Thursday, July 31, 2003

The corporate mindset

I discovered yesterday that I have the power!! The power to do good or evil! I have...(da da dum...)...the keys to the supply cabinet. *oooohhhh!!!!* I have unlimited pens, paper, sticky notes, paperclips, scissors!! EVERYTHING!! I see why the temptation to steal office supplies is so high. :) It's a "because it's there" moment...

So far, I have stolen no office supplies...but the temptation is mounting. :)

Psssst...anyone wanna buy a cheap stapler? ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Note to self...

...kick PT's butt. He made me think I didn't mention I was home.

Oh, and I weighed 163.5 this morning. I blame C/M for letting me near Boston Pizza last night.

...aaaaand, I'm home. :)

Well, I got home Sunday night. Gave Meesh her keys back today and went out for a coffee and lasagne at Gallagher's coffee bar on Austin in Coquitlam. Played Ultimate last night, as usual. Went over to C/M's house afterwards, then went out to Boston Pizza...our default "late night" dining establishment. I ate more yesterday than I did in the last three days...combination of heat and diet. Felt good though.

Had another day of wonderful filing. I actually kind of like my job. Gives me time to think up naughty stories. ;) Ah well. I fell asleep today at lunch in the break room. :) I didn't get much sleep over the weekend (cats...) or last night, seeing as I have to get up at 0730 or so to get downtown. Hmph. I hate getting up early, although Cat has seen me first thing in the morning after I've had some time to wake up, and I'm apparently annoyingly cheerful way too early.

Another thing I like about my job is that I don't need to be there at a specific time. Between 8 and 9 is fine...which means I don't wait until the last minute to leave, which means I'm there on time or early...which means I get to go home early. I love it! I hate waiting around for stuff. I prefer arriving exactly on time, which means that (with my incredibly underdeveloped sense of direction) I'm often late. No worries about that here!

I just hung up my karate-gi (uniform) and my Ultimate gear is in the wash now. Part of karate is making sure the gi is pressed, spotless and glaringly white for every class. Argh...I don't like that bit, but I will not make the black belts do pushups for my mistakes. They're supposed to make sure everyone's gi is properly done, so they get pushups for the lower belt's errors. It's a pretty interesting system. I wonder if I'd press the gi etc. if it was me who was having to do the pushups. Don't know. I'd like to think that I was honourable and respectful enough that punishment wouldn't enter into it.'s hot. I'm rambling. G'nite, unless I think of something else.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Happy dance...

Ok, this may be a load of bull hooey, but according to it, I only need to lose one more pound in order to be at a healthy weight for my height.

I KNOW that this is inaccurate, but's giving me a bit of encouragement. And I'm not really 5'9", according to my tape measuring of the official "Oasis height wall" in the kitchen. :( I'm only barely 5'8"...maybe Candyman really is as tall as I am.

Don't tell him I said that.

Ooh, the ideas I can use...

42.4% pure, according to Bimkin's spiffy purity test. I hadn't done a purity test in ages, so I decided to try it.

Y'know, if I used drugs, my score would be soooo much lower. Too bad. However, I have some new ideas. Sex in a hammock or a tree...honestly. I'd never thought of that.

Home again

I'm messing with some of the stuff on my sidebar, so it may look funny. Meh. Not really caring right now.

I'm starting working full time tomorrow for two weeks. *sigh* I look forward to the money, but I don't want to work. Hm. A job that makes me lots of money, but I don't have to do any work... I should get into management. :)

Didn't exercise today, had way too much money on my credit card (parent's anniversary present, bike rack [which I think I will be returning] among other things.) However, I'm still at 162 lbs. Didn't do any cleaning today. :p This weekend was pretty slow, except for karate. I submitted my hours for the church today, so I ought to have some money next week.

Candyman went to look at a bunch of science fiction and fantasy books, but I wasn't invited. :( Probably just as well. I think I have over 2000 books at my house already.

Played Illuminati over at Candyman's house with a couple of friends last night. It was pretty fun. I almost won...going for an all or nothing gamble, weakening everyone else, but then got stopped. Fun, fun. :) Kind of like the Undergrads episode where they play Risk...

