Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I'm so bored.

I have eighty bazillion things that I could be doing, but I don't really want to do any of them. *siiiigh* Does anyone know if it's illegal to turn a Canadian flag into a skirt, dress or top?

Hooray for Spiderman! Woo!!

Got to watch The Bug spin some webs, any size and catch those thieves...just like flies! :D All in all, it was a really good movie. I think I'm hooked on these movies which are based off comic books. They come complete with a great background, plus they fill one of my favourite fetishes...guys in tights. Actually, I'm joking...I really like people with amazing powers and doomed supernatural-type love.

Although tights and body suits definitely don't hurt. Miaow.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Battered and bruised

One of the many things that I have to deal with in my recreational activities is various bruises to different parts of my body. Both karate and Ultimate tend to have stuff flying towards me at a rapid rate, and since I'm a klutz the object will usually hit me. At any given time I will have at least one bruise, unless it's been an unusually quiet week. Today I have a nice yellow bruise on my shoulder from karate. It is the result of a command decision on my part. We were doing shoulder rolls, something I've never quite gotten the hang of, and while I was upside down at one point I realized that I was either going to land very hard on my shoulder, or very hard on my head. I figured that I could probably get away with a sore shoulder, whereas I would be likely to require my brain fairly soon after class...say, when driving home. This particular bruise isn't really even all that noticeable to the casual observer, but it hurts like a sumbitch. :p

Personally, I find bruises kind of attractive...depending on how one received them. If I walked into a wall, a car or a coffee table (and I do all of these far more frequently than I'd like to admit) it's significantly less sexy than if I'd pushed my body to its limits and either taken one for the team (Ulti) or got to spar with a black belt.

A couple of days ago, I noticed some actual muscle definition in my arms and I've lost a bunch of inches in my waist. :D It's like my body suddenly has decided that it's going to show off the fact that I've been exercising for the last year. :) I'm pleased.

Exercise today: a little barbell lifting

Monday, June 28, 2004


So, it's looking like a Liberal minority with Conservatives, then NDP. I can live with that, methinks.

And I voted, so I reserve the right to bitchingness for the next couple of years. Now my patriotism will continue in the dress, skirt and halter top I will be sewing for myself out of several Canadian flags for Thursday. :D

And Spiderman 2 is coming out on Wednesday. I got my shift swapped around so that I can go. Yay me!

Ye gods, I'm verbose today.

I currently have five (5) gmail invitations.

I didn't know this existed!!!

I'm adding this to my wish list. Mmmm...chocolate...

La di da da daa.

I'm off to do my part in punting the Conservatives as far into the States as possible.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

One more link, then bed.

I found Beth's journal a couple of weeks ago and she wrote a great rant about the stuff that little girls wear and the whole Britney Spears thing. It's a good read, I'd check it out. Actually, I already have. You should check it out. :)

This is awesome.

I'd highly recommend looking through the site...this article happened to be one of the first things I stumbled onto. I love the idea of the Native American wedding down at the bottom!! That's so beautiful.

Gahhhh...more marriage stuff. :p

Justy and I watched the 1975 edition of Zorro this evening. It was...well ...worth the $4.77 I spent on it. Barely. I think the best part was when Z-man was rolling barrels down a passageway, then to escape stuck himself into one and rolled himself past the guards. That's money, baby. :)

Exercise today: 20 minutes weight training

Save the Boobies

Jen is doing an awesome thing, something which I couldn't commit to this year. Please, help support her Save the Boobies campaign. Also, if you had committed to donating money for me to do that walk, I urge you to please donate the equivelent to her. That's my public service announcement for the day.

I love summer but...

I really really really really hate shaving my legs. >:( But I like how they look and feel afterwards. This mini-rant brought to you by the razorburn I'm currently enjoying on my right shin.

