Friday, August 29, 2003

Still here.

I'm here. I have stuff that I could blog about, but I have no motivation to do so., yeah. Blah.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I got paid today! I can give Justy money for the tank!

And there was mac and cheese next door! I spent 18 bucks on chinese food when I could've spent $5.50 on mac 'n' cheese. Grrrr...

Oh well, it was probably left over from yesterday anyway. :p

Downs and ups and downs again.

This afternoon I was in a growly, pissy, "I hate everyone and if you come near me I'm going to kill you with a paper clip" kind of mood. Then I had lunch, and now I'm just in a really really bad "I hate pretty much everyone and everything" mood. I don't hate birds though. There were some really cute LBB's (Little Brown Birds) on the way back from the semi-ok, expensive Chinese food place. That cheered me up.

However, the time slot for Candyman's team is in the one time slot I can't make. ARGH! I'll be looking for a new team. :(

Me, impatient? Noooooo... :)

Ultimate Frisbee schedules for fall league come out today...I wanna know when we're playing.

C'mon. C'mon... now now now now now now now.

Checked the email. Nothing from Candyman. Checked the VUL website. Nothing there that I could see.

Want to know!

On the other hand...I don't think I'm quite ready for summer to be over yet. "Fall" league sounds just a little too close to "really frigging cold winter time" for me to be totally happy about it. :p I'm not a fan of winter. However, there are occasional benefits. *pops over to another window for a moment*

First Canucks (exhibition) game is on September 18!! Less than a month!!! Hell, less than three weeks.



HEY!! It's not getting broadcast! Bastards...when's the first home game? *checks* Oh...that's it...the first one is the 18th, but it's getting played in Winterpeg Manisnowba. *grabs the baseball bat* Not happy...Gotta wait until the 25th at the earliest to see a game. :(

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

It's dat kinda day...

Fact 1) After work I'm going home to a really good, free meal.
Fact 2) I'm really not all that hungry yet.
Fact 3) They have macaroni and cheese next door at the catering place.
Fact 4) I really, really, really want some macaroni and cheese.
Fact 5) I can't afford said macaroni and cheese because I have a new fish tank (HA! got another mention of my fish tank...I am such a geek...)

Conclusion) While it is a mac and cheese kinda day, I will wait until I get home to have chicken and potato salad.

I'm boring today. :p Maybe I'll enthrall everyone later about the crim paper that I really don't want to try and start writing tonight but should.

'd rather be napping.

But I can't. I'm at work. :p So I'm blogging before my break ends. I would just like to make a small request...ahem...


Thank you. It was teasing a little on the way to work today, and it's a chilly, damp, cream of soup kind of day, but there hasn't been much rain at ALL. *grumble* Yeah, Ontario had a couple days in the dark...whoopdy do...our Interior doesn't have much power either, and it's BURNING DOWN!

I need soup. I think I will have my third hot chocolate of the day instead, because I don't have time to go to the store and pick up a Cup of Noodles.

I would like to make a note that this lip balm really is da bomb. :)

I need to return my carbon to the fish store...apparently guppies don't need it, and apparently gravel isn't too good for them either. Something about them eating food and resting on the bottom of tanks at night or something. I don't know. I think I will go back to Big Al's and get a small nursery tank, but not right away. We'll see if my fish can even get themselves knocked up or not.

Thursday is the day. Thursday I will do some corporate whoring, and apply to a bunch of big companies to see if I can get a full time job for September-ish. Grrr...I don't like it, but I like money. And if I'm going to be responsible for a bunch of little bratty guppies, I'm going to have to have money so I can move out so I can have space to so I can have more fish tanks. Ooh...a fish room...I would loooooove can double as my library. :)


Brought to you by

LIBRA September 23 - October 22
You're not in your best form. you're off in a corner quietly sucking your thumb. Don't worry. You haven't become a complete spoilsport. It's just that this time of year tends to be a challenge for you. This is because the Sun is opposite your sign, kicking up those existentialist woes. Try staging your own production of Hamlet (since you already have "To be or not to be" thoroughly memorized.)

A mishmash of stuff.

Yesterday the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra sent me the 2003/2004 programs. I'll post more info for people who are interested in going soon.

My Oma is coming into town from Edmonton today for a week, so I might not be available to do stuff. I might not be online much either, except at work (and usually as soon as I say that, I'm online like crazy...) I've decided not to worry about weight this week since my mom tends to cook more Austrian (read: fattening..) food when Oma's in town, and she tends to cook at least one dinner as well.

I got my new fish tank. :D Justy came over yesterday to help me set it up, but I still need the carbon, sponge and stuff for the filter. It's a 33 gallon tank, and right now it contains three female guppies, two male guppies and three unsexed goldfish. I'm pretty sure they're males though. I think one, maybe two, of my females are pregnant. :) I'm gonna be an aunt!! Or something.

My room was getting clean...but I had to move a bunch of crap to get the tank in, so there's stuff scattered all over the place again. Hopefully an hour or so of de-cluttering will fix all that. Grrr...frustration. *peers into serene blue fishtank* Ahhh...

Sunday, August 24, 2003


My fish're getting a new home.

Vit. C, echinachea and chicken noodle soup

Yes, the cold has exploded. I woke up this morning feeling awful. Ugh.

So yesterday was the Ultimate tourney. We lost all four of our games, so we didn't have to play today. (good thing especially for me...I don't think I would've gotten up...) Went to the Ulti BBQ last night. It was fun, especially kicking people's collective asses at Frickets (Frisbee Cricket...hard to explain, fun to play). My partner and I won our first game, then we lost the second game, but we played a couple of fun games afterwards and all was good.

