Monday, January 02, 2006


According to the Canada Post tracking system, my copy of Firefly and Serenity are en route...arrived in Richmond this evening. :D

In other news: I'm going to be competing in a disc golf tournament that is for charity...either the Food Bank, or Alzheimer's. Food and money are welcome...AND for every $15 or five items of food you pledge, I get a point taken off my score (it's golf...low scores are good). I'll post details in a bit.

In other, other news...I've been getting a lot of hits from people searching for random stuff. This has been happening since I'm thinking that people are trying out the new computers they got.

In other, other, other news...I managed to lose weight between Hallowe'en and Christmas. :) Just wanted to share because I'm pretty pleased.

My two week practicum starts tomorrow. Eep. I feel ready, but I had a minor setback in the form of "all the libraries are closed for the New Years long weekend and I planned to get the book I needed for my lesson at 9:40 am tomorrow." I finally found something suitable, but it was a nerve wracking day. If it was my own classroom I would have just said, "The hell with it." and done something completely different, but since I had to submit my lesson plans I couldn't do that.

I got some of my text books for next semester. I flipped through one of them and I'm already annoyed. *sigh* It's really a burden being RIGHT about how to teach something and have all the textbooks contradict me. ;) (I have research to back up that I'm right...but then with enough research I could probably prove I came from Mars too.) So, it's difficult...but something I don't really have to deal with until the mini-practicum is over.

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