Monday, August 30, 2004

Game called on account of rain, that is.

Dave and I were going to go away today, tomorrow and Wednesday since I've managed to finangle two days off in a row without tutoring or craft store. Unfortunately, the gods of finance suggested otherwise. :( Ah well. This gives us the opportunity to explore Vancouver and do some touristy things. On the possible schedule for tomorrow or the next day: Granville Island, Chinatown, the James Bond exhibit at Science World, Playland and the Vancouver Aquarium.

I'm feeling significantly better than yesterday. The random anger seems to have gone along on its merry way. I'm happy about that. Partly it was the idea that I wasn't going to be able to go anywhere...that kind of thing doesn't usually bother me...I am disgustingly Pollyanna-like a lot of the time. This time however, probably coupled with a lack of sleep, made me extremely anxious and upset. Things are much better now...I have two days off in a row and I'm still desperately in love with my man. Things are much better than they were yesterday. :)

Exercise today: walking around Ikea for four hours

Sunday, August 29, 2004

So much anger

I don't really have any reason to be angry or upset, yet I am. Dammit. I was doing SO well! :p

Adventures in Retail

D has been writing about her experiences in retail, so I thought I'd comment with some suggestions of my own. However, as these things are wont to do...especially with retail complaints...I decided that it was getting too long for a comment.

Things that I find annoying and ways I deal with might find some of this useful...and hopefully some of it amusing. :D

Complaints about the price of the bill: "Yes, I totally agree with you. I wish I could change it, but if I had THAT power, I wouldn't be standing here, now would I?"

Giving me a $100 bill for a $2 item first thing in the morning: "I'm sorry...we have to get change out of the safe." Wait a REALLY long time...paging people who aren't actually in the store is a great way to buy time.

Giving me a bill, letting me ring the whole thing through, then "Oh! I have 58 cents!": Oh, gee...thanks. Now I have to do the math in my head. I don't do math...especially early in the morning. Like we don't have an entire safe full of change...don't pretend you're doing ME the favour.

Handing me the basket full of items. Lady, you can pull them out of the basket yourself. How many times are you going to do that today? MAYBE five, if you're Christmas shopping? I'd have to do it over 100 times if everyone did it. Can you say "repetitive stress"? Generally, I just tip the basket over towards me and ignore any dirty looks. You probably don't have this problem because of the conveyer though.

Letting your children run amok in the store. Um, yeah. This happened a couple of weeks ago. A woman was taking a course (two hours long) in our store and let her three kids just be in the store. Alone. There was a 9 year old boy and 5 year old and 1 year old girls. After about an hour, she came out of the classroom and gave them lollipops. All of them. Including the year old. So, now instead of three unsupervised children, we now have three unsupervised, sugared up of whom is likely to choke on their treat. Actually with the way that the other two were running around, they were fairly likely to choke as well.

Leaving your purchase at the front counter, either before or after you've paid for it. Please! Clutter up our counters with your crap. We've got nothing better to do with our space than babysit the shit you just bought...or are thinking about buying! We especially love it when you bring up six or seven big huge fake trees and stick them around us, because we work inside, and we definitely wouldn't want any LIGHT getting to us! No no no! We're SPECIAL people who work inside because we have an allergy to light. Thank you for being so considerate of our special needs!!

Ok...I think I'm done for now. :p

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Learning something day at a time

I learned today at karate that if Sensei says "This is quite difficult" and I find it quite easy...I really have no idea what I'm doing.

Exercise today: 2 hours of karate

Friday, August 27, 2004

Weirdest favour I've ever asked anyone...

So, I had this nightmare last night, leading me to ask Dave the following questions.

#1: "Do you have any kids that I don't know about?"


#2: "If we ever become part of an elite resistance team trying to free a country from an evil dictatorship, and we get betrayed and captured by members of our own team, and held in a rather nice country club-like commune, and you impregnate one of the women who is holding us prisoner (and who was one of those who betrayed us) as well as have a two or three year old with her, could you please make sure that I don't find all this out when I'm changing the new baby's diapers...on my birthday?