Justy came out to watch the last part of the last game, which was cool. I've been after him to come watch for ages now.

I've decided to start going to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, but I need people to go with me because I have no motivation to do stuff a lot of the time. :p I'm thinking about going to five shows over the next couple months, and selling the other tickets to people who are interested in going. So far I've got two people who want to come. Anyone else? Email at if you want to come to the VSO with me sometime. Shows are about $20 or so.

I should clean out my car.

I should be cleaning my room.

I should be starting a paper on criminology for next semester.

But I probably won't because the phone just rang.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Friday Five

Damn, Justy got his up before me...but he cheated. Um...yeah. It's TECHNICALLY Saturday...but only kind of...

1. When was the last time you laughed?
Tonight at the wedding when the bride and groom were doing a "hold up a shoe" game to figure out who knows each other better. It was pretty funny; you had to be there.

2. Who was the last person you had an argument with?
"An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a definite argument is an intellectual process... contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says."

By that logic, the last person I had an argument with was Candyman a couple of nights ago. Getting mad at someone because I felt I was right and dammit they were again, two nights ago. Just contradicting someone because I felt like it...Candyman again. Everytime I talk to him. :D

3. Who was the last person you emailed?
Guy I'm trying to buy a computer from for cheaper than he wants to sell it.

4. When was the last time you bathed?
Bath: probably the middle of the fall season for Ultimate. I was very sore and I don't have a tub in my room.
Shower: Yesterday night.

5. What was the last thing you ate?
Chocolate cake, lemon cake, kiwi fruit and pineapple at the wedding.

Friday, August 22, 2003


I have decided I want to get married. I don't know if I actually want to BE married...but the wedding would be fun. :)

It was a nice wedding tonight. I especially liked the centerpieces...I brought three of them home. (Didn't steal them! The bride gave them to me!!) They were fishbowls, complete with tiny goldfish in each of them. So I now I have six goldfish and three very attractive bowls to keep them in. Happy! I like fish. I have been meaning to restock my aquarium. My fish tend to go AWOL on me every so often, and I only have five for a 10 gallon, plus a fighting fish in another large bowl.

Time for a new mini tank! I wonder if there's a sale on five gallon tanks anywhere...I wonder if I can fit it of my bookshelf? Need to clean some candle stuff off first. Project for Sunday night!!

Ultimate frisbee tournament tomorrow. Four games in a row... :/ Wish me luck.


I've given this site to a few people at the office besides Cat now, but this doesn't reflect on them, so please don't tell management!! I would like to say that there are some seriously arrogant putzes working here. Honestly. How difficult is it to put dishes into the dishwasher instead of the sink? Especially when there's signs up all over the place requesting that you do this? Whoa. I'm channeling my mom. :/

Going to a wedding tonight. :) Friend of mine that I don't see very often is getting married. Should be fun, except for the fact that I have to get from Granville Island to Langley in Friday rush hour by 6:30. Blah...

Thursday, August 21, 2003


Hmmm...when I typed in it didn't work. did. Whatever.

I don't feel like posting today. It's too hot and I haven't eaten yet. But I'm alive, and yeah.

I think Cat gave me her cold. :( I was feeling a little off yesterday but her cold is apparently full blown now, and mine is still in the first stages.

I'm sure I'll post something more interesting later.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

This is amusing!

Circle I Limbo

Parents who bring squalling brats to R-rated movies
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Militant Vegans
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Edmonton Oiler Fans
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Militant Anti-Gay Activists
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

People who use religion as as excuse to kill each other
Circle VII Burning Sands

General asshats
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

The people down the street who let their dog howl for hours
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

It's not happening.

Ohhhh God. It's so not happening. I forgot I was taking a friend from Ultimate out drinking tonight. Eeigh...It's way too tiredness today. We postpone stuffs.

I talks English goods. Me English English? That's unpossible.


Time for beds...nap.

One of those days

This is not going to be a good day. I was lucky enough to experience a "time warp" kind of sleep last know the one. Where you swear you've been asleep for six or seven hours, only to look at the clock and realize that it's only been three minutes. Gragh... :(

So sleepy...I feel really lousy today too. Dizzy, slightly nauseated. Exhausted...of course.

And I've got five paper cuts already. Bloody hell. I think I'll be whining a lot today...

I was missing Ultimate yesterday, but dear God(ess[es])...I'm so glad it's not on tonight.

I cleaned my room a whole bunch last night. New total= 280 square feet are unliveable. Hurrah!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Oh God. I want the nachos. I want the nachos so bad. I want nachos with gooey melted cheddar cheese, and taco beef, and salsa and sour cream. I want the fake "cheez" gooey melted plastic kind from 7-11. I want a coke slurpee to go with them.

I wants the nachos. They're my preeeecioussssss...

Sorry for everyone who tuned in to this amazingly self indulgent entry. :) Hey, I can't be mystical and thought provoking *all* the time, can I?

They should know better


Grrr...spam reached a new annoying height today. I can deal with messages that change the colour of my background until I leave that screen. I can deal with penis enlargement stuff and pr0n ads and retired, dispossessed generals who want to give me millions of dollars.


I consider it to be the height of irritation to have music greet me when I open a website that I'm looking at. To get really annoying synthed music piped at me when I open up a piece of spam? That's going too far. (and yes, I was pretty sure it was spam...I just wanted to double check. One of those "just in case it really is interesting or important" moments.) I get out of that screen. Music continues. I delete the message. Music continues. I go to a completely different site! MUSIC CONTINUES!!!

Grrrr... not impressed at all. I should not need to quit my browser in order to make the music stop.


