Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Three Days a Week...

If I'm subbing and doing my two tutoring gigs, this is what my day looks like:

(if I didn't get a call the night before, I often get one at 530 am. This is most unamusing.)
730: wake up (again, if I'd gotten a call at 530) and hope like hell that I got enough sleep last night.
731: realize that I didn't.
732: unnnnghhhhhh...drag myself out of bed to make lunch and get ready for the day.
800: leave the house
900-300: teach in a class that doesn't know me, that I don't know with rules that I'm unaware of and problem students that try my patience on purpose. Grrr...
400-500: tutor a girl I've been tutoring for three or four years now. :) She's a sweetie.
515-550: get some food.
600-900: tutor for another three hours.
930: get on the computer and try to do some writing/other work. Last night I made puppets for Crafty Crafty!

I'm very tired right now. I have a couple of articles I've been writing for CC, but I'm exhausted and anything I write will make very little sense. Especially this post.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hey. What's up? I've been busy working (subbing pretty much every day, tutoring 12 hours a week, writing [for Crafty Crafty, and a little outlining for a story/novel/epic series]) mostly although I've managed to squeeze in a bout of stomach flu, what felt like it could be pneumonia again (but seems to be clearing up), karate, beginning a running program (does it count if I only do it once on Monday before the stomach flu felled me? I'm planning on continuing!), visiting Dave on occasion, finally reading the alleged Greatest Science Fiction Series of All Time (The Dune Chronicles. Yeah, despite being a geek of close to the highest order, I've never read all of Dune. Or Lord of the Rings. That's on the list. Anyway, I'm on the second book [of Dune] right now, and I'm really hating it. The first one was good though.), watching Veronica Mars with Dave, knitting, wondering how I managed to hurt my elbow by stretching and filling up my 4g iPod Nano (in silver...I was tempted by the wiles of the pink Nano, but decided that I could bling it up with more flexibility if I stuck with silver).

The above paragraph contains only three sentences. Huh. Time for bed again. Yes, it's only 8:30 am, but I'm still not totally well. I managed to sleep about 20 hours yesterday, but I'm kind of sleepy now. :P

Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's up!

My first entry is up at Crafty Crafty! All you ever wanted to know about my crafting history in...not very many words. Or less!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spinning Wheel
Originally uploaded by Random Synapses.
Uh oh...now I'm in trouble. I'm lusting over this $800 Ashford Elizabeth spinning wheel.

This picture has been tentatively chosen as my bio picture for a craft blog that I've been asked to write for! I'll pimp myself post more info here as I get it. In the meantime, go visit Crafty Crafty while you wait for my introduction/inaugeral post.

Stolen from Bimkins

Fun! I'd thought I'd be a plain old fighter, but this rocks my socks.

(watch this space for some exciting news)

Your Score: Spellsword

66% Combativeness, 26% Sneakiness, 67% Intellect, 27% Spirituality

Link: The RPG Class Test written by MFlowers on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fingerless Gloves FO

(for my own reference)

Needle size-5mm/US 8 straight needles
Yarn-Paton's Decor in "Hunt Club"
Cast on-36
Pattern-K2P2 ribbing for 45 rows, cast off. Stitch up 30, skip 10, stitch last five

Final dimensions-7" long, very stretchy around

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Oh, Internet...

I'm so sick. I'm sleeping 18 hours a day in four hour stretches. My throat and neck feel like they're going to explode. My ears are plugged with an ominous almost-ache that I'm nervously monitoring. I have virtually no voice. My chest and nose are clogged with stuff I don't really want to contemplate, but the lack of breathing forces me to. I've been sick since Wednesday or so, run down before then and I don't really feel any better than I did when I first dropped from this.

On the plus side, I do have fantastic wool socks that I finally finished knitting. They're so cozy. I love them beyond anything I've ever knit before.

But I'd almost trade them for being well. Almost.

I do believe I'll be calling in sick tomorrow, and possibly for a few other days.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Uh oh.

At 0604 this morning I was awakened by a feeling...a familiar feeling. Ohhhh crap. REALLY sore throat. Scratch in my nasal cavity/sinus area... NOOOOO!!!!

Rational Self: Ok, stay calm. You're probably not going to get a subbing call today since you worked most of this week already.

Irrational Self: *curled up under the blankets* *sniff* *cough* Hey, we've got Neo-Citrin upstairs! WHEE!!! *starts to get out of bed*

RS: WAIT! We might still get a call! We can't be drugged up if you get a call. What if it's our Favourite School in the District? It'll be SO easy. Not to mention that we've worked four days in a row, so we get paid on scale! We shouldn't give that up if we don't have to.

IS: I'm pretty positive we've got other cold drugs too! WHEE!!! I'll get to sleep ALLLLLL DAY!!! I'm going to call in and book the day off. *continues over to the phone*

RS: *hauls IS back into bed* NO! Think about this. Why don't we wait to see if we get a call from our FSitD, fall back asleep, then at 8:00 we can take some medicine and have the whole day guilt free if we don't get a call.

IS: But...but...instant gratification! *slyly* Alsoplus, we have a runny nose and the tissues are by the phone.

RS: So we do. Leave the phone alone though.

IS: Oh, Rational Self...feel how cold the air is? How warm our bed is? I bet that whatever classroom we go to will have broken air conditioning. YIKES! We're freezing. *bounds back to bed, carrying tissue box*

RS: Since we're back here anyway, let's debate...


IS and RS: Crap.

*accepts dispatch*

RS: Excellent. Now we know which type of cold medication we should take today. Non-drowsy it is!

IS: I hate you and will kill you while we sleep.

RS: You realize that means that you'll die too since we inhabit the same...

IS: Shut up.

RS: But...

IS: LA LA LA LA!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!! Also, I blame our dad for this...just YESTERDAY he mentioned that it's been a long time since we got sick. Grrrrr...


So anyway, the book binge list will be delayed due to work and illness.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

When Socks Attack

I'm about twenty rows away from the end of knitting my first pair of socks. This is about the same place that I screwed up on the previous sock, causing much cursing and ripping back of knitting and reknitting and oh GOD, I wasted three hours fixing my tantrum that I took out on the cursed, evil gentle, misunderstood sock. Basically, I can't wait to be finished these so that I've got them off my WIP (work in progress) list. Oh, and to wear them, because they're pretty awesome.

To motivate me (I only did two rows during the hockey game last night. TWO. ROWS. I should've finished them) I've got this page open on my desktop. Because I've very sick of green. And plain knitting. And I have some beautiful purple sock yarn that can't wait to be cabled and laced. Ahhhhh... :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Canucks Prayer

(received from J, an ardent Canucks fan from my Education program)

Our Father, who art in GM Place
Hockey be thy name.
Thy will be done, the cup be won
On ice, as well as in the stands.
Give us this day, our hockey sticks,
And forgive us our penalties,
As we forgive those who cross-check against us,
Lead us not into elimination,
But deliver us to victory.
In the name of the fans, Lord Stanley, and the Canucks


(psst...I just got a tutoring gig, most likely. Whee!!! I've also been subbing pretty much every day for the last few weeks. Double WHEE!!)