This then leads to one of the best lines I've ever remembered from a dream... "How many half siblings are my future children going to have?!" I guess I ought to cut back on the burritos before bedtime. And no, there are no children in the immediate future, or the not so immediate past. :)


Ok, what's going on? I've been REALLY happy for the last week or so. Who's the joker? I just love EVERYbody and EVERYthing today.

Ohhhh...I figured it out. I've got tomorrow off. Well, that explains today, but what about the rest of the week?! Huh?! Huh?!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I'm BLOWN away. This is something BIG. HARD luck to those who haven't seen it. My mind is totally BLOWN. SUCK it up, folks. Why didn't anyone TURN ME ON to this before? Different STROKES I suppose, but I tell you, it's HUGE. It's been a LONG time since I've seen something like this.

What the hell is she talking about, you might ask? Why, I've just watched the first three episodes of Queer as Folk , I might answer. I borrowed the first three seasons on DVD from Bimkins when he came out. Ahem...pardon the pun. What an amazing show. I have got serious hots for the Justin character. Normally I don't go for blondes...or seventeen year olds...but ye flipping gods.

Scuze me, I have to go mop up the drool now.

(oh, I am SO going to get in trouble for this post.)

If you're looking for fantasy/sf books...'s a great website.'s still raining. I hate driving in the rain. I will stay home and have a rare evening of "I don't have anything to do"...hopefully I will finish the major knitting project of Drew's blanket and clean out some drawers in my desk to fit craft stuff into them. :D

I am famous!!

In a Yahoo search for "karin" Random Synapses ranks #19. Damn...I know *I'm* impressed.

Monday, August 23, 2004


Canada currently has five medals.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Required reading for all shoppers

How to not be a sh*tf*ck while shopping. Just replace "CD" or "movie" with anything else.

Rain rain, go away.

Actually, no...wait! Don't! We need you. It's really feeling like a hot chocolate day right now. :p So used to all the heat.

Very tired...I have a crick in my neck from all the unusual pillows I've been sleeping on for the last couple days.

So, Whistler: I really enjoyed it. There may be way too many details that no one really cares about, but oh well. I've never been to the village or anything before. It really caters to two groups of yuppies and extreme outdoors people. Neat that way. There's about eight coffee shops, fifteen boutiques, several spas, at least half a dozen sweet shops/ice cream shops, at least a dozen "extreme outdoors" (ski, snowboard, mountain biking) stores and about three chiropractors and massage therapists. They probably do a pretty good business. :)

Keegan and I arrived Thursday night. The drive up took us about 2 1/2 hours including a stop in Squamish for ice cream. We found where we were staying (Blackcomb Lodge, room 110) easily and dropped off our stuff in the room with Keegan's sister Breanne and her boyfriend Mike. Then we went exploring. Well, technically we went to the grocery store, but we got pointed towards the wrong grocery store and wound up exploring through half the village when the other one was about thirteen feet from our hotel. That night was really hot, and NOISY. We were right over a restaurant and right across the street from a bar. The a/c gave us all headaches, so we had to have the windows open for air instead. But we slept (poorly) until...

Friday: Bre and Mike were leaving, so even though they were pretty quiet, we got woken up around 0530. I couldn't get back to sleep so I went for a "run"...which was more of a walk, because like a dummy I'd forgotten my inhaler and I didn't really want to have an asthma attack 150 km from my inhaler. It was really weird walking around when there wasn't really that many other people around. I came back to the room and I knew that the world had moved on (10 life points to whoever gets the reference) because not only was I awake at 0645, I was baking cookies. Just English Bay out of the bucket White Chocolate Macadamia Nut dough, but STILL. Around 8 we crashed again until 0830 because there was some massive construction going on. Closing the windows helped. We did a lot of napping and snacking that weekend. I'll skip the rest of the details on that. Most of Friday was spent wandering around window shopping and regular shopping. The first two stores we went into were one of the bookstores and the rock and gem shop. Tee hee. :) I picked up a pair of charms for my Italian charm bracelet and a fabulous black yoga outfit...a black tank top with "Whistler" in gems on the front, black pants, a black thong and a black tote bag. VERY cute. We crashed a couple of times and did some craft stuff...I was working on some knitting and she was doing a gorgeous cross stitch dreamcatcher. Keegan's fiance Drew came up that night and we had some lasagne pies that he brought up.

