Thursday, May 03, 2007

Uh oh.

At 0604 this morning I was awakened by a feeling...a familiar feeling. Ohhhh crap. REALLY sore throat. Scratch in my nasal cavity/sinus area... NOOOOO!!!!

Rational Self: Ok, stay calm. You're probably not going to get a subbing call today since you worked most of this week already.

Irrational Self: *curled up under the blankets* *sniff* *cough* Hey, we've got Neo-Citrin upstairs! WHEE!!! *starts to get out of bed*

RS: WAIT! We might still get a call! We can't be drugged up if you get a call. What if it's our Favourite School in the District? It'll be SO easy. Not to mention that we've worked four days in a row, so we get paid on scale! We shouldn't give that up if we don't have to.

IS: I'm pretty positive we've got other cold drugs too! WHEE!!! I'll get to sleep ALLLLLL DAY!!! I'm going to call in and book the day off. *continues over to the phone*

RS: *hauls IS back into bed* NO! Think about this. Why don't we wait to see if we get a call from our FSitD, fall back asleep, then at 8:00 we can take some medicine and have the whole day guilt free if we don't get a call.

IS: But...but...instant gratification! *slyly* Alsoplus, we have a runny nose and the tissues are by the phone.

RS: So we do. Leave the phone alone though.

IS: Oh, Rational Self...feel how cold the air is? How warm our bed is? I bet that whatever classroom we go to will have broken air conditioning. YIKES! We're freezing. *bounds back to bed, carrying tissue box*

RS: Since we're back here anyway, let's debate...


IS and RS: Crap.

*accepts dispatch*

RS: Excellent. Now we know which type of cold medication we should take today. Non-drowsy it is!

IS: I hate you and will kill you while we sleep.

RS: You realize that means that you'll die too since we inhabit the same...

IS: Shut up.

RS: But...

IS: LA LA LA LA!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!! Also, I blame our dad for this...just YESTERDAY he mentioned that it's been a long time since we got sick. Grrrrr...


So anyway, the book binge list will be delayed due to work and illness.


DC said...

The astounding thing is that you felt up to writing this post... sorry you're not feeling well.

The Teacher said... was the very beginning of the me, I'm not up to doing something like this right now. Bleah.