Saturday, September 29, 2007

Today's the Day!

We get our keys tonight! Yay!!

I've got several boxes packed with essentials (some clothes, bathroom stuff, kitchen stuff) since we're doing a staggered move-in. Big, giant advantage to moving out of the parents's house on good terms with them...not everything needs to move at once. We won't have internet until probably next Friday (GASP! THE HORRORS!) which means I might actually get my marking for tutoring finished this week.

Tonight we're on an air mattress which we're borrowing from some friends, we're looking at beds (Costco sells EVERYTHING btw) and we'll see what we need as we go. Since my parents moved me when I was eight months old and we haven't moved since, I've got a crap-tonne of stuff that I'm going to be getting rid of. I estimate that in the last few months I've taken out about 200 books or so. The scary thing is that unless you REALLY know where to look, there's no dent in the ginormity of books that I possess.

In other, related news, I highly recommend ChoreWars (link via Liz). It's a fabulously geeky game designed to help groups of people do the chores needed to keep a business/household/whatever running smoothly. It's set up like a role playing game and you can earn experience points, gold and items. It's really flexible and a lot of fun.

Haha, with all the other stuff I wanted to write about, I completely forgot to mention that I'm sick again. I'm finally admitting that the sniffling I've been doing for the last week has been a burgeoning cold, not allergies (although seriously, the dust allergies while I've been packing? omg. FTL.).

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