My weight's gone back down to 162.5 from 166 or so last week. :)

Monday, August 18, 2003


My room's getting clean. I cleared out another 10 feet or so of space. And I started really reading one of my Crim texts today.

Introspective it egotistical to read the archives of one's own blog and marvel at the amazing writing skills lying therein?

I'm gonna go with yes...and SWEET! I have enough self esteem tonight to be egotistical. Cool. :)

I'm going to bed...I slept most of yesterday, then went to see S.W.A.T. with Candyman. I was in bed by midnight, and asleep by 1 or so...AND I'M STILL FRIGGING TIRED!

I blame the corporate world. It really is a soul sucking demon. :p

Oh yeah...

Horoscope time...from

LIBRA September 23 - October 22

The Moon is making you a little loony tunes. You're Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday, discovering that your soul has been transferred into her teenage daughter's body. (The horror of reliving those teen years! Can we say angst attack?) Or you're former NYPD Blue star Andrea Thompson making birthday phone calls for pay through the new service. (Why are you slumming it, Andrea? You're a graduate of the Actor's Studio, for God's sake!) Odd things may be happening, but try not to lose that natural poise.


Meh. I decided to bring one of my criminology texts to work today to read during my break. What do I do instead? I blog. :) Oh well.

Reasons why this filing stuff is better than retail:
1) I don't deal with customers or clients.
2) Free coffee and tea! Hot water on demand!
3) I can blog on my breaks.

That being said...I need to find a real job ASAP. My mother has been making some comments around the house like "So, not that I'm rushing you or anything...but when are you planning to move out?" My goal is to be out of there by May I've got 9 months to save up enough money for the rest of a downpayment, plus a good cushion in case of job loss etc.

I feel somewhat developmentally crippled. I'm 23 and still living at home. I feel as if I'm missing out on something. Don't know.

Feeling good though, because damn do I look hot today. Candyman took me shopping over the weekend because I have no taste in clothes (not that he'd ever say that...) and I have some damn sexy outfits now.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

List of 100 Things

  1. I've never tried making a numbered list before.
  2. I know some HTML, but not much and had to look up how to do this.
  3. I play Ultimate Frisbee.
  4. I have a boyfriend with whom I've been going out for almost a year (officially)
  5. I just started karate.
  6. I am spiritual, but not religious.
  7. I teach Sunday School at a Protestant church.
  8. I believe in the benefits of herbal medicine and alternative therapies.
  9. This list is going to be harder than I thought, even though I've been thinking about stuff for the last couple of days.
  10. I think of the moon as representative of "the Mother".
  11. I would like to have children someday.
  12. I live in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC
  13. I would like to live either in the West End, or in a small town in the middle of nowhere.
  14. I never want to move to the United States for any length of time.
  15. I generally am reading multiple books at one time.
  16. I have a BA in English, but I don't want to teach.
  17. I am a "work to live" person, rather than a "live to work" person.
  18. I have decided to write more poetry.
  19. I have decided to surround myself with beauty.
  20. My room is not beautiful right now. It is incredibly cluttered and messy.
  21. I would like to feng shui-ize my house when I get one.
  22. I, herbs and vegetables.
  23. I would like to own a ferret.
  24. I drink diet pop and pretend it's healthier than regular pop.
  25. I have a tenuous grip on reality sometimes, but that makes life more interesting.
  26. I regret most of my major breakups, at least a little bit.
  27. My favourite colour is purple.
  28. I am saving up for a down payment for an apartment/condo.
  29. I live with my parents in their basement.
  30. I am not charged rent while I'm in school.
  31. I'm in school right now. (Crim and Psych)
  32. I distrust sunscreen.
  33. I used to play the drum in a pipe band.
  34. I've been to Scotland twice.
  35. When I was in London, I was given Rohypnol in my wine.
  36. I own a fluctuating number of tropical fish.
  37. I am overly conscious of my weight and appearance.
  38. I have terrible taste in clothing.
  39. I consider the kestrel to be a personal totem.
  40. I would like to try skydiving, due to its similarity to flight.
  41. I like at least a little bit of each kind of music that I've been exposed to.
  42. I've recently begun seeing some old friends from high school.
  43. I have eclectic hobbies...World religions, wine making, reading, model rockets, jewellery making, karate, herbs, Ultimate Frisbee, watching movies, gardening, Internet surfing...etc...
  44. I used to own a horse and competed in both Western and English events.
  45. When I have money, I will lease/own another horse.
  46. I have a strange fascination with doomed, supernatural love. (vampires/ Highlander/ etc.)
  47. I am a Libra.
  48. My birthday is 10/10 and my dad's is 8/8. One of my ex's was 10/10, and his mom's was 8/8.
  49. I am hated more by some of my ex's friends than the ex himself.
  50. I like Kraft Dinner and hotdogs in moderation.
  51. I sometimes use Japanese smilies. ^_^ >_< ^_^;; and so on.
  52. I have a fascination with Japanese culture.
  53. I've never seen a dead body, unless ashes count.
  54. I try to be fair to everyone.
  55. My boyfriend knows surprisingly little about me.
  56. I spend more time with my boyfriend's friends than with my own.
  57. My b/f's ex girlfriend asked me to be her bridesmaid for when she gets married.
  58. I have four friends who are engaged...none who are married.
  59. I get along really well with my little brother.
  60. I am not a hockey fan. I am a Vancouver Canucks fan.
  61. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out two days before my birthday. :(
  62. I think I'm taller than my boyfriend.
  63. He disagrees.
  64. This is only the 64th entry!
  65. I have a new car. It has brakes.
  66. I can type about 50 wpm.
  67. I read science fiction and fantasy mostly, then reference stuff.
  68. I'd like to write a novel.
  69. I have difficulty staying on task.
  70. I read way too many webcomics.
  71. I tried writing my own webcomic once.
  72. I only have 13 people on my ICQ list.
  73. I get tired of pizza very quickly.
  74. I like to drive.
  75. I'm not allowed to drive with the Top Gun soundtrack going because I tend to almost die when that happens. :/
  76. Driving fast can be erotic.
  77. I don't watch much TV unless I'm over at Candyman's or someone in my family has the TV on.
  78. I didn't used to watch movies, but now I do. Mostly with Candyman...
  79. My house has six TV's.
  80. My house has four computers.
  81. My house has three DVD players (one in the computer I'm currently sitting at)
  82. I'm overly preoccupied with how much media we have in my house (YES! MEDIA!)
  83. I've watched less than half of my DVD's.
  84. I think I have 43 DVD's, but I can't remember.
  85. I'm a serious pack rat.
  86. I think I have at least 2000 books.
  87. One of our computers is a Commodore 64 in a box in my room.
  88. I like to play nine-ball.
  89. I bruise very easily...good thing I do activities that are conducive to bruising...
  90. When i'm inside Canada, I'm half Scottish and half Austrian when someone asks.
  91. When I'm outside of Canada, I'm Canadian if someone asks.
  92. I have at least six tops with "Canada", "Canadian Girls Kick Ass" etc. on them.
  93. I sometimes wear glasses, but they're mostly an affectation or to prevent headaches.
  94. I can't keep track of sunglasses.
  95. I want to go to Burning Man someday.
  96. I built a treehouse when I was 15.
  97. I try to believe that people are generally good.
  98. I love compliments.
  99. I eat a lot of fruit.
  100. I need another 100 things list.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Wish me luck.