I looked into a gym near my house today. The things that I would really like from a gym are, in no particular order:

1) POPAT training.
2) Heavy bags and other boxing equipment.
3) Many weight stations.
4) Many treadmills/bikes/stair climbers/rowing machines.
5) Both very early and very late hours. 24 hours would be ideal.
6) Within walking/biking distance from my place of residence (currently Port Moody/Coquitlam)
7) Adrian Paul/Duncan MacLeod to own it. ;)
8) Personal trainers.
9) Pool
10) Frequent classes (yoga, self defense, weight training, running, circuit training etc.)

This one has 3, 4, 5, 6 and sometimes 8. I've given up on 7, and until I live in Vancouver, I probably won't get 24 hour service. I'm thinking about buying a 10 visit punch card for $60. A month is $43, so if I go 7 times in a month it's worth getting a monthly thing. I'm going to hold off for now, at least until I look around a bit more. Does anyone go to any gyms that they would recommend?

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Self Esteem up? Or down?

I think I might audition for Canadian Idol next time the auditions roll into town, just for the hell of it. :) I mean, I have to be better than SOME of those people, right? Anyway, I've never actually watched the show, and I've watched one episode of American Idol so I have no idea what to expect or anything like that. I'm trying to think of a song. Anyone have any suggestions, stick 'em in the comments.

Exercise today: 2 hours karate

Friday, June 25, 2004

Aren't kids cute? :p

*a lock of hair falls down into my face while I'm tutoring*
Her: Aren't you going to put that behind your ear?
Me: I don't know. I kind of like it. Why, doesn't it look good?
Her: *silence*
Me: Or does it look goofy?
Her: Goofy.
Me: Ok, I'll just be taking fashion advice from a nine year old, then.
Her: *giggles*


Is there anything more nerve wracking than going out to meet people you've never met before? I mean, I'm sure there is, but still. :p


Who would have thought that two drugstore toothbrushes would mean so much and be such a romantic gift? :)

Exercise yesterday: 1 hour Ultimate, learning some workout stuff from C/M

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I have trouble thinking of titles which actually mean anything to the body of the post, so I'm just going to make this the longest title that I've ever had on here, and it will be much longer than the post that I have planned.

Went and saw Chronicles of Riddick with C/M yesterday and I really enjoyed it. :) Organic tomato soup is in my microwave waiting for me, and I'm still annoyed that I had to spend all that money on my overdue fines.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


I heard the song "Dust in the Wind" today at work just before I left. It was the song used in a montage of "Aww, they were so happy together and loved each other so much, but then she died" clips during a recent TV show that C/M and I watched. I didn't even LIKE the character who died, but it started making me all sad. :( How pathetic is that? :P I feel this need to work out now.

My student is late again. I was supposed to get him half an hour early today, so almost twenty minutes ago, then I'd be able to surprise C/M by getting to his house half an hour before he was expecting me. How very annoying.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Such a girly girl.

My best friend has asked me to be the Maid of Honour, henceforth to be referred to as the MOH, at her wedding in May. :) We'd decided a million years ago that we were going to be each other's MOHs and she's getting dragged to the altar first. I hate organizing stuff like this, so luckily she's all over the whole thing. I still have to arrange the shower and stuff like that. Bleah. But I guess I can deal with that. I'm palming off any arrangements for my own wedding (in like... thirty years) on my own MOH. Tee hee.

So imagine my shock when I look at the time and realize that I've been checking out bridal links and stuff like that for the last two hours...and enjoying myself. The heat is definitely getting to me. :)


I got to be my own 2000th visitor today. :D

*pant, wheeze*

Yeesh. It's still stupid hot. I'm waiting for my student now, and saw something which amuses me on my way here. There's this guy who has an asphalt driveway, at the end of which he has placed three ice cream buckets, presumably in order to prevent people from using his driveway to turn around in. I thought at first that it was because the asphalt was fresh, but it's been more than a month and the ice cream buckets are there nearly every time I drive past. The amusing thing is that his driveway isn't in a spot that ANYONE would want to turn around in, and so he replaces these buckets every time he drives in and out of his driveway. Ok, that is all.

Exercise today: nothing yet

Monday, June 21, 2004

Money-ish post.

