Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Claritin FTL

So, after my minor bout with drug induced panic last night, I managed to hold it together through tutoring and calmed down a lot, although I was still jittery and my heart was still racing a bit. (or at least it felt that way) I even managed to get to sleep not too late (about midnight, I figure). However...I then woke up at 0400, dry mouth, nauseated, heart racing, head racing...lovely. I tried for an hour to get to sleep again. FAIL! So I got up and did some organizing for the move for an hour or two, then went to bed and read for a bit, finally falling asleep again around eight, waking up again at about 1030. AWESOME. I have a feeling that I'll be napping today.

In other news, I appear to be computer poison. My desktop is refusing to turn on, I couldn't do most of the stuff I needed to on my parents' Mac and so now I'm on their PC. With any luck this computer won't explode when I hit "Publish". *taps the mouse with a ten foot pole*

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