Saturday, April 30, 2005

blah de blah de blah.

Please Mr. Virus go away. I dislike sneezing and sore throats. I like feeling creative, but I don't like having the time to be creative thanks to me not wanting to move. Ok? Ok.

I've been working on my teacher training essay for my application. It's blah. Good, I think...but blah.

I've been drawing. That's not blah. I want to take some art lessons. I've been taking tutorials from online which is fun, but I'd like real time feedback. I did a painting in watercolours tonight...basically just slapped some yellow down to see what it looked like. It looked like a dragon, so I painted a dragon. It amused me for half an hour or so. When it's dry, I'll post a picture of it on Flickr. Unfortunately painting a dragon didn't mean that I slapped paint onto a real dragon becuase THAT would've been REALLY FREAKING COOL. (Dave via ICQ: until it woke up, got annoyed and ate you, and *I* had to find a new girlfriend) As it is, it's only slightly freaking cool. No caps.

What a weird disjointed post. Me stop with the typing stuff to the internet now. :)

Friday, April 29, 2005

Me. Me me me meme.

Anyone ever notice how "meme" is just two "me"s stuck together? And most memes are about the writer? Well, today I do a meme that would be more accurately described as a youyou. I got this from Lora's Journal, and I hadn't planned on doing it, but it made me smile so much when I got my response that I have to do it.

Leave me your name in the comments and I'll tell you something that I adore about you. Quel fromage, yes, but it made me smile and be happy. If I don't know you, make sure you leave me a blog or something so that I can check you out. :)

PS. Obviously I'm back from the States. Much fun was had and much sugar was consumned, and all of my clothes smell like burnt hot dogs now.

Monday, April 25, 2005

*peeks through the computer*

Hi. I'm still here. I just had a really bad panic attack a couple of days ago (it involved me crying under the covers for about two hours before finally falling asleep. Fun.) and have been dealing with that...part of this therapy was ignoring the computer and sleeping more. It seems to have worked and it was probably just brought on by exhaustion (I'd had about three hours of sleep in two days), emotional drain (my brother had just left to go on cruise ships for the next month), hormones (YAY! PMS!! :P) and general illness.

So, in recap. I'm here, I'm feeling pretty good.

I'll be in the States until Thursday. No email for four days!!! GAH! Updates on more stuff later...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I've been feeling really awesome over the last couple of days...more so than I have in the last several months. Unfortunately for my loyal readership *snickers at self-importance* this has translated into less entries because I'm actually out DOING STUFF and not sitting around on the computer. *glee!*

I've been painting and drawing...soon I will have a gallery on a fantasy/sf art website, which of course I will share the URL.

I've been writing. I have a short story in the works and another novel...neither of which have broken 1000 words yet, but they're being worked on, which is more than I can say about the last six months.

I've been volunteering. I've done some work at an elementary school (currently I'm covered with green paint residue) and I help with kid's karate.

I've been training. Every day I'll do some karate, and I've also been working out on an exercise bike. (Go figure...practice, and one gets better. Who knew?!)

So, yeah. All this is interesting to me, but it doesn't make for very interesting posts. Sorry about that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Unfortunately it falls under exotic, expensive and scented (perhaps unpleasantly) but HOW CAN YOU RESIST!?!?!?!

These only get a little bigger, from what I understand. Thanks to kissthis from flickr for letting me link to her photo.

Monday, April 18, 2005

A few things, then a big thing.

Leonard Nimoy's been busy taking photos. Nifty site, but I mostly wanted to let Kit know that it was there, since I didn't tell her about Wil Wheaton's blog.

I'm going down to the States on the 25th until the 28th. Any requests for duty free or Hot Topic? ;) Within reason...

So for the big thing. Some of you may or may not know about my career situation. Basically, I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in kindergarten. This changed a couple years ago when I burned out really badly when I was tutoring and teaching Sunday School (more like crowd control, since I'm kind of a *fingers in air* godless heathen */fingers* although obviously they didn't know that.). I also went through a serious "I'm never having kids of my own...children are evil" phase. Suddenly I was an English major who didn't want to teach. OH! The humanity. I think pretty much everyone I told asked me if I wanted to be a teacher. ARGH!!! I still loved teaching, as anyone who's ever been caught by me at a party can attest, so I considered doing my masters degree, probably in English so that I could teach people who wanted to be at college (theoretically)

Last year I got back into tutoring, discovered I quite like it and today I finally got my butt into a classroom to see if I liked it. Turns out that for the three hours I was there I really really liked it. As in "I might be able to do this for thirty years". Um...yeah. So I'm volunteering twice a week or so to see what it's like. Holy crap.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Well, darn.