I don't think I've ever really gotten the "idea" of libraries. I blame the upbringing I received in a capitalist environment, where the concept of "mine" is fully ingrained by the time a kid is...oh, I dunno...two? (And it's only that old because that's the time that they can verbalize it.) Once a book is in my house after I picked it up from an institution (not just borrowing it from a friend) I have this issue with returning it. Plus, I think I'm ADD, or OCD or INSANE or one of those other acronyms and so I have problems with due dates.

Anyway, I went up to school today (I don't do this often since I mostly do distance ed) to borrow some books from the university library. Luckily, a couple of weeks ago I'd checked to see what my usury fines were since I knew there were some. This meant that I got to have my stroke in private, rather than at the reference desk. So after dropping my $141.00 (about ten books, each two or so weeks late, $1/day), there goes my MP3 player I was hoping to purchase. :p

Tonight I got to officially babysit (getting paid, while the parents are out of the house) for the first time in ages. It was adorable. Two little girls aged almost 4 and 5 1/2 I love kids so much, 'specially when I get to give them back. :) They're really good kids and they've got a good foundation. When I came in they were watching a copy of their dad's original animated Spiderman on VHS, and we played Duplo! Which is like Lego, but bigger for little fingers. I got to do the niftiest bedtime story ever...less because of my amazing story skills but because the 5 year old has a MagnaDraw type thing and I drew the story as we created it. I felt totally like Mr. Rogers or Mr. Dressup. Except female. And not on TV. And younger. And...ok, well I guess I didn't really feel that much like them, except I got to draw my story! And I'm all stoked about that. :)

Here's the story synopsis. Collaborative effort. :) (She decided that the horse was why the princess was sad.)
The beautiful princess is sad because she lost her horse. (sketch of princess and horse and trees) So she goes into the woods to find the horse, but finds an old witch instead. (Oooh...witch in the trees.) And the witch knows where the horse is, but to get the horse, the witch makes her kiss a frog! (closeup of the frog and princess...much "EWW!!" ensues from the little one.) So the princess kisses the frog ("I know what happens! He turns into a PRINCE!!") And the frog turns into a prince and the old witch turns into a beautiful young witch because they were BOTH under a spell. (There's the horse and the princess is feeding him a sugar cube) And the princess got her horse back and they lived happily...well, you know the rest.

I'm feeling less "off". I think I've traced most of the recent stuff back to the Highlander episode we watched the other day. I'll blog about that another time methinks.

Exercise today: 1/4 "Crunch", some weightlifting with C/M, ten or so good pushups. DAMN YOU PUSHUPS!!!

Of Chick Flicks

I generally like to say that I dislike romantic comedies, or as NNY puts it, "The feel good movie(s) of the year." It's not even so much that I dislike them, but I prefer other give you an idea of what I look for, the first thing I ask is "Do things blow up, and is the leading lady naked in it?" However, Candyman has been working to expand my cinematic horizons with various DVDs that he's picked up over the years. Generally, his instincts as to what I'd be interested in are pretty much bang on. However, there have been times when I just don't like what most people would. Not his fault...I just have a slightly abnormal "movie enjoyment" gene or something. Grease is a great example of that. I really and truly did not like that movie at all. Tonight was another example. I'd heard so many great things about When Harry Met Sally and I was really disappointed. There were definitely some good one liners, but that was about it. I think the problem was that I really didn't like the characters and couldn't get past the first couple of minutes. Meh. Whatever.

Part of that was probably that I've really been "off" the last couple of weeks. I've been kind of depressed, but not in a really active way. More in a "I can't bring myself to do anything" apathetic kind of way. It really sucks. :p Watched an episode of Highlander tonight with C/M, and part of the plot might have triggered all of this as well as the fact that I was trying to do pushups to learn how to do them properly. I have a lot of problems with pushups. I've never really had much upper body strength and I was getting really frustrated with my limitations, bringing myself to the brink of tears a couple of times.

I didn't go to karate Saturday. I had several reasons: my knee hurt, I was sleeping and slept through the alarm, I felt a cold coming on...etc. I feel really pathetic as well as angry with myself, and kind of a failure because of it. I can't put the spilled milk back though, so it just means that I need to work really hard this week, training myself and trying to make up for missing the class.

