Friday, June 22, 2007

Busy, so a list!

I've been crazy busy the last while...and just plain crazy too. Anyway, I've become obsessed with music since I bought my iPod. I think I'm plugged into it for too long...the earbuds are going to fuse with me if I'm not careful.

List of Artists I Love Listening To In The Order They Show Up On The Artist List On My iPod. (Links forthcoming for the more obscure ones, or google them when I don't have time)
-Amy Winehouse
-Beldam Bards
-Carrie Underwood (Before He Cheats)
-Dandy Warhols (We Used To Be Friends: Veronica Mars theme)
-Death Cab for Cutie (thanks Matt!)
-Gretchen Wilson
-Green Day (Boulevard of Broken Dreams)
-Johnny Cash
-Jonathon Coulton (He sings about emo giant squids. Or at least one of them. If there are more.)
-Kelly Clarkson (GAAAH!!! I know! Because Of You is such a good song though!)
-Kenny Wayne Shepherd
-Lily Allen
-Lisa DeBenedictis
-Maren Ord
-My Chemical Romance
-Nick Cave
-Panic! At the Disco
-Scissor Sisters
-S-x Gang Children (gah, on the google search for this one.)
-S-x with Strangers (thanks Lindsay!)
-Taylor Swift
-Tracy Chapman
-Victor Scott (my cousin)

PS: Watch Veronica Mars. Seasons one and two are on DVD now. SO GOOD.