Going out drinking tonight...I'm one of the Designated Drivers. w00t! Free pop all night! Friend from Ultimate is having her first day off in something stupid like 26 days, so we're taking her out so she's hungover for work tomorrow. Heheheh. Evil. :)

G'nite all. May you find the happiness you deserve. ;)

Sometimes I feel like a nut...

...sometimes I don't.

Ok, I haven't heard that for about a million years, and yet it popped into my head just now. Whateva. :)

I went to something called "Kata on the Beach" this morning for karate. It entailed waking up at 0600 on a Saturday morning to go work out at White Pine Beach in Coquitlam with the rest of my karate dojo. It was incredibly cool. It was almost another "in touch with the universe" moment. We had a Native American flute CD playing, wind blowing, waves moving against the sand, surrounded by trees and people who subscribed to many of the same philosophies that I think I subscribe to. It was a truly amazing experience.

I've learned so much about myself, I can't write it all, or fast enought, I can't write it the way it should be said. It is sometimes easier to say thoughts than to write them because saying something is living it, feeling it, connecting with it again. No writing can capture that fully. In a way, speaking is alive, writing makes it become dead. What is written is not really a thought put to memory, as why rember what you can go back to and look up, if need be?

--Yvonne Johnson: Stolen Life-The Journey of a Cree Woman

The above quote is one that I'll be placing on my sidebar. It really feels right to me. I have to have at least a modicum of skill with the written word (I is English major...) but I tend to have problems writing about my feelings. It's kind of like telling someone about a dream...they weren't there and while there was great emotional attachment within the dream, other people just don't get it. The section below has been thought through many times over the last couple of days and I wanted to write it down before I lost it. I was going to wait until I moved to my new area, but I'm going to record it now. Mostly because it feels right.

Life's a journey, not a destination (Aerosmith: Amazing)

I've been feeling strangely spiritual lately. Last Tuesday I went for my longest bike ride ever. I rode out from my place to Candyman' was about a 16 km bike ride, but it felt like it was a journey that was more than a physical movement of one place to another. For most of my life, with the exception of a brief time in elementary school, I've been very unathletic. I was very unactive through high school and university, although I tried going to the university gym and I took a couple of semester long martial arts classes through the schools. While I was playing Ultimate Frisbee over the last year, I still felt much less athletic (both physically and mentally) than everyone else on the teams. Slowly this has been changing as I've been increasing my fitness level...I'm able to keep up with more people etc. By pushing myself to complete this bike ride, I felt as if I had crossed a line in my own mind. Suddenly I was athletic. Definitely not of professional athletic calibre, but I was someone who could hold her own if there was ever something physical that I needed/wanted to do.

Another line that I crossed on Tuesday was one of self esteem, but unrelated to the physical side. I'd told a few people that I was going to go for a ride, but I wasn't dependent on their approval. I was doing this ride for me, not for anyone else. I didn't do it so that I could feel good when another person praised me. I was doing it because it was something that I wanted, and a goal of mine. I'd wanted to make this bike ride for about a month...maybe a little longer. Most of my goals tend to fizzle out in that time frame, so being able to complete such a goal is thrilling for me.

Especially one that allows me to cross a heavily marked and guarded line in my mind.

The air is wild tonight

I heard a poem tonight from the stars? The wind? The moon? I don't know. Anyway, it felt more like an invocation, and while I was driving home from Candyman's house reciting it to myself so I wouldn't forget, I glanced over into a mini-van that was playing some pretty nice music. A cute, young guy was driving and we both because I was kind of in tune with the universe. Him, apparently because he thought I was pretty. The light changed, we drove off, but I was still floating a little. I turned off onto a feeder street for my house, and he did too (he was in front of me) and he started to pull into a mini-mall complex. I considered following (incredibly briefly) but decided that I was being stupid. So I kept going and he pulled out of the mall and started following me, a car back. Um...ooookay...