Goals and priorities for this week...

Monday: 1) do 1 hour of exercise after tutoring in the morning and before going to the university to 2) pick up books to start working on papers.
Tuesday: 1) work 2) work on paper
Wednesday: 1) do 1 hour of exercise after tutoring in the morning and before 2) work
Thursday: 1) work on papers before 2) Ultimate
Friday: 1) do a little light exercise to stretch out after tutoring in the morning, 2) work on papers for a little while
Saturday: 1) work on papers before 2) karate.

I need a structured exercise program as well. Does anyone have any ideas? I will be doing a 1/2 hour of karate for every section of exercise, I need to be running and I need to work on upper body strength. I'm thinking mix it up ie: weight training and karate on every other day, then run and karate on the alternates.

And no, I won't push myself so far that I get injured. If I actually make it through a full hour of exercise, I'll be fairly surprised. :(

Exercise today: About 35 "good" pushups

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Ye gods, it's hot for spring

Today's the last day of spring, Father's Day and my brother's 20th birthday. Is hot. I don't really have too much to say.

I was at a really great party Friday night. :) Head over to wellipsis for a very apt description of it. I'll wait.

Welcome back. :) Anyway, I've got to go head out to pick up my brother's bday present. Later all.

Friday, June 18, 2004


My sidebar isn't showing up on this computer, which means no blogroll.

My student hasn't shown up. Between that and the other cancellations, I'm out $75 this week.

My knee is starting to ache a little. (And NO, I didn't exercise today...listening to my boyfriend...)


Well, I finished that paper yesterday morning at 0500. I'd like to throw a big thank you out, first to Candyman who came out above and beyond the call of boyfriend duty at 0100 to supply me with a Coke slurpee (the only thing that kills my stomach cramps) and Montery Jack Chicken Taquitos from 7-11, then stayed up until 0500 with me proofreading, and encouraging and making sure that I really understood what I was writing about until 0500. This is the day after he finished his he is done with school for the semester. THEN!!! After I finished and he made sure that I had all the pieces (which I actually didn't...but hey, it looked like the walls were bulging and I was seeing hallucinating spiders out of the corner of my eyes) he then drove it up to the university to hand it in so that I could get an extra hour of sleep before I had to get up to work at 930 for 10.

Thank you also to Jeff for your ideas for inclusion/exclusion. I appreciate it and will be calling on you for my upcoming paper on staples theory. :)

Soooooo...I got my first paper back. :) 9/10. That's an A. *big huge grin* I reread it when I got it mailed back to me, and I'm kind of going "I sort of remember writing that. Damn...that's a brilliant point. Where'd I get that reference. OH! *I* came up with that!!"

Anyway, I'm taking this weekend mostly off from schoolwork. I don't have any assignments due until July 16, and I'm not working this weekend, so I'm going to take a breather. Monday, I'll be at the university starting my research.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

*beats head against keyboard*

One more page. Or so. I don't even care if it's any good or not anymore. I just want the bulk of words. This is the 10 for $1.00 ramen that we eat because we can't afford No Name Macaroni and Cheez. Zero nutritional (educational) value, but at least it's SOMETHING to eat (hand in). Frack.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I. Cannot. Do. This. Paper.

I am completely unable to do this. I have a raging headache, impending cramps and I am so tired and hot that I just want to sink into the basement and sleep until tomorrow night. I worked today and I have to work tomorrow, so despite the due time of 430, I lost two days that I should have been able to work on it.

I have NEVER just sat and looked at a blank screen like this before. Never. If anyone has any's what I have. This is a cry for help people!!

"Describe the evolution of the relationship existing between capitalism and democracy in wester liberal democracies. Why is this an "uneasy relationship"?

Introduction-quick overview...write it last
Para 2-definition of capitalism
Para 3-definition of democracy
Para 4-definition of a liberal democracy
Para 5-the evolution of the relationship between Cap and Democ
Para 6-why it's an "uneasy relationship".
Conclusion-repeat the intro, but in a different way.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I haven't actually checked my Gmail account yet...but since everyone else seems to get three of them, I think I have three Gmail invitations to give away. Anyone want one?

