Saturday, September 29, 2007

Today's the Day!

We get our keys tonight! Yay!!

I've got several boxes packed with essentials (some clothes, bathroom stuff, kitchen stuff) since we're doing a staggered move-in. Big, giant advantage to moving out of the parents's house on good terms with them...not everything needs to move at once. We won't have internet until probably next Friday (GASP! THE HORRORS!) which means I might actually get my marking for tutoring finished this week.

Tonight we're on an air mattress which we're borrowing from some friends, we're looking at beds (Costco sells EVERYTHING btw) and we'll see what we need as we go. Since my parents moved me when I was eight months old and we haven't moved since, I've got a crap-tonne of stuff that I'm going to be getting rid of. I estimate that in the last few months I've taken out about 200 books or so. The scary thing is that unless you REALLY know where to look, there's no dent in the ginormity of books that I possess.

In other, related news, I highly recommend ChoreWars (link via Liz). It's a fabulously geeky game designed to help groups of people do the chores needed to keep a business/household/whatever running smoothly. It's set up like a role playing game and you can earn experience points, gold and items. It's really flexible and a lot of fun.

Haha, with all the other stuff I wanted to write about, I completely forgot to mention that I'm sick again. I'm finally admitting that the sniffling I've been doing for the last week has been a burgeoning cold, not allergies (although seriously, the dust allergies while I've been packing? omg. FTL.).

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My car got broken into last night. It wasn't until this evening that I realized that my karate gear was all stolen. Sparring gear, uniform, a pair of sai and a nunchaku. Grrrr...

They couldn't wait ONE LOUSY WEEK?? One week and I'd be moved and in a secure underground lot. Bloody hell.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Claritin FTL

So, after my minor bout with drug induced panic last night, I managed to hold it together through tutoring and calmed down a lot, although I was still jittery and my heart was still racing a bit. (or at least it felt that way) I even managed to get to sleep not too late (about midnight, I figure). However...I then woke up at 0400, dry mouth, nauseated, heart racing, head racing...lovely. I tried for an hour to get to sleep again. FAIL! So I got up and did some organizing for the move for an hour or two, then went to bed and read for a bit, finally falling asleep again around eight, waking up again at about 1030. AWESOME. I have a feeling that I'll be napping today.

In other news, I appear to be computer poison. My desktop is refusing to turn on, I couldn't do most of the stuff I needed to on my parents' Mac and so now I'm on their PC. With any luck this computer won't explode when I hit "Publish". *taps the mouse with a ten foot pole*

Monday, September 17, 2007

Awe and Panic and Drug Reactions

I keep looking at the pictures of what will very shortly be my home in awe.

Then I look around the reality of how much stuff I have to do before I move, and I am panicked.

Then I realize that I took the wrong anti-histamine because of my dust allergies and that the panic reaction I'm feeling is a purely physical reaction to the anti-histamine that's causing my heart to race and slight dizzy-ness and dry mouth...all valid panic reactions. I hate that my mind gets that I've got these physical reactions and then decides to give them the "fear" label. *snarl* Let's turn this into something positive, brain...hokay? Hokay.

Now I have to go tutor to go pay for my half of what will shortly be my home.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Era

Well, holy crap. I posted. And for such a wicked cool occasion, too. :D

Dave and I have rented a place together. We're moving out for October 1st...two weeks from now.

Holy crap.

Pictures can be found at