Gimpy: (screaming) KAMIKAZE!! KAMIKAZE!!!

Yeah, that was me last night. :)


Whew. Daisy's playing with an empty can and a plastic bag, so I don't have to deal with her jumping all over me. She's right beside me though, so I can keep an eye on her. I'm housesitting thisweekend...Candyman's ex girlfriend's place. She and her fiance have two cats down in the basement and her mom has three cats upstairs. I'm allergic to cats. No good can come of this. :p

Daisy's really cute though. She's just a little thing: about 7 months old, with all the kitten-y qualities. I want a cat that stays small, and cute and kitten-y for their whole lives.

Oh wait, that's a ferret. :) I want one of those too.

Thinking about my last post (Hot for teacher.) I should probably clarify what I meant by a "safe" crush. I actually wasn't being facetious or anything. I think this is a very safe crush, and I really am kind of happy about it. By safe, I mean that he is:
1) not a good friend of mine
2) not a good friend of Candyman
3) in a position of power, sort of, so he won't do anything even if he's interested because he'll be afraid of getting slapped with a sexual harrassment suit.
4) not a co-worker, so I only have to see him once a week.

Ok, that's just adorable...Daisy's sticking her paw into a cup of water and splashing me, then sticking her nose into it, drinking and sneezing. (I took away the plastic bag because she's torn a bit of a hole in it and I don't want her to choke.)

I'm so getting a cat when I move out. A permanent kitten would be awesome.

hhhhaaaaaaaa-choo!! Or not...

*splish* Well...ok. *sprrrraawwwwwlll right across my lap, attack the keyboard holder from underneath, and fall off my lap, then go to stalk one of the other cats...* Priceless. :)

*scrolls back up* God and Goddess. I need something harder hitting than "then the kitten did cute stuff". Meh. I'm sure it'll get back to normal later.

So, I got my weight down to 162 lbs today. :D (Daisy's knocking that can all around and not playing with the mouse!! Yay!! ahem. Sorry...) Went to karate, and learned some neat things. (kitten alert: underneath a pile of papers...WTF? How did she get under there?!) Slept after I got home. Ahhhhh, screw it. I can't deal with this when there's a cat around. I'm glad I'm in the basement though...

I'm sorry Bimkins, but you CAN'T get this cute without being a kitten yourself... *splish, there's droplets on the screen, and off she goes with a ball of paper in her mouth to play with.* *Riiiiiiiiips*


Saturday, July 26, 2003

Hot for teacher.

I think I have a crush on one of my karate sensei (teacher). Cool. That's something I could use right now. A nice, simple, unreturnable crush.


Can't we just cuddle?

An open letter to the cats I'm housesitting for/with

Dear Mojo and Jag,
Let's get one thing clear right away. I like you. I really do. I just don't think that our relationship can continue in this manner. I think that we should talk about the direction that our relationship is going.

1) We seem to have differing opinions about what constitutes affection, for one thing. Myself, I consider it to be showing affection when I pet you, and let you cuddle with me in bed. You, especially Mojo I think (it was dark sometimes when this happened), seem to like biting my hand when I pet you, and then get all hurt when I stop petting you. That's really not fair to me, getting these mixed signals.

2) Also, while I kind of like the feel of you licking my fingers, I'm really not a fan of it happening while I'm sleeping. Especially when it's my nose. In fact, while we're on the topic, getting a cold nose in my face while I'm sleeping isn't really my cup of tea either.

3) guys are HEAVY! So, please, when I have a stomach ache (yes, I KNOW I shouldn't have had potato skins and mocha milkshakes at 2am...) don't jump onto my stomach. You really are uncomfortable. Also, when I finally drop off to sleep, licking my shoulder isn't really condusive to me staying asleep and being in what you would call a "good" mood the next day.

4) Now, I know that you like me, and I was very grateful that you keep your claws in whenever you bat at my arms or my face, however, please keep the face-batting to a minimum when you've just used the litter-box. I *know* I didn't hear the water running after you went to the bathroom, so don't try to fool me into thinking you washed your hands. What? You lick your paws to clean them? Well, please see #2 again.

So guys, we're going to be together for another 24 hours or so. If you have any problems with me, please write them down and let me know, mmmm-kay? I'd really like to make this work. Thanks.