Exercise today: Nothing again. Bad Karin! Bad! (Actually I'm working on schoolwork, so I'm allowed)


Annie's Macaroni and Cheese is the STUFF!

Exercise yesterday: nothing. Bad Karin! Bad!

Monday, June 14, 2004

*bibble bibble bibble*

Ok. So if I finish my midterm studying tonight, finish writing all my definitions and do some note taking for my essay tomorrow, write my midterm tomorrow night, go to work and tutor Wednesday and Thursday, write my essay Wednesday night and do my essay proposal on my break at work, then mail that sucker in on Thursday, I'll be good until July. *takes a deep breath and dives in*

Exercise yesterday: 1 "Crunch" (1/2 km or so hike at an average of 40 degree incline. Ouch.)

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Oooh. Boooooks...

Has anyone ever ordered anything from the Marketplace site? There's a store there offering tons of books I want for a penny each. So before I plunk down my $0.14 for the books I want, I need some questions answered.

1) They're coming from the States, so would I have to pay duty on the penny or on the suggested value of each book?
2) I think the shipping would be $6.50 or something per item. That sound about right for anyone who's checked it out?
3) Will I have extra, weird charges?

That's all. Thank you. :) (I's not like I've actually got the TIME to read. :p)

Exercise today: At the track-9 laps (35 minutes) total. 1.5 miles timed=17 minutes walking/jogging

Gotta focus...gotta focus...OOH! SHINY!!!

Things to do today

-Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch
-Do five sets of chapter review questions for midterm on Tuesday
-Finish writing eight short answer definitions for take home midterm due Thursday
-Start and finish 4-5 page paper for take home midterm due Thursday, of which I know nothing of the topics.
-Run 1.5 miles at the track to practice for the scary police physical.

Things which have so far distracted or otherwise caught my attention tempting me to abandon the things which I need to do today

-Blogging the things I need to do and things which have distracted me
-Purple sparkly nail polish
-Cutting my nails
-Cleaning my room
-Hairspray and the possibilities it presents
-Bideeogemu (videogame)
-Work calling me to take a shift for today
-Going out and exercising before working on my papers
-The garden
-Reading my weblog
-Reading one of the books I picked up at the Criminal Justice institute's library for $1 each.
-Tweaking my template
-ICQ/MSN (Luckily there's hardly anyone awake and online at 0930 on a Sunday)

Exercise yesterday: 2 hours karate, some exercises C/M taught me
Exercise a couple days ago that I forgot to write down: 1 hour lifting 5 lb weights while watching "Finding Nemo"

Friday, June 11, 2004


It's like a great big present when I look at my blogroll and see that a bunch of people have updated and I can peer once again into the lives of least as far as they post online.

My knee still feels really good despite the pounding I gave it last night at Ulti.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Played Ulti tonight. I feel not too bad now. I felt like death when I got home. I was sore and freezing, but I feel like I played not-completely-lame. Scored two points and we won both our games. All in all, it was pretty good. Oh, except for the whole "we have three girls so there's no breaks" thing. :) But that's ok. A couple more weeks of that and I'll look damned good in a bikini. :) I rewarded myself when I got home with hot chocolate and marshmallows, salt/vinegar chips and a hot bath.

Oh, and my knee and my previously sprained ankle are pretty much the only parts of my body which don't hurt.

Things are moving forward on the police thing. I'm going to a meeting on Saturday for it and I've started training a little for the POPAT. Yup. I've already had some requests from people who want to borrow my handcuffs when I get I'll be starting a waiting list. Bribes will be accepted. (Gee, wonder if that's against regulations... Nahh... ;) )

I teach tomorrow morning, so I'll quickly update my schedule and then crash like the exhausted chiqua that I am.

Exercise today: 2 1/2 hours of Ultimate

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I tested my knee out a little this afternoon, and the results are as follows. Zero pain. Zero swelling. I'm very out of shape however. Please note the return of the exercise portion of the blog.