The car in front of him turned off and he continued to follow me and flashed his brights once. Um...getting a little nervous now. I didn't want to stop in front of my house, so I stopped a little down the street where there were lots of cars parked outside houses. He stopped beside me in the minivan and we traded names, ages and the facts that he thought I was really pretty and that I had a boyfriend. He asked if I wanted to go have some fun...and Mother, it was strangely tempting. We chatted for a few minutes, then we went our separate ways.

It was strange. I don't know if it was because of my being in tune with the universe, or if I invoked him somehow, or what, but I was seriously tempted to go with him. Stupid, baka, dumbdumbdumb...but still... I don't know. It's hard to put all this into words.

Quick, from Winnipeg, 20 years old, cute. :)

Here's the poem that I was writing. It's pretty much a first draft, and only the first two lines were ready while I was in the car. The rest came to me after I wrote the first while I was sitting on my front steps, half hoping he would come back. Well, a quarter hoping... Either way, it's really rough meter, but it the wind was tonight. Nature doesn't scatter leaves evenly, and I didn't scatter the rhymes or rhythm evenly either. This is the first truly inspired poetry I've done since about grade seven.

The Air Is Wild Tonight
I am a child of the wind and the flame
Of the grove and the rain.
A creature of light, and of love and of life.
A creation of dust and of mud.
A Lover of beauty and blood.
Fate holds a hand
The stars take the other
And breath is received
'neath the gaze of the Mother.

A carpet, a blanket, a dimmer of sight
To listen and give and receive and rejoice.
To sing and to love and believe in the light
A thousand stories to tell and be told
A thousand mysteries, lost out of sight.
With a million places to run to and see
Somewhere perhaps is a life for me.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Friday Five

Heh...almost forgot...brought to you by Friday

1. How much time do you spend online each day?
Anywhere from 20 minutes (quick email check) to 10 hours (day off, disinclined to move). Generally between 2 and 5 hours.

2. What is your browser homepage set to?
An empty screen. Nothing. Nada. My brother, parents and I share a computer and we all have different email accounts, and use different search programs and have different interests. An empty screen loads quickly and is a good compromise.

3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?
ICQ often and MSN occasionally

4. Where was your first webpage located?
Geocities... *blush* That's where they all are right now. Or Blogger. I need a real domain...

5. How long have you had your current website?
Hrm. Just over a year.


I'm feeling less broody today and for the last couple of days. Children are still evil.


I started reading my Psych textbook last night, and my Crim stuff today. I think that even though it's three weeks until classes start, profs should have the assignments ready for keeners to start working on. :p Oh well.

Donna has created a new webpage for me to play around with, but I haven't done anything about it yet. :/ Sorry! I really do appreciate it, but I'm stupidly disinclined to do anything resembling work. :p

Thursday, August 14, 2003


Got an email from an old friend today, interested in getting this address from a link I'd set up elsewhere. Strange. I think about him a lot, despite not parting on especially perfect terms...of course, he didn't know that, but he will soon. I don't know if I'm ready to be friends or what...

Despite a blog being cheaper than therapy, I don't want to deal with all that right now. Heheh...all of you can't tell me that I need to talk about it or anything. Yay!! I gave him the site with zero hesitation, after the brief shock of "Hey, I recognize that name...whoa..." happened.

BTW, Otter. I still have your books and pants from when we went X-country skiing. :)

This entry is really strangely spacy. Sorry. :p I'm tired.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Got this is my in-box today.

Crap, I can't get down there until around 11 :(

Greetings from GayVancouver.Net

We are sending this special bulletin to everyone on our events mail-list in an effort to get the word out about an upcoming rally against Bill C-250 and same-sex marriage.

The Canadian Alliance for Social Justice and Family Values Association is planning a rally against Bill C-250 and same-sex marriages on Saturday, August 16th outside the Supreme Court of BC at 800 Smithe Street from 10am to 12:30pm. We are calling on everyone in the
LesBiGay community to attend in a counter-rally!

Bring your signs, your Pride and Canadian flags and show these homophobes that hate is not a Canadian OR a family value!

If you are unable to attend the counter-rally send your own emails of support for these two pieces of important legislation:

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien -
Hon. Hedy Fry (Vancouver Centre MP) -
Svend Robinson (Burnaby-Douglas MP) - Martin
Cauchon (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada) - Paul Martin (Liberal Party Leadership Candidate) - Sheila Copps (Liberal Party Leadership Candidate) - Jack Layton (Leader of the NDP Party) - Bloc Québécois (Leader of the Bloc Quebecois) - Peter MacKay (Leader of the Progressive
Conservative Party) -


Here are the details from the Canadian Alliance for Social Justice and
Family Values Association website at

To : All British Columbians

There has been a large public outcry regarding the federal government’s
attempts to redefine Marriage and to amend the hate crime law, by
including in the criminal law, the undefined term "sexual orientation"
through Bill C-250. This proposed bill would, in essence, silence any
opposition to homosexual behavior. The federal Liberals, Progressive
Conservatives, New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois Members of Parliament
could easily pass legislation on these critical issues when Parliament
re-opens in September. This is the last opportunity for the vast
majority of Canadians to voice their concerns about these critical
issues that will adversely affect our country for generations to come.

The Canadian Alliance for Social Justice and Family Values Association
will be holding a rally to oppose Bill C-250 and to uphold the present
definition of Marriage as being between a man and a woman. We urge all
pastors and organizations to help make this opportunity available to
concerned British Columbians through church bulletins and sharing of
information. The details of the rally are as follows :

Date: Saturday, August 16, 2003
Time: 10:00 am 12:30 pm
Location: Outside the Supreme Court of B.C. building at 800 Smithe
Street, Vancouver

If you expect a large turnout from your church, we would appreciate
knowing in advance the approximate numbers so we can make appropriate
arrangements. Please appoint at least one marshal for each 30
participants (for the purpose of crowd control), and fax the name and
tel. # of the marshal (s) to us as soon as possible.