Saturday: I was leaving that afternoon so I packed all my stuff up...hopefully I didn't leave anything behind. Keegan, Drew and I all went to the Whistler museum after sleeping in until noon despite the construction. I got some really nice hematite stones and some arroweheads. Then we went back to the art supply shop where I picked up a sumi-e kit (Chinese brush painting). It's really gorgeous. I have a book on it, and some brushes, but we don't sell the ink at work. I could get it downtown, but it was such a great buy. Besides, we didn't eat out at all, so I figure it all evened out. I didn't get any souveniers except for the rocks and the yoga stuff, so that evens out as well. The drive home took me just about 2 1/2 hours and it was raining just as I was leaving. Grand total spent: less than $150. Gas: 1/2 tank there and back. Distance: about 300 km.

With the trip to Seattle and now this, I think that my car is pretty much broken in.

Back from Whistler

Unfortunately too late to get to karate today. :( Resolution: must go. More.

The drive up and down were both nice, as was the actual "being in Whistler". I'll get into more detail later, I'm sure.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Meep meep.

Here I to Whistler for the weekend. I'll be back Saturday.


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Sleep? Pffft.

I don't sleep well when I'm in a place I don't know. :( However, I got to have not one, but TWO visits in two days with NNY and family. Dave and I hung out with everyone last night and then a couple of us went to see Supersize Me at the Movies for Mommies theatre today. It was great!! Really a good movie, and I loved the idea of all those moms being able to go to the movies with their babies. Very nice. :D

I haven't been exercising much...or eating healthy. This is about to change. Also, my room will remain clean. *happy* Loving all my space.

Monday, August 16, 2004


Today at work I got a $20 with this website stamped on it. It's interesting. I punched it into the system. :) Anyway, it's a neat idea.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Buh buh uh duh uh buh.

Articulate, aren't I? :p I really should take before and after pictures of some of the cleaning I do. Ye gods. Not to mention before and after pictures of my eyes and nose due to allergic sneezing due to dust. BLEAH!

Exercise today: cleaning for 4.5 hours

Much room cleaning

Today with Keegan (Kittens) I clean more. This is silly. I need to have a clean room. No more with this mess.

Saturday, August 14, 2004


I got a B+ on my Canadian Culture course. :) Was hoping for an A-, but I think I can live with this.

Not much to say

While I've been doing a lot, there hasn't been much to write about. My room was measured last night by the wonderful Dave who also hung out with me for three hours while I cleaned more. My room is actually beginning to emerge. :D I am pleased. I've also decided that I need to start doing more craft stuff, if only to get rid of the mass quantities of STUFF in my room. Most of the stuff I've got is bulky as well...yarn, soap, paper etc. Bleah.

I haven't been exercising except with Ultimate and karate. Bad, bad. Especially since Ultimate is finished (third in our divison. :) ) until fall. I need to get myself motivated again. Must start running or something. Yuck.

My brother and dad are in Scotland right now. My brother plays in a pipe band and it came in second at the World Championships. Not too shabby. :) He's off to Italy in a couple days, the lucky little...Hmph. Ah well, I got to go to England two years ago.

Mostly I've been working. I got 20+ hours this week and I've got another 15 next week. It's nice, but I'd really like to have my brain shut off for a while. One of my students is on vacation and another is on shortened time (2 lessons/week instead of 3...and her mom wanted her to do 4 or 5, but changed her mind.)

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I've registered for classes. I'm doing two crim correspondence and one actually in class. *gasp of astonishment* I'm going to be attending REAL CLASSES in the fall!! I'll be at SFU all Monday. How bizarre.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Headache-still in effect

Possible causes include:
Sleep-or a lack thereof
Heat-much too hot

Possible conclusions:
Go into my cool basement and go to bed.

Huh. What a splendid idea.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


I had this dream last night...I was standing in a line up with Bimkins and the clerk called us dirty fags...or some variation...despite the fact that I'm female. There was some more stuff, but I don't remember it that much It became my duty to volunteer my time and energy to gay and kink associations all over the place...travelling, hosting support groups etc.

Y'know...if someone dreamed a true dream that they were told by their deity that they were to spread the word, they'd probably be doing it.


Monday, August 09, 2004

Darned heat wave.