Love and kisses,

PS. Please don't sleep on my clothes. I didn't bring any spares for today, and I'm allergic to cats and forgot my anti-histamines. Also, you've got an entire king-sized bed to lie on.


And that is why I'm home and awake at 10 am on the last Saturday before I work full time for two weeks.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Sex joke time...

1) What kind of chocolate do you use for kinky sex? (from Bimkins)
2) Why is sex like air? (from red headed slut)
3) What's the difference between erotic and kinky? (from Bimkins)

(answers after the terribly punny [sorry!!] joke coming up.)

Computer Dates (from here)
I was hanging out in a SCSI bar. A loud bandwidth played in the corner.
I gave the place a binary search. I saw a little chip in the corner. She SIMMed like a pro. I traversed over to her.
She pressed her Apples against me. "Hey, Mac, do you have a hard drive?"
"No, only a floppy," I replied.
"Well, then you need an Amiga," she sed.
"Well, if I was your Amiga, we could interface."
We went to a motel on a VESA local bus.
The motel was SCSI-2. It needed to be debugged.
"So, how much is this going to cost me?" I queried.
She added it up right away. She had a mind like a.... She could add really fast.
She stripped her binaries. It was quite a procedure.
"I'm going to turn your software into hardware," she transmitted.
She started to spreadsheet.
"So, are you ready to RAM?" she called.
I had been auditing everything. I sent a signal. It was time for the trap.
All the agents burst through the gateway. My manager was with them.
"Awk! It's a RAID!" she sed.
"Don't arrest me! I'm a motherboard! How will I explain this to my Sun?"
The agents were not responding. They got ready to stop her process.
She was getting desperate. "Hey, I could do a favor for all of you. I'm fully multitasking."
It didn't work. We're all UNIX.

1) S & M & M's
2) Because it's not a big deal until you aren't getting any.
3) Erotic: You use a feather, Kinky: You use the whole chicken.

They're safe.

Stupid little boogers just stopped at every fast food place on the way to Seattle that they could.

And they didn't buy me Krispy Kreme doughnuts.


APB-going south along I5, Explorer with three teenage boys

My brother and his two friends are currently MIA on their way down to Seattle for the Enumclaw Highland Games. They left 8 hours ago, then got pulled over for missing a single lugnut on their car. It got towed and they were left at the side of the freeway. They made it back to our house, then left again, using a different car. This was about six hours ago. They should have made it to Seattle by now and met up with my dad, who has been phoning us every half hour for the last two hours.

My mother is starting to get very worried.

Friday Five

Yeah, I'm a copycat. So sue me. :) I've actually thought a little about this subject, but it was in the guise of a book. So here goes. This is going to be a long one...with a lot of links. I'll probably never do it this in depth ever again, so enjoy!

1. If your life were a movie, what would the title be?
"Forcing Away" (Ultimate Frisbee reference)

2. What songs would be on the soundtrack?
*looks up the playlist of the CD that I just burned...*

"1000 Oceans" - Tori Amos [I found this song after Pete Abrams from Sluggy Freelance used it in his "Fire and Rain" storyline]

"Desert Rose" - Sting [The first few times I heard this song was when it was a warm June/July/September? night last year and I was in a really spacy mood, just driving around with Candyman, and he had the sunroof in his car open. It always brings me back there.]

"Everybody Knows" - Leonard Cohen [I was on the verge of breaking up with Candyman once, right near the beginning of our relationship, when he played this song for me. I'd never heard it before, and figured that if someone likes this odd music, with these amazing lyrics, then there's something in there worth fighting for.]

"Faith of the Heart" - Russell Watson [I love the visuals of the opening scene for "Enterprise", and the music fits it so well. It gives me hope that humanity might make it into the Star Trek world of acceptance and peace. I only have the short version...hmmm....I might have to buy a CD soon.]

"Fire and Rain" - Dave Matthews Band (cover) [Another song from Sluggy Freelance's "Fire and Rain" storyline. Found this site while looking up lyrics.]