We encourage all Canadians to make their concerns known to their MPs as
well as to take this opportunity to physically attend the Rally to send
a clear message to our politicians and judges that Canadians expect
nothing less than democracy on such vital issues.

Personality test

From the Star Wars Personality Test.

Openness-High scorers tend to be original, creative, curious, complex; Low scorers tend to be conventional, down to earth, narrow interests, uncreative.  
You: very high (88 percentile)
Yoda -- This wise, philosophical, and thoughtful Jedi master challenges the establishment, encouraging his pupils to unlearn what they have learned and see the world in novel, creative ways.

Concientious-High scorers tend to be reliable, well-organized, self-disciplined, careful; Low scorers tend to be disorganized, undependable, negligent.  
You: very low (2 percentile)
Han Solo -- This disheveled and scruffy smuggler leads a reckless and haphazard life, with little respect for rules and procedures.

Extraversion-High scorers tend to be sociable, friendly, fun loving, talkative; Low scorers tend to be introverted, reserved, inhibited, quiet.  
You: neither high nor low (53 percentile)
Ewoks -- A species with extraverted and introverted tendencies. On one hand they are a shy, timid, and reclusive species. On the other hand, they are very sociable, living in groups, placing great emphasis of interpersonal relations.

Agreeableness-High scorers tend to be good natured, sympathetic, forgiving, courteous; Low scorers tend to be critical, rude, harsh, callous.  
You: high (63 percentile)
Qui-Gon Jinn -- This Jedi master is loyal, sensitive, and sympathetic.

Neuroticism-High scorers tend to be nervous, high-strung, insecure, worrying; Low scorers tend to be calm, relaxed, secure, hardy.  
You: high (69 percentile)
C-3P0 -- This fussy droid is generally anxious and nervous with a constitution that often seems unsuitable for the danger in which it finds itself.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003


Well, I knew that when I finally got my butt in gear for Ultimate I'd be happy to be there. :) Finding out 10 minutes before I left the office that if we won our first game last night we'd get either first or second place in the division and if we lost we'd be battling it out for 3rd or 4th was kind of interesting.

To make a long story short: (too late) We won both games! We are the division champs!! Wooot!! We all chased Candyman across the field with our water bottles (he is das capitan/coach) to show our appreciation for his stellar leadership. :)

Horoscope time!
Be like the characters of Larry David's show and Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Full Moon is making you a tad over-zealous. So you're desperate to lose weight. Is living on crackers and jogging 10 miles a day really a practical plan? Or you're eager to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. Is throwing yourself at strangers in a bar, shouting, "Take me, I'm yours!" the greatest idea? (Wait a minute, I forgot. You're a Libra. You do this stuff, anyway. Like some horoscope is going to stop you.)


That's sooooo true.

Monday, August 11, 2003


I am so unmotivated to play Ultimate tonight. I'm tired, sore from filing stuff, and exhausted. I got plenty of sleep, but I didn't eat very well this weekend, which threw my body all out of whack. My back and shoulder ache. :( *whimper* Luckily I've got two flavours of painkiller handy! Muahahah...

I'll feel better when I get out to the field. I always do. Now it's just a question of whether or not I'll fall asleep at the wheel on the way out there. :p

New taste sensation... out for those. I've been hardly eating any fatty foods or sugar for the last couple of weeks, and I just had two hot chocolates with half and half added to richen it up. Ugh again. :p

Hmm...interesting. I'm starting to feel broody...(ie: hormones jumping and going "We wanna reproduce!!") Biological clock and all that. :p I'm only 23...not nearly old enough to have a kid, but try telling the body that. :) I'm going out for lunch with Cat now. She will smack some sense into me.

In a good way. ;)


The computers are fast today at work. Something must be broken. :)

Had a good weekend...tame, and somewhat mushy by comparison to some people's weekends. *cough* Cat *cough* but good enough for me.. :) I was all giddy most of the weekend. Stuff with Candyman got really good again, after me being all depressed and zoned out for a while. Happy!!

And almost all my friends have finished their school for this semester. Heck, I might be able to arrange a camping trip!!

I did tie dye this weekend. We were doing team jerseys for the fall season. Sheesh...after all this, I'd better get on this team. If we play Saturday, I won't be able to, but Sundays will be fine. I ate waaaaay too much yesterday. :( I'm still full.

Break equals almost over, and I need to check my blogroll...laters. :)

Saturday, August 09, 2003


I found out last night, after Candyman pointed it out, that I messed up the link to Devon's site in my link a bit ago. And here's my email if anyone wants to get ahold of me...

Um, yeah. Could someone please email me and tell me how to put comments on my blog? I use blogger, and a Mac *ducks* but I have access to a PC. Thanks all. I have to run...gotta iron my karate uniform.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Lucky paper!

Yay! It posted. Now I have 7 minutes to write a meaningful blog entry. I have been carrying a "blog-fodder" post-it note around in my bra for the last couple of hours because I don't have pockets in these pants (note to self...go shopping for pants with pockets, or not...then I have an excuse to stick my hand in my bra at work...woo!)

Second note to self: make more notes when writing blog fodder notes. I don't remember where I was going with half this stuff.

I have decided that I am called a "stack rat" here, rather than filing clerk. The first seems much more accurate. That's all I remember. I think it was more interesting than that.

I'm sorry. This was a really crappy post, except for the post-it note in the bra thing. Um. Yeah. Back it goes, break time's over. :(

There goes the blogger-hood. :)

ACK! Candyman found my site last night! :) Cool. I never gave him the addy, but he somehow searched it out. I'm thinking because not too many sites have "oasis" and "candyman" on it. Heh.