Dave came over last night around 10 or 11 and stayed until 4:30 in the morning. He was helping me clean my room. Oh dear god. Did we ever clean... I have removed over a garbage bag of clothes, purses and bags from my closet and dresser, I have about 1/2 a garbage bag of paper to recycle and very little actual garbage. None of the clothing is really all that great...but if anyone wants to look through it, comment or email. I'm about a size 12-16, Large/XLarge. I actually had the space to do my kata inside my room. I am shocked. Also, I'm getting rid of a bunch of cheesy romance novels which will bring me no money at the used book store. Anyone want them? They're yours.

And I am more than slightly sneezy. I HATE having allergies to dust. Bloody flaming... >:(

Oh and I found a digital camera that someone loaned two years ago now... They have never asked for it back...I need someone to tell me the correct and moral thing to do which allows me to keep the camera. ;) Comment on ways for me to justify keeping this camera!!

Things to do this week:
-finish cleaning my closet
-go through some boxes to get them out of my room
-visit NNY and Drew. (How's tomorrow evening for you guys?)
-Tutor and work
-clean off the couch
-clean off the desk if I have time
-go through my craft magazines and recycle most of them. Anyone want scrapbooking or rubber stamping magazines?

To recap the stuff I'm giving away...
-clothes sizes 12-16
-craft magazines
-romance novels

If you're embarassed about wanting any of it, you can always email me at

Sunday, August 08, 2004


I think that having five baskets of clean clothes in my room is a little much. Not to mention the fact that I've managed to have most of those in my room for the last several months. They multiply! I swear!
(edit: I took out the picture because it messed with my sidebar.)

Category III - The Regular

You are the quintessential standard conjured by the
word 'Friend'.

What Type of Social Entity are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

My layer quiz


· Name: Karin
· Birth date: October 10
· Birthplace: Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster BC, Canada (my dad and grandad were born there too.)
· Current Location: Coquitlam, my parent's living room. Bleah.
· Eye Color: hazel
· Hair Color: currently dark red...often other colours
· Height: 5ft 8 inches
· Righty or Lefty: Righty
· Zodiac Sign: Libra


· Your heritage: Scottish (3rd gen) on my dad's side, Austrian (1st gen) on my mom's.
· The shoes you wore today: awesome black leather goth-y ankle boots
· Your fears: water monsters, failing the people I love, never moving out of my parent's house.
· Your perfect pizza: tandoori chicken, prawns and bacon (had it in London at midnight in the common room of the hostel)
· Goal you'd like to achieve: see the world, start a family, run my own business


· Your most overused phrase in an online messenger: ... or "hmmm"
· Your thoughts first waking up: I have to go to the bathroom.
· Your best physical feature: email me to find out. ;)
· Your bedtime: whenever I get so exhausted that I finally collapse.
· Your most missed memory: not really sure.


· Pepsi or Coke: Coke. Not that vanilla coke crap though. Bleah.
· McDonald's or Burger King: McD's...but I'm trying to quit.
· Single or group dates: never been on a group date before, I don't think
· Adidas or Nike: I'm against Nike.
· Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Raspberry nestea
· Chocolate or vanilla: get chocolate in rocky road and half baked ice cream. I also like chocolate cake better. Yum. Dark chocolate...droool.
· Cappuccino or coffee: frappacino.


· Smoke: Sometimes I'll have a puff, but only when I get way too drunk...then I have an asthma attack and don't do it again until the next time.
· Cuss: not usually, although I've been swearing more lately. I said "bullshit" in front of my mom today.
· Sing: Yup. I was in choir from grade 3-grade 7 and I've been in church musicals and I was in a play at school where i got to sing.
· Take a shower everyday: most of the time.
· Have a crush(es): Occasionally. I like having safe, unrequited crushes. It makes my life feel more interesting.
· Do you think you've been in love: I am right now. :)
· Want to go to college: In university right now.
· Like(d) high school: hated it. Despised it. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. Almost.
· Want to get married: eventually.
· Believe in yourself: sometimes. depends on my mood
· Get motion sickness: Yup. Cars, trains, the world spinning a little two fast.
· Think you're attractive: depends on my mood.
· Think you're a health freak: HELL no. I'd like to be more health freakish.
· Get along with your parent(s): Yes and no.
· Like thunderstorms: Love love LOVE them.
· Play an instrument: I sort of play the piano, flute, saxaphone and penny whistle. I played tenor drum in a pipe band for seven years.


