually squishing around with the clay. PE is half in the gym and half in class. Music I haven't had yet and science and math I did last semester as well. Good stuff.

I kind of started quilting on the weekend. *sigh* I have too much stuff I want to do and not enough time to do it!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dooo do do dee doooo wop...

Just kind of humming to myself. Endorphins have kicked in after spending twenty minutes on the exercise bike reading. So, I'm finished at Gigabyte for the next eight weeks while I cram thirteen weeks worth of classes into that time at the university. I've got a nice easy project due in two weeks, a partner science project due on Friday and a couple other things.

I have now got all of my topics that I'll be teaching in March, April, May and June at Gigabyte. So far it looks like I'll be doing a bunch of art projects on "weaving" which will include finger weaving, finger knitting, spool knitting, lanyards, paper weaving, regular knitting and/or a combination of some of those and a couple other things I can't think of off the top of my head. I'll also be doing a short unit on plants, a PE unit on aiming practice (chucking stuff at other stuff), a four week unit on butterflies, which will include actually hatching caterpillars into butterflies and a unit on the tropical rainforest which will include a field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium's rainforest exhibit.

I'm really excited. :D

Friday, January 13, 2006


Quaffing my vitamins and other assorted "good health" pills...with diet pop.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Because I don't have my agenda with me...


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Music

My cousin sent me an email the other day...he's recorded an album called "Happy Days" and it's available in mp3 format through SVC Records in the UK. It's only about six bucks Canadian and I really enjoy it. There are some samples on the links above.

On the needles:
the hat that will never END! (been on the needles for nearly two years.)
baby blanket (not for me.)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

School is tiring.

I am seriously craving a certain kind of food.

Want to guess?

I'll give you a hint. It starts with a "P" and ends in a "eanut butter and banana sandwich".

Monday, January 09, 2006

Quick break

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy Delurking Week

delurk5, originally uploaded by Random Synapses.

The lovely and talented Sheryl at Paper Napkin created Delurking Day last year, but now rather than a mere 24 hours, it is SEVEN WHOLE DAYS!!! Yes, it is Delurking Week. I got to be the second comment on that particular post (Why, yes. I do sit here and wait for my blogroll to refresh. You say that as if it's a BAD thing...) Anyway, I just had 8 people (all at once!!) reading here...well...glancing here. Clicking over from there. :) So, please! Comment! Even if you comment regularly, I would love to see a number in the double digits. I know you're out there...

Does anyone else do this?

Thinking to self at three different times:

"Cool, I can do something after the first day back at school."
"I'm free Tuesday afternoon."
"Dave's birthday is on the 3rd, so I have to stay free."

Guess what day the first day of school was. Yep, Tuesday the 3rd. Managed to triple book myself. Good thing my New Years resolution wasn't to be more organized.

Oh wait. It was. I just forgot because I lost my resolution sheet.

I just drank the last sip of pop from my can and it sprayed up through the top and splashed me in the nose. Hooray for gravity.

Busy, not much to say.

I don't know how much of this is interesting to people other than myself. :P I received my copy of Firefly (and Serenity, and the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie) on...Tuesday or so? Something like that. It's a Joss Whedon extravaganza!!

Stuff at Gigabyte is going well. I feel like I totally bombed one of the lessons I taught on Thursday, then I winged (wung? wang? *snicker*) one in the afternoon because we had a sub and it went FANTASTICALLY! Grrr...I was getting evaluated on the earlier one. Go se (Chinese for a very bad word pronounced GOE seh. Firefly is eduma-cational!)... Oh well. I'll just have to dazzle this week. I started helping coach basketball for the time that I'm there which is fun, although it means I have to be there an hour before I usually would. i plan on helping out with track and field during my major practicum.

I find I'm exhausted after being there all day, although I don't teach the whole time I'm "on" the whole time, fielding questions and tattle tales and all the stuff that a normal teacher deals with. Oh, and we went skating on Friday. I tell has not seen chaos until one has seen five classes of primary students trying to keep their balance on a sheet of ice.

To do today:
-magnifying glasses x 12 (science lesson)
-arrowroot cookies (same lesson)
-thank you letter
-return DVDs to HMV
-tomorrow's lesson plans
-pick up garlic pills and vitamins
-avoid getting sucked into the makeup section of London Drugs

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The honeymoon is over...

...the kids have realized that I'm a teacher and not just someone who comes in and reads them stories and does art projects with them. Crappity crap.

They've started testing me...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Greatest blonde joke ever

This truly is the greatest joke ever....


According to the Canada Post tracking system, my copy of Firefly and Serenity are en route...arrived in Richmond this evening. :D

In other news: I'm going to be competing in a disc golf tournament that is for charity...either the Food Bank, or Alzheimer's. Food and money are welcome...AND for every $15 or five items of food you pledge, I get a point taken off my score (it's golf...low scores are good). I'll post details in a bit.

In other, other news...I've been getting a lot of hits from people searching for random stuff. This has been happening since I'm thinking that people are trying out the new computers they got.

In other, other, other news...I managed to lose weight between Hallowe'en and Christmas. :) Just wanted to share because I'm pretty pleased.

My two week practicum starts tomorrow. Eep. I feel ready, but I had a minor setback in the form of "all the libraries are closed for the New Years long weekend and I planned to get the book I needed for my lesson at 9:40 am tomorrow." I finally found something suitable, but it was a nerve wracking day. If it was my own classroom I would have just said, "The hell with it." and done something completely different, but since I had to submit my lesson plans I couldn't do that.

I got some of my text books for next semester. I flipped through one of them and I'm already annoyed. *sigh* It's really a burden being RIGHT about how to teach something and have all the textbooks contradict me. ;) (I have research to back up that I'm right...but then with enough research I could probably prove I came from Mars too.) So, it's difficult...but something I don't really have to deal with until the mini-practicum is over.

So when's the sequel coming out?

...and WHERE is my copy of Firefly and Serenity?

Orson Scott Card (writer of Ender's Game, and other books) reviewed Serenity. So, if you don't trust my judgement...maybe you'll trust his. :)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I had a good evening last night...good friends, good food, fun games and movie. I hope everyone stayed safe.