"It's Not Easy To Be Me" - Five For Fighting [I'm a fan of superheroes, and it really isn't easy being anyone...including Superman. I thought this was Dave Matthews for the longest time. Huh. Go figure. And I've never seen Smallville either.]

"Cape" - Guy Clark [A song that partly inspired me to start this blog.]

"Heaven Denied" - Lab├┐rinth [A very spacy song, it also partly inspired me to start this blog.]

"99 Red Balloons" (English) - Nena [It's just so true...]

"Diva Opera Mix" (5th Element) - Sarah Brightman [Memories of a great of the first things Candyman played for me on his kickass entertainment system. Couldn't find the lyrics...]

"Back On Earth" - Ozzy Osbourne [My brother introduced me to this song. I'd never heard any Ozzy before. Not a fan of his voice, but the lyrics are stupendous.]

"500 Miles" - Proclaimers [I've always wanted someone who would walk 1000 miles for me, if it ever became necessary. I guess I'm a silly girl.]

"Jukebox Hero" - Foreigner [Another song that made me decide to start this blog. I took the name of this blog from some of the lines.]

"Callin' Baton Rouge" - Garth Brooks [Another song that shows I'm a silly girl. I want someone to love me enough to call me every hour that they're away from me...and I want to love them enough to not get irritated by it. :)]

"Didn't Start the Fire" - Billy Joel [Realizing that all of these things happened in less than 100 years gives me hope that I might be able to change the world, in at least a little way.]

"Forever Young" ("Queer as Folk" Techno Remix) - Temperance [Vampire song. :) Someday I'll post all my vampire songs. Lyrics partway down the page.]

"It's The End of the World As We Know It" - REM [It's true...just like Nena's "99 Red Balloons"]

"Lady Picture Show" - Stone Temple Pilots [Yet another Sluggy Freelance reference.]

"Phantom of the Opera" (Techno Dance Mix) - ??? [Another Gothic reference I guess. I love any movie/story/song that implies supernatural love that trancends boundaries. Some of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" songs from the musical episode do that. That's the only episode I've watched all the way through, FYI...]

3. Would it be a live-action film or animated? Why?
Live action. If it were animated, it would have to be anime though. I prefer that style to "traditional" animation. I think that live action would make it sexier...

4. Casting: who would play you, members of your family, friends, etc?

Huh. These are kind of based on appearance I guess, but some of it has to do with previous roles...or something. I don't know!!!

Me: Carrie-Anne Moss [I'd love it to be Nicole Kidman, but can't justify it. At least Carrie-Anne and I both wear black PVC... ;) And we're both from Vancouver. Although, I do have a corset...]

Candyman: Oded Fehr [If Candyman read this, he'd probably be all embarrassed, but I think there's a definite resemblance. Good thing he doesn't read this...]

Justy: Elijah Woods [This is mostly because of the Frodo character. I don't know why...he just sort of jumped out at me. Please don't kill me!]

Bimkins: Orlando Bloom [mostly so that Bimkins could meet him. ;) ]

Kittens: Renee Zellweger [Bit of a resemblence. :) And (she's gonna kill me for this...) I could totally see her acting a bit like Bridget in "Bridget Jones's Diary" *ducks*]

Cat: Crap. I have no idea...probably some sexy indie, undiscovered star. Or Christina Ricci...fsck. Yeah, this one didn't jump out at me at all...

5. Describe the movie preview/trailer.
Um. Well, probably it would open with me playing Ultimate Frisbee, then going back and forth between that and me wearing my clubbing clothes (black PVC, corsets etc.) and doing karate, interspersed with nine-ball, and tasteful love scenes. Oh, and me teaching Sunday school. LOL. And me fighting with Candyman, and being morose. Maybe I should have Christina Ricci playing me instead. Cat, wanna switch? The whole thing would be a study in contrasts.

This was actually posted at 2:53 pm. I was saving it as I was going, and so it saved at 1:00 or whatever.

So sleepy...

I couldn't sleep last night. I am grumpy and overly warm and feeling totally apathetic about doing stuff today. I should probably put my new bike rack together and go for a bike ride (test out the tire on an extended trip) around Rocky Point Park. But I'm feeling lazy...

Good Oasis: But you should go and exercise in the beautiful weather!!