So I discovered today that the "send this gay marriage thing to people" was a hoax. I guess I shouldn't be surprised...but you know what? I'm not actually upset about falling for it. It was neat to see a list of over 100 people who were in favour of gay marriage.

In other news....I bought two bras a few days back. They were the first two bras I tried on in the first store I went to. I even pretty much stopped looking after finding those. This. Never. Happens. It always takes me several hours, starving half to death and maybe finding one that sort of fits. Then the tears start as I realize that I've wasted an entire afternoon and $60+ on a bra that squishes in bad ways and is loose in other ways because the anti-theft tag interfered with the changing room fit. This was actually a nice experience. I spent around $50 for both, and it took me about 10 minutes.

Friday, April 15, 2005

What were YOU doing exactly one year ago today?

At the moment I'm sitting in my parents living room, in a comfy chair in front of my computer chatting with no name yet. One year ago the minute...I was sitting in my parents living room, in a comfy chair in front of my computer chatting with no name yet. The major difference is that 365 days ago, NNY was in labour...and now she's got a beautiful one year old daughter.

Happy Birthday Drew!! Well done NNY and Mr. NNY!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I feel SO much better!!! Mental note: exercise helps with depression.

I want peanut butter. And cheese. Maybe together. (it's really good... :D)

It looks like I'm going to be losing one of my students next week. Darn me for doing such a good job...he's improved his reading to the point where he is at grade level. Ah well...if I had to lose a kid, this reason is probably the best one I could think of. :)

(EDIT 7pm: I'M SO FREAKING HUNGRY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! I'm tutoring so I can't go raid the fridge or anything but AUGH!!! SO HUNGRY!!!! This is what happens when I forget to pack some fruit or granola bars or something after kids karate. :P)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

25/F craves fuzzy snuggles

I want a pet. I want something that doesn't stay in water 24/7 (got one. HI FISHIE!), or more than four legs (and yes, even if it's crippled and missing several legs, insects and arachnids are RIGHT OUT). Snakes are cool, but not ones that eat rodents. Rodents are fine, as long as they aren't the bite-y kind (like hamsters), or stinky ones. I'm allergic to cats, and don't like the idea of taking dogs for walks, or cleaning up after them. I also don't want something super exotic that is expensive and fragile (ie: chinchilla or hedgehog)

So far my short list appears like-a so.
-rabbit (there's an adorable one at Petcetera that I was petting last night)
-mouse(mices [sic])
-ferret (probably falls under expensive/stinky category)
-snake (fragile/exotic)
-lizard (not so good with the snuggling)
-guinea pig (I had one for a while...he was COOL)
-bird(s) (Awfully noisy, but really cool. And pretty. I think I'd like an owl, please.)

For birds and small animals, I've already got the cages...I'd just need supplies.



I haven't had too much to say...I haven't been doing much. I'm still sick, I'm still tutoring, I'm still going to karate. Pretty much that's it. I'm sleeping a LOT. I'm not really socializing and I read a really good book I borrowed from Dave. (Magician: Apprentice-by Raymond E. Feist)

*sniffle cough*

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I wasn't going to do another list but...

Got this in my email...

Hello everyone. It will be interesting to see who responds! I told a guy that I could find 300 people who believe in gay marriage before he could find 300 people who do not believe in gay marriage. If you believe gay marriage should be legal, please copy and paste this onto a blank e-mail form (leaving off the headers). Add your name and send it to your friends and family. If you happen to be the 300th person signing this, please send it back to Andrew Nelson. His e-mail address is:


1)Taylor 2) Jeremy 3)DUSTIN OH YEAH BABY 4) Michael (equality baby)
5.)jennifer 6.) Jason *love has no boundries nor does it discriminate! if
another guy or ! girl makes you happy and you wanna be with them forever...i
say f*** it...why not! its your it* 7)Jessy~ Totally for it.
Equality. 8)Brian~Love is Love. 9) Olivia 0) Christine 11)Jessie 12)Alex
13)matt 14) Sierra 15) Elz 16)Lizzy Bane 17) Nancy- i love my girlfriend
18)mia-yea!!! 19)ash- yesssssss 20) shannon 21) lyndsey..I LOVE MY BABY!!!
22) Lizbeth 23) Meaghan }i{ 24)Scot 25) Carrie 26) Daniel 27) stephen- i
have 2moms asshole 28) Regina 29) Kathy 30) Matt- Stevehas two moms,
asshole!! 31) Bryan 32.) Seth (sure,why not) 33.) Sherie D. Slobot
34.)KevinHurstell--because church and state go together like chocolate and
bologna 35.) James VanWay 36)Wendy 37)Jane Meredith 38)Kelly Myers 39) Kate
Connell 40) Kendra Connell 41) John Crow 42) Jeremy Greenup 43) Heather
Miller 44) Deb Christy 45) Emma Christy 46)Staci Gray 47)Sara Jane DelMonte
Dodd-because we live in country that built on and believes in "unalienable
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" 48)
Cristee Dickson 49) Sammi Miller 50) Mike Zippel 51)Oskar Hallig 52) Bobbie
Hallig 53) Jane Iredale 54) Megan Choquette 55) Marie Myers 56) Marisa V.
57) Katie Boino 58) Robyn 59) Molly Jackson-Watts 60) Amy Wilson 61) Melissa
Whalen 62) Gina Montenaro 63) Karen Vail 64)Amber Clough 65)Sarah
Breidenbach 66) Erin Greenwood 67) Emily Leary 68) Carrie Lewand 69) Sarah
Johnson 70) Barbara Michael 71) Barbara Fuchsman 72) Edith Fuchsman 73)
Susan Egan 74)Jane Miller 75) Phyllis Gorfain 76) David Walker 77) Drew
Krewer 78) Morgan Pitts 78) Carrie Noel-Nosbaum 79) Lindsay Olson 80)Alice
McNeill 81) Jennifer Bell 82) Barbara Kautz 83) Melinda Hodell 84) Gabriele
Goodman 85) Susan Babuka 86) Debbie JJJ 87) Julie McKnight 88) Cinde
McKnight 89) John Conduracki Jr 90) Lauren de Lucia 91) Katherine Skaggs
92) Phillip Skaggs 93) Alexis Decker 94) James Hall 95) Kristy Miller 96)
Samy Seyedi 97) Sandra Burnison 98) Laura Jackson 99) Anna Dunn 100) Tannis
Fleenor 101) Keith Harkness 102) Jenn Cech 103) Kelvin Cech 104) Ashley
Lake 105)Travis Bouchard 106) Paul Hart 107) Dana Reglin 108) Jeff Sloychuk
109) Raegen Olmstead 110) Matt Band 111) David Nagel 112) Michael Redenbach
113) Britt Redenbach 114) Talia Beltgens 115) Heidi Clouse 116) Briana
Peddle 117) Chelsea Peddle 118) Wil George 119)Adeline Huynh 120) Robert Newell 121) Negin Dahya 122) Marissa Liu 123) Zach Shore 124)Sonya Gill 125) Trish W 126) Jessie Dhaliwal 127)Nadine Chambers 128) Karin A.

Friday, April 08, 2005


Thanks to Kristina's comment in my last post, I realized that my last SIX POSTS are comprised of lists, and one of them has two lists. (Ok, so maybe the hair poll isn't exactly a list, but whatever. I figure it's my "List of things to potentially do to my hair")

So, in the spirit of continuing the list theme, and since it's on my To Do list for the week, here is a list of stuff that I want to buy at some point, and which I must save up for. (And there's even a list within a list!!)

-an apartment or a house
-a new computer (laptop with wireless plzkthx)
-a set of eight matching bookcases. (maybe twelve...note to self: calculate volume of remaining books)
-DVDs: Buffy S2-7, Angel S2-5?, Return of the King extended version, Phantom of the Opera (2005), Wagner's Ring Cycle, various 80's fantasy movies that I don't already own, Queer as Folk S1-5 (I know S5 isn't out yet. Oh well.), The L Word S1
-Magic Bullet Blender OR really really good blender
-80+ gallon fish tank and accompanying paraphenalia
-a cleaning service
-amazing, incredible, fully stocked bar (with hot bartenders!!)
-a craft room/shed/studio
-a crotch rocket style motorcycle (and assorted paraphenalia, and lessons)
-scuba lessons
-(OOH! ANOTHER LIST!) trips to: the United Kingdom, New Orleans during Mardi Gras, Australia, cross-Canada, Times Square on New Years Eve, Brazil for Carnivale, Austria, Greece, Italy, Hawaii, Mexico

Thursday, April 07, 2005

blogger ate my post.