So, I'm on lunch, but I'm afraid to write a huge long post because Blogger's been really irritating from work lately, so I'm going to publish this and see if it goes up. If it does, happiness will ensue.

Oh, and for those two who are writing computer science exams right now, I'm thinking happy computer science thoughts at you. So that one that you got right that you were pretty sure you should have gotten wrong...

...yeah, that was me. ^_^

Friday Five

Brought to you by

1. What's the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country?
Scotland, then down to England. I don't think I've been down to the States since then.

2. What's the most bizarre/unusual thing that's ever happened to you while traveling?
While I was in London, someone slipped date-rape drug into my wine. That was unusual in the sense that it had never happened to me before.

3. If you could take off to anywhere, money and time being no object, where would you go?
Hmmm...Japan and/or Scotland again. Or a cruise.

4. Do you prefer traveling by plane, train or car?
I start feeling sick to my stomach if I'm not the one driving, especially on long trips, and I've never really travelled anywhere by train except in the UK, and I wasn't feeling well then. I think I like plane and train about the same. (Huh. I was just thinking I should write more poetry...)

5. What's the next place on your list to visit?
Um. I'd like to head up to Bamff with Justy and Bimkins, or go to Edmonton to see Bimkins, but I think I'll be going to Kamloops on the 22nd, or over to the island before the summer is over.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Ooh!! Exciting Geek News!

Devon has linked to my site! I've been linked! I have readership! *gasp...pant* Oh, crap. Does this mean I need to start making interesting posts? AND I went and changed my blog name a couple days ago. Whoops. :)

And I found out yesterday that Devon knows one of my friends. :) Small world.

I think I'm regressing. At work, I keep having to slap my hand away from grabbing sugar cubes from the coffee room and eating them. *crunch* That was a carrot stick. *crunch* That was a VEL bar that was in the fridge. **sigh** That was me still wanting a sugar cube. I suppose that's an improvement over the dinner that Justy and I had...somehow we both managed to dress up, he was making dinner, and I brought a bottle of wine. It was all grown up, and freaky. So, while he was making peanut sauce, I dipped the spoon in the peanut butter and ate it, bought two different kinds of kiddy ice cream for dessert, and licked the spatula after he was finished with it.

I think that counteracts the "grown-up" dinner party. :)

Now for a prayer that Blogger doesn't act up again...c'mon...

Geek Sympathy

Justy, I feel your pain. Seriously. Having not once, but TWICE, missed either a midterm or a final exam, I know somewhat how you feel. The difference being, of course, that you put a lot more work into your project. If I was on ICQ right now, I'd be giving you virtual hugs like crazy, knowing that it wouldn't really help. :(

*big hugs anyway*

Coffee wuss

1) Decaf coffee "K-cup"
2) two or three sugar (depends on how I feel)
3) milk or half and half up to the top (about 1/6 of a cup)

Oh yeaaahh. It's all about the coffee crisp... :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Gawd, I'm tired. Played Ultimate tonight. Lost our first game, and since neither we nor another team at the field had another game, we played a fun game. We had a 5 y/o, a 7 y/o and a 3 y/o running around "playing" for the teams, and each point was something different. During one, everyone paired up with someone on the opposite team and had to hold hands until someone scored. :D That was fun...

Lessee. Up to 163.5 yesterday and down a pound this morning. I might be down with all the running around I did tonight. The big pile of clean clothes beside my bed is gone. I read the textbook I bought. It's very well written, but very depressing. "Stolen Life" by Rudy Wiebe and Yvonne Johnson.

I think I'm going to take a shower, clean up 10 or 15 things in the room and go to bed. I'm very tired.

And this morning I once again proved to the world (and especially Cat... =^_^= ) that I am obnoxiously cheerful in the morning. :) I plan to do the same tomorrow.

Random brain synapses firing as I file

Oasis's Law of Idiocy #1 - "Messy handwriting, when it is expected that it will be read by others, is one of the heights of arrogance."

People are very strange and beautiful beings. No other creature in the world thinks to itself (as far as we know...) "Hmm...I feel like doing something silly and potentially very dangerous. Rather than NOT do this silly thing, I will instead endeavour to make it temporarily safer." This is why we have fast cars with airbags, seatbelts and crumple zones. Why not just take an extra ten minutes to get there? This is why skydivers (?!) wear helmets. To make something dangerous just a little safer. Hmph. (And I SO want to try skydiving someday!!)

Another thing that humans do which is very odd is drink or eat things that taste bad. Generally in the wild, if something tastes bad it is POISON. But, we have decided that darn it, coffee is good stuff when you add sugar and milk and chocolate to it! To most people, their first taste of alcohol is decidedly unpleasant, but rather than say "Oh, this must be poisonous," (which it is...) and leave it be, people try to acquire the taste.

And we say animals are dumb. (By that I mean humanity in general: I talk to cats and my fish...even plants and trees...)

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

A weak connection...

This is a very strange website.

Monday, August 04, 2003

A perfect evening

A joint post by Oasis and Justy

Dinner was amazing. We (read: Justy) made noodles in sauce, snow peas in peanut sauce, pan fried tofu, grilled teriyaki salmon and tuna sashimi. Teriyaki (due to the amount of wine consumed during the creation of the meal, the amount of wine consumed during the eating of the meal and the amount of wine consumed during the cleanup after the meal) is now known as "the spirit of the sauce, the essence of the sauce, and everything the sauce is meant to be". ("ki" in Japanese means "spirit" hence the Justy was too drunk to remember that "yaki" means "fried" :) )

[edit: and Oasis bought two ice creams for dessert...Macintosh toffee and Oreo cookies 'n' cream. They were yummy.]