Bad Oasis: Bah, beat the heat by drinking your 1.5 litre bottle of strawberry wine in the fridge.

Good O: You should work on losing some more weight! You're already at 164! Have some vegetables and chicken, then go for a bike ride. It will make you less grumpy as well.

Bad O: No, invite Justy up to play nineball and eat chips, Taquitos (from 7-11) and slurpies! You'll feel much better about yourself.

Real Oasis: /me starts chasing the crazy fairies around with a phone book and electric fly-swatter.

Halfway there

Turns out my bike didn't have a leak (or else it's a REALLY slow leak.) and the bike rack I got for free wasn't compatible with my car. So I bought a $100 3 bike rack, and a water bottle carrier. Now I need to use them. It's like exercise tapes...gotta use them to get the benefits. I did the tie dye money stuff. I don't want to put away clothes, dammit. Or box up my winter clothes. Maybe tomorrow?

Bah. I think my next goals will be "No more goals" and "go to bed before 12". Yeah. Time for that.


Thursday, July 24, 2003

Needing to blog.

I don't really have too much to say today. Played Ultimate yesterday...managed to not hurt myself for the 5th(?) week in a row! Oh, I guess I could do my goal thing.

Online: Still blogging.
Financial: Credit card bill was lower than I thought. Should be able to pay it all off, including what I owe Candyman and the parents for this month and next.
Physical I: 164.5 lbs today and yesterday. That's down half a pound in case anyone's been paying attention.
Physical II: Ultimate Frisbee yesterday. What today? Only time will tell.
Personal Space: Ugh. I lost about 10 sq feet when my dad put a bunch of stuff back into my room. I haven't been able to deal with it. However, I did conglomerate two big piles of clean clothes, so there's another 5 feet of space. 345/400 is unliveable right now.
Education: Reading "Power Herbs". I'm registered for 3 courses in the fall at SFU, so that's going to be my focus come September.

Other goals: I still haven't done the tie dye money stuff. :( I've been holding to my other goals pretty well though...picked up my karate uniform yesterday. So, what are my goals for today?

1) Do the tie dye money stuff!!
2) Go to Cap's Bicycles and see about getting a bike rack put on my car and get my bike's tire changed (slow leak :p )
3) Put away clean laundry on floor.
4) Get rid of winter clothing (box?)

Just remembered...a couple days ago I decided that July 22nd was going to be National No Pants Day...well, I never got around to getting changed, so I decided that I don't follow those silly, made up National Days.

Yeah, even when I make them up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003


My parents have just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. I simply cannot see myself together with one person for 25 years. Something to do with my longest relationship being just over three years, I guess. Candyman and I have been together now for nearly a year officially, and 14 months unofficially, and it still feels like we haven't been together that long. It's sort of weird that way. I don't know...maybe because we don't really talk about our future or anything much...we just sort of let it happen.

[edit: took some stuff off here that was too personal about someone else.]

Creation of a new day.

There are "National Day of Blah" popping up all over the place, so I think I'm adding one.

Today is "National 'It's too damn hot to wear pants' Day". I'm going downstairs to participate.

A small step for a woman...

I sucessfully completed all the goals I set for myself two nights ago. It may not look like much to the outsider, but I feel that goal completing is like a muscle. It must be exercised slowly in order to strengthen it, otherwise you wind up pulling something. Heh.

So now, goals for today...

1) Buy my parent's 25th wedding anniversary present. [edit: 4:08 pm. Bought a really nice silver and glass clock. My brother and I are splitting the cost of it.]
2) Figure out tie dye money stuff (we did tie dyed shirts for Ultimate Frisbee jerseys last week, and I organized the tie dye, so I need to collect money from everyone.)
3) Do karate practice (~10 minutes)
4) Bring up laundry and do a load (gotta wash the Ulti-gear)

I feel great about completing these goals. No specific goals for yesterday, but I ate pretty healthy yesterday, played Ultimate really hard, worked a full day filing papers and didn't mess up my room too much. I even practiced seiza while filing papers. (right foot out, left knee SLOWLY down making sure there's only a fist width between feet, wince at sore right thigh muscle, right foot back, sit back on feet with toes down, shift forward, point toes, knees two fist widths apart, open drawer, file papers, reverse process to get up.)