Quick recap:
-I'm sick and had to cancel plans today.
-I've got dyed hair and it's curly for some reason
-People are finding my photos on flickr and like them.
-I'm very narcissistic...most of my photos are of me. But since I only use my webcam, there's not much else to take pics of around my computer.
-I'm exercising...discovering that the exercise bike in my room is useful for things other than drying towels.
-I'm actually accomplishing stuff...go to do list!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Music Meme in My Pants.

From Donna and Rog... take the next twenty five songs on your playlist and add "in my pants" to the end of it...kind of like the "in bed" fortune cookie game. (Ask Dave about the fortune he got the night he met my parents...hoooooooooo)

But since I've been talking about the Rio, this is pretty appropriate.

1. Into Temptation in My Pants (Yep)
2. More in My Pants (The more the merrier?)
3. Don't Think Twice in My Pants
4. Time Machine in My Pants
5. The Beaches of Cheyenne in My Pants (obviously an inferior bathing suit while body surfing)
6. Sunday Morning After in My Pants
7. Tonight, Tonight in My Pants (Don't need to even comment on that one, that one.)
8. Swimming in Your Ocean in My Pants (related to the Beaches of Cheyenne?)
9. Don't Worry Baby in My Pants
10. Friends In Low Places in My Pants
11. Five Minutes in My Pants (better be longer than five minutes...)
12. Love without Mercy in My Pants
13. I Like To Move It in My Pants (What? Don't you?)
14. Colm Quigley in My Pants (Also various other 'name' songs...Gloria, Vincent, Adrian...not to mention all the CITIES in my pants...)
15. My List in My Pants
16. Kiss From a Rose in My Pants (sans thorns, I hope.)
17. A Kind of Magic in My Pants (Damned straight it's magic down there.)
18. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot in My Pants (I don't swing low, but maybe it's a mind)
19. Until the End of Time in My Pants
20. Muzzle in My Pants (I'm not into the chastity belt thing, but whatever floats YOUR boat.)
21. Spoonboy in My Pants
22. Love and Affection in My Pants (awwwwww)
23. Nowadays in My Pants
24. A Boy Like That in My Pants (bwa ahahahaha!!!)
25. World Where You Live in My Pants

Honourable mentions: Smoke, Put Your Hand in the Hand, Stay Home, Strawberry Wine, Smells like Funk, Naked, Consequence Free, Summer of '69, Some Lovin', Celebration, Stranger in Paradise

List of Things.

Things that have annoyed me over the last couple days:
-there are sugar ants in my room...right beside my bed. Ee-yuck.
-this was discovered at 3 am, leading me to spend the next two and a half hours cleaning.
-my party on Saturday was cancelled.
-I forgot that I was invited to the lovely peechie's party, so I could have gone there.
-I'm very sore from karate, and I managed to bash my hand while *cough* breakingtrainingboards *cough*. (probably negating my right to complain about it)
-I still haven't gotten to the doctor.

Things that have pleased me over the last couple days:
-giant pretzel sticks
-there's a fair down at Coquitlam Centre that I might go to (I've been craving cotton candy the last couple days)
-my hair is not scary anymore
-my room is getting clean, thanks in part to the above mentioned sugar ants
-my Rio now has 1618 tracks on it, with 125 hours of music. (please don't die again. please don't die again)
-THE ONE WHICH PLEASES ME THE MOST!! I actually feel good. I'm tired from really fracked up sleeping patterns, but I feel as though things are under control. *knock on wood*

Incidentally, someone told me where that comes from...apparently pagan (Irish?) used to believe that spirits and so on lived inside trees, so by saying something then knocking on the wood they lived in, they hoped to get the luck from them. Although if someone started banging on my door, I probably wouldn't be giving them good luck. :)

Sunday, April 03, 2005

How to Organize My Books.