What is the bend that people go around?

Ok, that's all. Meesh is over and we're both going crazy. Just wanted to share it with my three person readership.

Thanks. :)


I'm at 161.5! Happy dance! That's 10 lbs that I've lost over the last six months.

And Justy's making me Japanese dinner tonight, and my room is starting to look a little less cluttered (read: the piles are knee deep instead of waist deep).

I had a weird dream last night. Justy and someone else were in it, and I was proving Justy's geekhood by the fact that he had turtles and mine by the fact that I had fish. Um, okay...

So now that I have my list of books, I ought to put up a list on my sidebar about what I'm reading etc. I should also change my blog links so that they' know...CORRECT!!! But, I need to call Meesh, so that we can get started on getting her wedding invitations done. Gragh. Wanna clean my room...



...Ignore that last sentence. I'm going to go run around my head for a while until the urge passes. Thank you.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Kneel before the fitness GODDESS (tm)

And my plans are continuing to come true! Went biking with Kittens (not Cat...) and her fiance today. I had to quit after 12 km because my butt was so sore!! I definitely need a new bike seat. I used my new bike rack which works spectacularly, plus I can get it on my car and my bike on it all by myself. Useful for when I want to go to Rocky Point or SFU or something.

Went to karate last night and learned my first kata (series of movements). It's pretty basic, and I've got the moves memorized, but my stance absolutely sucks. That's always been my problem with any dance or martial art. I'm going to be getting a private lesson in a couple weeks, not with Crush-sensei unfortunately. :) He apparently is "very taken" though. Girlfriends...pfft. They stand no chance against me. :D

So, in less than twenty minutes, I'm off for Ultimate practice. Gragh. I tired...

But, my room is slowly becoming more clean (330/400 square feet unliveable) and I'm still losing weight (162 this morning) Happy joy!

Went to Chapters last night just to pick up a text book and wound up getting a text book plus 8 other books. Whoops. That happens when I go there. I got some pretty cool stuff, and it was all on sale.

Anna Karenina, Count of Monte Cristo, The Koran, a book about Druids, mini-solitare card book, "The Faces of Fantasy" (portraits of fantasy authors VERY cool), a book on herbal teas, and simply so that I could tell people that I own it "The Encyclopedia of Cheese". All this was less than $35. I love book sales. :D Except for the fact that there's no science fiction or cyberpunk stuff in this list, it is me in a nutshell. The best way to get to know someone is often through the books that they have out. Me, I'm so muddled that no one could figure me out by this. :)

Saturday, August 02, 2003


Well, I should be
a) going to Chapters to look for course books
b) cleaning my room
c) looking up wedding invitation templates online for Meesh
d) soaking the worst foot cramp I've ever had in my life in ice water.

What am I doing instead? Learning that "blodder" (blogger typed one handed [while holding a piece of sourdough bread!! Sickos!]) doesn't get me to my blog.

Oh, and waiting for Justy to be finished working on his project so that we can go watch fireworks from Burnaby Mountain.

Meh. Off to Chapters. Hopefully I'll be out of there before the fireworks are over (11:30 pm.) I like Chapters a LOT. I need it like Yuuki likes anime. (YES! MEDIA!!)

Friday, August 01, 2003

Friday Five

Brought to you by Friday Five

1. What time do you wake up on weekday mornings?
Lately, 7:00, 7:09, 7:18, 7:27. :p Different depending on what classes I have or what I need to do.

2. Do you sleep in on the weekends? How late?
Yes. Until I wake up. (often around 1pm)

3. Aside from waking up, what is the first thing you do in the morning?
If I'm going to work I'll get up and go weigh myself.

4. How long does it take to get ready for your day?
Depends on how much time I have. Some Saturdays I'm not ready until 7 pm. If I'm working, I'm usually ready in about 15 minutes.

5. When possible, what is your favorite place to go for breakfast?
I used to eat a lot of MacDonald's because I was up early and I passed one on my way to school, but I like White Spot and I really liked going to Knight and Day at 6 am after my graduation. That was classic.


Blogger is back. :) Had me worried for a bit there. Justy's been having trouble publishing for almost a month now. :( Geez, it's a good thing I have ICQ or I'd never be able to talk to him.

Hm. We need to rack some wine soon. Justy-san, let me know when you're free.

Saturday night, I'll probably be at the fireworks. It has been spoken.

And I'm at 162.5 lbs.


I broke my wookie...

Tried to publish and it it me? Is it this computer? Am I totally feeble? Will all three of my readers despair as they don't hear from me?!

Um. Yeah. Blogger's doing funny things again.

Takin' Care of Business...

Working today with the secretaries, and doing the mail, and filing stuff. I'm on my break right now, eating some carrot sticks and pretty much just hanging out. Long weekend!!

So, my plans and goals.

Friday evening - hang out with Candyman
Saturday morning/afternoon (mostly afternoon probably) - Get cracking on the room.
Saturday evening - Karate lesson, then something. Maybe go watch the fireworks
Sunday morning - Sunday School (w00t! Payday!)
Sunday afternoon - Either clean my room or decide to work on model rockets or hang out with C/M, or Justy, or ????
Sunday evening - Ultimate Frisbee "practice" and social
Monday - HOLIDAY!! I have no idea...maybe go down to the States for the day. Who knows? Three day weekend, baaay-bee!!

This is the first time in a while that a three day weekend has actually meant anything to me. :) That whole "going to school" thing didn't really make holidays mean much when I only went to school on Tuesday and Wednesday or something equally ridiculous.