Sunday, July 20, 2003

I have goals for tonight!

Ok, I'm very tired from dealing with the brats from hell Sunday School class, I didn't get as much sleep as I should have last night, and I didn't get my nap today. HOWEVER! Before I go to bed tonight I will accomplish several things.

1) I will clean off my couch (Personal space goal=10 square feet)
2) I will practice what I learned at karate for at least 10 minutes (hand block, punch, movement and [ugh] getting into and out of seiza)
3) I will pack a very healthy lunch and several snacks for work tomorrow.
4) I will get clothing ready for tomorrow so that I don't have to do the mad scramble at 7 am.

Thank you.

Should I be ambitious and post my goals for tomorrow? BECAUSE I WILL GET THESE ONES DONE!!!

I think I'll wait.

(And the amazing Fudgesicle brand is...Fudgesicle: The Original Brand. Seriously.)

It's so EASY!!

Damn, it's almost too easy to post now. It's like "Ok, I have ten seconds...I can write something." I don't think I'll be going back to doing all my own coding, thank you very much.

I need to put comments on this blog. Yup yup. That's my next soon as I get other stuff together.

(the lava lamp's still at the garage sale. I wonder if it's been price reduced yet...I'd better go have another fudgecicle, which I forgot to check the brand again...)

Ow, my freaking legs!

This post is very run-on and fragmented...I'm still tired.

Yes, friends. Practicing seiza (kneeling down in five easy steps, then getting back up in five easy steps) makes the top of the right thigh muscle very tired and sore.

I guess that means I'm doing it right...

Unfortunately, my posture hasn't improved much, but at least I'm aware of the fact that it's crummy.

We have hummingbirds at my house again. They left for a couple of weeks, but they're back, feeding on the specifically chosen flowers that my mom and I bought for them, and drinking the specially formulated nectar. They're eating better than I am these days!

Speaking of eating (woo, segue...) I love fat free, sugar free fudgecicles. Bimkins, I'm trying to remember what brand they are, but I'm lazy and stairs are evil, so I'm not going to go and look right now. HA!

I think one of the neat things about karate (at least in the one time that I've gone...) is that it's making me want to be a better person. Huh. I started taking karate in order to become more fit, but it seems to be helping me want to achieve my other goals. Justy has mentioned something about that in regards to kendo (Japanese "whacking people with sticks").

Hmm...I feel like doing yoga...first must eat, then bug Justy into showing me yoga stuff again, or I could do the yoga DVD that I bought at Costco. Unfortuanately, it doesn't count towards fitness just owning exercise DVD's and tapes. You gotta use 'em.

Walked up my hill today to check out a garage sale. A few nice things, but very expensive...I resisted the urge to spend $20 on a purple lava lamp though...I'm quite proud of myself. We'll see if I can continue to resist through the day.

Fudgecicles...cure the shopping craving, by indulging the chocolate craving.

Ooh, good movie!!

Went to see The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen this evening with Candyman. It was a very good movie. I won't give away any spoilers, but at one point I was very disappointed because the movie seemed...simple. It seemed like they could have done much more than they did.

And then they did. :D

And there's a vampire. I like vampires. I have a minor vampire fetish...which as many people will attest, is more like a major vampire fetish obsession. Heh. say "tomato", I say "vegetable that is just advertising for trouble with it's succulent blood red colour".

Re-reading that paragraph...just seemed...odd. Um. Ok, endorphins apparently making me crazy.

Oh, I was so very good tonight. I didn't have any junk food at the theatre, nor did I drink my usual "blue raspberry of death" slurpee type thing. I stuck to ice water and feel very good about myself. My legs are still very tired from karate, and I have to get up and teach tomorrow morning, so I think I'll call it a night.

Oh right...running total. Maybe I should just write it up once a week...

Online: blogged many times so far.
Financial: Um, I haven't opened my credit card bill yet. I'm kind of scared, and I need to buy a gi for karate...
Physical I: 165 lbs, baybeee! No junk food today either.
Physical II: Went to karate tonight. Loving it.
Personal Space: Roughly 350 square feet out of 400 are totally unlivable. The 50 feet equals my bed, some space beside it, my bathroom and a path to each place.
Education: Currently reading "Power Herbs", and referencing other herbal and aromatherapy books. Tonight I will be researching blisters and how to cure them before my Monday night Ultimate Frisbee game.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Ohhhhh...that felt good...