In the past month...

· Drank alcohol: yes
· Smoked: no
· Done a drug: Vitamin "I"-ibuprofin
· Had Sex: yup
· Made Out: yup
· Gone on a date: Date night with Dave a couple times
· Gone to the mall?: Yup. bought the webcam, but that's about it
· Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No...but I've been tempted. I'm glad we don't have the mint oreos in the house. I've eaten almost a whole box of Girl Guide cookies before.
· Eaten sushi: love it, but I haven't had any this month. *pout*
· Been on stage: not this month but I want to again.
· Been dumped: not since grade eight.
· Gone skating: nope...too hot!!
· Made homemade cookies: I've been meaning to.
· Gone skinny dipping: tempted...but didn't.
· Dyed your hair: I think that it's been more than a month
· Stolen anything: nope.



· Played a game that required removal of clothing: yes. :)
· If so, was it mixed company: Of course.
· Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Ugh. yes. Bleah.
· Been caught "doing something": Almost.
· Been called a tease: jest. It's still annoying though
· Gotten beaten up: Only if working out in karate counts...and getting totally beaten down. :p
· Changed who you were to fit in: I think everyone does. I don't show many of my facets to my family for instance.


· Age you hope to be married: Bwa? I would like to be married before I
· Numbers and Names of Children: I have none. I would like two, probably.
· Describe your Dream Wedding: quiet, backyard kind of thing. Not having to invite people I don't want there.
· How do you want to die: Saving someone's life
· Where you want to go to college: SFU. That's where i am now.
· What do you want to be when you grow up: I'm not going to grow up. :)
· What country would you most like to visit: Scotland again, Japan, Russia, Austria


In a guy..

· Best eye color? Doesn't matter
· Best hair color? Doesn't matter
· Short or long hair: I love long hair...but I'll accept short hair as well.
· Height: Doesn't matter
· Best weight: Whatever is healthy for them
· Best articles of clothing: jeans that show off the butt. Or nothing...
· Best first date location: Milestones...upstairs in the bar...third table from the right. (Gee...wonder who I went THERE with.)
· Best first kiss location: *cough* Um...neck...? ;)


· Number of drugs taken illegally: zero
· Number of people I could trust with my life: 4
· Number of CDs that I own: Um...over 100, under 300...
· Number of piercings: seven-three in each ear, one in navel
· Number of tattoos: zero
· Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: Well, referring to ME, my name has appeared in the newspaper twice I can think of...obituaries for my Opa and Grannie. I don't know how many other Karins there are out there who've gotten my name in the paper. ;)
· Number of scars on my body: lots. I had nasty nasty chicken pox as a kid. Oh, and I used to scratch myself with needles and other sharp implements all the time...some of those left scars
· Number of things in my past that I regret: don't know. I try to leave them in the past. And not regret them.


I have lots of hurting bits. :( I've had a headache since Pride (1 week ago) and my ankle and knee are sore-ish. *whine*

Although hanging out with people was fun last night. :D

Exercise yesterday: 1 hour karate

Friday, August 06, 2004


So instead of going to bed early last night, I stay up and watch much Highlander with Dave, then work today, then tutor now, and I'll be going out tonight. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow. Yeesh. I'm such a dummy.'s SO much easier to tell when Immortals die on Highlander... there's that whole head being chopped off thing, and the whole Quickening... I mean DAMN! It's really hard to tell when a MORTAL is being killed. Jeez.

Copious amounts of spare time.

For once I get to say that without it being sarcastic! So what do I do on my first evening of CAST? I tweak my ankle at Ulti. Yeah, the same one, dammit. And I had to say goodbye to Bimkins and Rini. :( Sadness. And I ate McD's again tonight. MUCH sadness. Blech.

BUT I am finished my exam. T-29 days of freedom. To do: send in many applications for a career type job, sleep, watch much Highlander, sleep some more.

Did I mention I'm a little tired?

