Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hey. What's up? I've been busy working (subbing pretty much every day, tutoring 12 hours a week, writing [for Crafty Crafty, and a little outlining for a story/novel/epic series]) mostly although I've managed to squeeze in a bout of stomach flu, what felt like it could be pneumonia again (but seems to be clearing up), karate, beginning a running program (does it count if I only do it once on Monday before the stomach flu felled me? I'm planning on continuing!), visiting Dave on occasion, finally reading the alleged Greatest Science Fiction Series of All Time (The Dune Chronicles. Yeah, despite being a geek of close to the highest order, I've never read all of Dune. Or Lord of the Rings. That's on the list. Anyway, I'm on the second book [of Dune] right now, and I'm really hating it. The first one was good though.), watching Veronica Mars with Dave, knitting, wondering how I managed to hurt my elbow by stretching and filling up my 4g iPod Nano (in silver...I was tempted by the wiles of the pink Nano, but decided that I could bling it up with more flexibility if I stuck with silver).

The above paragraph contains only three sentences. Huh. Time for bed again. Yes, it's only 8:30 am, but I'm still not totally well. I managed to sleep about 20 hours yesterday, but I'm kind of sleepy now. :P

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