How to Go Bloody Mad in Five Easy Steps

1. Separate fiction and non-fiction/reference

2. Organize the fiction according to genre: science fiction, fantasy, general, romance, historical, classic, kids, horror, humor, action/adventure, crime/detective/police, thriller/espionage, ethnic, family saga, gay and lesbian, inspirational/religious, mystery/suspense, poetry, psychic/supernatural, sports, western, erotica (

2a?. Organize any categories with tertiary categories, ie: epic fantasy, space opera, short stories.

2. Organize fiction purely by alphabetical: Anthology, short story collections, etc... alphabetical by author (sorted chronologically by publishing or written date, except when a portion of a series, then by series position), series not by same author [star trek, forgotten realms, etc...]

2. Organize the fiction according to loose genre: speculative fiction, horror, children’s, thriller, general, erotica, then alphabetize by author's name.

3. Organize the non-fiction into the ten basic categories in the Dewey Decimal System
000 Generalities, 100 Philosophy and Psychology, 200 Religion, 300 Social Science, 400 Language, 500 Natural Science and Math, 600 Technology (applied sciences), 700 The Arts, 800 Literature and Rhetoric, 900 Geography and History.

4. Organize each of the ten categories into their respective secondary categories. (

5. Realize that I missed several boxes of books. Repeat.

I'm just trying to get an idea of what people think. Pictures of me are on flickr, down on the sidebar.

How geeky am I?

I'm THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS geeky! *holds arms out as wide as they can go, then jumps from side to side to extend the reach.*

The backstory: Dave gives me to do lists. This is because my to do lists look something like this...

1) Make list
2) Eat some food. Preferably healthy. Or at least non-candy.
3) Clean my whole room. Try to reorganize books as well. (FYI..I have over 2000 books.)
4) Find a career.
4a) Retire with lots of money.
5) Get married and have babies. (4a and 5 are allowed to be switched)
6) Achieve black belt status in karate. Consider taking up fencing.
7) Fill up the car with gas.
8) Write another novel
9) Book ten parties.

His look more like this:
1) Something cute and fun (like cuddle with him)
2) Clean room for ten minutes
3) Do fifteen crunches
4) Read a book or knit and relax for at least half an hour.
5) Make five phone calls for Passion Parties.
6) Write 100 words for my teacher application essay
7) Go to a website and research information for a disc golf camping trip.
8) Figure out a plan for organizing your books.

Anyway, I'm currently doing #8 on his list. Since I have over 2000 books (I really should count them someday. Maybe while I'm organizing them.), this is necessary. As to the title of this post...I'm going to organize my non-fiction books loosely based on the Dewey Decimal System.

I am SUCH a geek.

(Edit: I just realized that I wrote for ten minutes to set the stage for a paragraph that lasted less than four lines. LAAAAME. Oh, and my Rio now has all the tracks back on it, I'm ripping more of my CDs and I STILL don't have my gorram tags properly aligned. [I'd forgotten that I'd fixed a bunch of the file names when I first put them on.])

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Warning: F-bombs ahead

My goddamned fucking piece of shit $400 MP3 player bit it today. I needed to reformat the enitre fucking thing, after spending waaaaay too much time today fixing the music tags. I lost all my playlists, all the songs (luckily I had backups, except for one CD and the preloaded stuff) and ALL MY TAGS! Bloody flaming...argh! I need to go to bed. Currently it's sucking back the over 1000 tracks from my computer. This may take a few minutes.

I just turned on the light to go to bed, and the fucker just blew out on me. I'm leaving before I blow up my computer, the fish tank and the microwave. I think I'm making a command decision not to watch any Queer as Folk or knit to calm down, since I seem to be sending out a destructive wave of tachyons or something.

Seriously, people should pay me to walk through their competitor's R&D areas. I'd blow them all to pieces.

I'm not pretending that anyone broke my website anymore. It seems to be bad karma (pun NOT MP3 player is a Rio Karma.)

Oh, and I'm not thrilled with my hair right now either. I need a straightening iron or I look like Bozo the Clown. (Can't sleep, the clowns will eat me. *shiver* I hate clowns.) (Edit: I just noticed that the ad on my sidebar was for wigs. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)

(I know. I know. My problems are tiny compared to everyone else's, but DAMMIT! They're MY problems and at almost 4 am, they're fricking huge)

Not an April Fools Joke.

I just saw gas at $101.9 per litre on my way home from Dave's. ARGH!

Oh, and we watched a movie. Within the movie, was an um, movie that I own. I was amused.

Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools!



Edit: to see the April Fools site click here.