Exercise today: 1 hour Ultimate

Thursday, August 05, 2004


Rah rah rah! I'm finished my final! Yay! I did reasonably well, I think. Lowest mark I could possibly get in the course is a C+. It's nice going into a final with an A...means that if I get my name right, I pass the course. There were only three questions on there that I had no idea. I guessed correctly what the CLC was, BS'd enough about the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and can't find MFN in my textbook. It has something to do with the Canadian Political Economy...because, well, that's what my course is on. Anyone want to enlighten me? m0rph? ;)

Tonight is Ultimate. Tonight is also sleep-imate. Much sleeping. Very tired. More cola was consumed this semester than in many moons.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


I have been eating craptacularly poorly over the last week or so. Chips, mini-donuts, other junk, pure sugar in the form of strawberry Mentos and cotton candy and Coke... Yuck.

No wonder I've got a headache. Although that probably has more to do with having a brutal kink in my neck all night. It kept me up, and I've got a migraine-esque headache now. Bleah.

Cotton candy: it's like crack, but blue. I know I've said it before, but dammit, it's true.

Now, back to my regularly schedule studying...and lunch. Something without mass quantities of sugar, caffiene or deep-fried evil.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

And another thing:

GO! Run and help Peechie Save the Boobies. Warm and fuzzy feelings will abound. I mean, come on. like your breasts. like our breasts. Help a courageous woman raise some money for breast cancer research! SOMEONE YOU KNOW WILL OR HAS HAD BREAST CANCER. Get your asses in gear and skip a day of Starbucks. Bring your coffee in a thermos for once and pass on that $5 to her.


My tummy hurts. It always hurts. Or feels sick. Or feels generally icky. Maybe it's about time to mention this fact to my doctor. Oogh. I really think I ought to have stock in Tylenol, Gravol and Tums.

I'm so tired as well. I think that I'm worn out from this semester. I can't wait until Thursday 3pm because that will be my last final!

Things I plan to do during my almost-month off.
-spend some quality time with Dave.
-visit with friends I don't see enough of.
-visit with friends I NEVER get to see!!
-finish knitting Drew's baby blanket (40-50 more rows to go!!)
-work in my garden
-read a whole bunch
-CLEAN MY ROOM (remove roughly half the stuff that's in there and chuck, recycle and charity-ize it.)
-watch the three seasons of Queer as Folk I borrowed from Bimkins
-do the cross stitch hummingbirds on towels that was my mom's Mother's Day present.
-work out way more, especially training for karate.

Speaking of karate...I will hopefully be doing my first grading just before my 25th birthday. Yay!

Monday, August 02, 2004

So. Much. Walking.

Yesterday was the Vancouver Pride Parade and I must say, I have not done that much walking in a very long time. I don't know how far these distances are, but I walked from Granville skytrain to Davie Street for the parade, then back to Burrard Skytrain to drop off Bimkins and Rini, then back to Davie to visit with some of my friends two of whom had marched in the parade. Fortunately, on the way back I was with someone who actually had an inkling of how the downtown buses go. I still had to walk about half a kilometer to Dave's house afterwards though.

So, the parade itself: There was so much queer-positive energy...I've NEVER felt anything like that. Probably there were over 100 000 people turned out in support of the GLBT community. I loved it. Totally amazing. I wanted to cry at several points: seeing the family groups going by with kids of all ages (including teens) holding their parents hands, parents groups holding signs saying "I support my gay daughter" and "So proud of my gay son", seeing signs for people who have been married after being couples for 10, 20 or more years and the HIV positive and AIDS groups. While many people got sunburned, I was in the shade for most of the parade and was actually cold enough that I needed to drape one of my spare skirts around my shoulders in a denim half cape to try and warm up!!

Then there were after parade drinks over at Dw00 and Dev's house. They've got a nice view of the water! And I was introduced to the joy of gin and tonic (which reminds me...I really should replace that bottle I drank most of... :/ ) Best part of G and glows under blacklights!! Tee hee. So, I have a slight headache today...most due to exhaustion, not alcohol. Much fun ensued! Had a great time for my first Pride parade. It won't be my last.

I need to start taking the bus more. I get less lost when other people are driving. :D I also need to move closer to downtown. I have WAY too many people I need to see more of.

Exercise yesterday: assloads of walking.