I had my first karate class tonight in a long time. My ankle felt great, my legs are now sore in that "I just worked out, and damn do I feel great" kind of way. I bought a new Tensor type's Velcro-riffic!! Now, I'm over at Candyman's writing a quick blog, and trying to decide if I want to stay here and watch TV and play nine-ball, or go out to see a movie. Decisions. :)

Justy-san...I'd love it if I could borrow some of the coding from your webpage. Could we work something out?

I'm at 165 lbs today after karate class! w00t! 3y3 4m w0rk1n6 0n m4 604lz! Happy dance! Now if only I could get some cleaning in tonight.

Hey, it's coming together...

Small things amuse small minds...or at least make them seem better. I left my sunglasses/glasses at Candyman's last night and he sent me a voice mail, then backed it up with an email which said "I love you" in it. For some reason we haven't been super affectionate lately, with "I love you"s being in somewhat short supply on both ends. It's just nice to see it again, especially since I was up lying in bed being neurotic last night about relationships and stuff... :p Sometimes my mind just goes around in circles, annoyingly. If it was going around in circles about something that I could change right then, or even change a little later, it wouldn't be annoying. Well, not as annoying.

No longer blinded by the stars in my eyes.

Well, here's a test. I've done some blogs before, but for various reasons they've gotten toasted. I'm separating this blog from my other ones, so if you're here, you probably got here either directly from me, or linked from a friend...not that anyone has this yet. Um, yeah.

I tend to get these urges to blog at strange times...this time it was after being at my b/f, Candyman's, house. I was driving home and listening to my brand new mix CD when I started getting really depressed listening to Foreigner's "Juke Box Hero" and some of the Labyrinth soundtrack. I realized that goddammit, my dreams aren't going to come true on their own. If I have something that I want to happen, then I need to be the one to make it work.

It sounds kind of silly, especially since I've read it a bunch of times and heard it from various people, but for the first time, it sort of hit me...I'm in charge of my own destiny. If I don't like how my life is going, I need to be the one to haul ass into what I want. It's still kind of depressing to realize that I'm not going to be a popular cheerleader in high school (yeah, I know...I'm 23...) or that my modelling contract just isn't going to show up. 80% of the Vancouver Canucks are younger than me!! I'm starting a mid-life crisis in my early 20's...this can't be good. On the bright side, I found a couple silver hairs the other night, and I thought that kicked serious ass. I love them...they kind of gleam in the light. It's pretty nifty. I'm tempted to try dying my hair silver...or streaking it or something. Get a "Rogue" look from X-Men or something.

So, I'm going to start blogging my goals and give a running total of how they're going. Maybe I'll actually be able to keep this blog going at the same time.

OK, so some goals...

Online: blog once a week or more (I'm starting slow...)
Financial: pay off my debts. I owe Candyman $1,700, plus I owe my parents $11,500 for my snazzy new car. Right now I work temporary part time filing papers at an accounting office near Granville Island and do some background performing (AKA "extras" work) for TV and film. Not a lot of money in either.
Physical I: Get my weight to 150 lbs. I'm at 165ish right now, but I feel like I should lose some weight. I'm 5'9" if anyone cares.
Physical II: Exercise every day. So far, I play Ultimate Frisbee on Candyman's teams twice a week, and I've either gone for a jog (yuck) or a mini hike (both about 20 minutes) twice this week. I'm going to be starting karate on Saturdays, and trying to get to the gym. I didn't exercise tonight.
Personal Space: My room (I still live with my parents) is an absolute disaster area. I need to de-clutter the entire place. It's about 500 square feet that I can't live in, and a path leading from the door to my closet, bed and bathroom.
Education: I have my Bachelor's in English Lit, but I can't do much with that. I'll be taking some classes in the fall, but I also study on my own, especially herbal medicine, aromatherapy and various religions.

I guess that's about it for tonight. Thanks for listening.