Exercise today: 15 minutes walking/running (about 1-2 km)

Command decision

I woke up this morning around 0500, after finally falling asleep around 0300 with an upset stomach (both when I went to bed and when I woke up) so I tried to doze off again. Finally I called in sick to work due to lack of sleep and excess of stomach acid, went to do my early morning teaching, came home and slept until 2. I feel much better. I will now work on my take home midterm after I finish eating, then teach, then do stuff with Meesh. Then work on my midterm some more. :p Bleah. School.

Ooh! Forgot...

I got to visit Drew and NNY as well. :)

Fun yesterday, fun the day before, not so fun today.

Day before yesterday (Monday) evening was fun. C/M took me out for "date night". :) It started out with DQ ice cream, then off to the movies to catch "13 Going On 30" starring Jennifer Garner *siiiiiiigh* :) Much good. Thank you sweetie!

This evening was a great dinner with Justy. I'm not feeling really good right now, nothing to do with the food...more to do with the wild and crazy anime (Spirited Away) and bright flashing colours I think. Bleah. Anyway, I need to go to bed, tutoring tomorrow.

Sunday, June 06, 2004


Just...whoa. Good for those parents says I.


A little overwhelmed, it's still good! It's still good!

At the risk of sounding totally mushy, I'd like to send out a big kiss to my boy. He knows why. :)

Quickie update:

My knee=happy. I was tutoring the other day and bent over and heard a CRACKPOPSNAPCRUNCH. I froze and just thought "Holy shit. That sounded like it should have really hurt." I flexed it several times experimentally and there was neither pain, stiffness or residual cracking. This was Friday afternoon, and it is now back to normal except for being a little stiff when I first wake up.

My skirt=really fricking gorgeous. I love it. As well as my mesh top. I went to the mall with Candyman today and it was funny to have people look weirdly at me. I haven't worn strange-ish Goth-like clothing since high school/first year university and so that amuses me.

My hair=gorgeous. Dark dark dark purple/black. It will have very obviously purple streaks in it in the next couple days/a week.

School=eep. I'm actually pretty well on track, but still feeling kind of freaked out about the whole thing. I think I've got everything under control.

I've actually got some news though. I'm planning on applying for a police department in the next couple of weeks. LOL. This also amuses me. I've had most people I've told tell me that they can't picture me as a cop. Well, I wanted to be a high school teacher so it's not really THAT much of a stretch? Right? Hello? :) Erm, yeah.

Friday, June 04, 2004


So, who reads my blog? Now that I've got comments back up, answer the following question in the comments...if you want to...I mean, don't feel like you need to, but I'm wondering who's out there.

When you change your template, or someone whose blog you read frequently changes their template do you get kind of confused? Like when someone changes their voice mail message?


Knee still hurts...but not as bad. Comments are back up (hopefully. :/). I bought new shoes yesterday. I dyed my hair yesterday. I am almost finished my paper.

I'm having a good day. Everything is spiralling out of control much slower than normal. :)

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Bound to be some bugs

Well, I haven't enabled my comments yet. I have to go eat something, so I'll do that soon. I like my pretty new template. :) Thank you Blogger. :)

My knee still hurts. It's not swollen, so that's good. Um...that's about it.

Now I eat, finish paper, install MS Office, dye my hair and sleep.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The verdict is...

"You've definitely done something to yourself." Um, thanks? Glad I went to the doctor's...

My knee was worse this morning. Tentative diagnosis is a strained or (hopefully not) a sprained side knee ligament. (Not posterier or anterior...what's "right" in that context?)

Treatment involves staying off it, RICEing (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) it and an Advil four times daily to keep the swelling down, plus some quadracept exercises. And no Ultimate or karate for at least a week.

Exercise today: Nothing dammit. :(

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I screwed up my knee today. >:( I wasn't even doing anything fun, unless I was going out and playing Ultimate in my sleep last night. It hurts and it's a little swollen, so I've been icing it and resting it. I came home from work a couple hours early because I was really sore. Hopefully it will be better for Thursday. :(