Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Photo Comments

Good grief. I logged into flickr this evening to see if there were any new comments and I had seriously, two full pages...that's like 20 pictures commented on, mostly by the same person. Hee. You all should go over and read them. The comments are WAY funnier than my original captions. Douglas Adams was quoted, people. DOUGLAS. ADAMS.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random Love and Happiness

I love finding random quotes in the various nooks and crannies of the internet. This makes me happy. Also that which makes me happy? Homemade pea soup. And getting to see Dave tonight. And being halfway finished my first sock. And having children call me "Mrs Awesome" after I tell them my name and say to them that if they don't remember, it's "A for Awesome". And the fact that it's sunny out, and not flurrying yet, like the radio direly warned. Hehe. I'm having a good evening. :)

"Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed."

I love metaphors. :D

Monday, February 26, 2007

Feeling Groovy

I haven't been talking much about dizzy spells or Meneire's lately....for a good reason. It's been pretty much non-existent. Overall, I've been feeling pretty good. I've had the occasional dizziness, usually when I'm really over tired, but generally speaking I've been ok. :) This pleases me. It was really bad for a while right after I got diagnosed, probably because I was obsessing over it, but I just tried to forget about it and things seem to be a lot better.

A few things beyond relaxing have probably contributed. I'm eating a lot more regularly (not better...I was on a disgusting junk/fast food bender for a while, but I'm eating more normal stuff now), getting a lot of sleep ( body has decided I should be awake at five am every morning...blah.) and just generally taking better care of myself. I've also had virtually no alcohol in the last few months, barring some wine before New Years. I've returned to my old diet caffinated ways, but that doesn't seem to affect me.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Am I an Artist?

Rambling and quotes and links ahead. (two posts in one day?? I don't even know who I am anymore...)

The Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee certainly is. But what makes her an artist? And what makes me possibly less of one?

My Uncle Tupper has always said that you may use the professional term "writer" or "artist" when you have paid the rent that way

I kind of like that definition. But if I'm not selling stuff, is that ok too?

A comment from "Tracy in KC" in the comment section of the above post is awesome.

"I come up against this dilemma almost daily. I don't identify myself as an artist publicly, because then people say, "do you sell your work?" and I am hopelessly inept at selling my work. But as others have pointed out, some of the greatest artists of the past were, too.

If you consider "artist" as a way of life and a state of mind, there is no doubt. I live through my eyes and revel in the visual wonder of the world. I make quilts. I paint and collage. I take photographs. I knit. I spin. I write a lot. And I'm about to make a film. (Yeah, that one surprises me, even.) When quilting and knitting, I make my own designs as I go, and my mind hungers for the next visual challenge or treat. I can't make enough to exhaust the urge to make - it's a constant flow that continues in my mind even when my hands are still.

Can we agree to stop looking for some sort of approval, and just DO it? Do we really need somebody out there to stick an official badge on us that says ARTIST in order to keep indulging in these pursuits that tend to lack financial incentive but are immensely fulfillng in themselves?"

Yes. YES!!!! My brain is always looking for the next visual challenge!!

However, I also like the way that my brother's girlfriend put it. Essentially, she said to me that an artist is someone who has to create and feels off when it's not happening.

I think that the term "artist" is the same as the term "athlete". You may not be a professional, but you can still be a member of the club when you're learning, and when you're doing it for free. I called myself a teacher when I was tutoring, then when I was doing my practicum, and finally now that I'm subbing. Do I have a class? No. But do I teach? Yes. Do I sell my knitting/painting etc? No. Do I create artistic items? Yes. Absolutely. And even if I give them away as gifts or keep them for myself to wear or use, I am still an artist.

That feels really good.

I am an artist.


Hmph. Hi. Blah.

I'm cleaning my room. This makes me grouchy. I'm bored, because...well, I'm cleaning. My room. Blargh.

I want to knit and spin* and sew...but I can't, because I've got to get this room under control. Working three jobs doesn't really allow for the energy to clean.

*heh. Yeah. I made myself a drop spindle and I've spun some of my own yarn. It's UGLY. But it's all mine, and I was already getting better at it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I suck at posting...

I'm obsessive. I start things and work them until I'm sick of them, then I drop them in favour of something else. Currently? Knitting and sewing. Not currently? Blogging.


I'm annoyed because I (finally) started making some gloves for someone and the yarn I had planned on using grates through my fingers like, whoa. I knew it was inexpensive acrylic, but I didn't realize it was so crappy cheap. :P Looks like that's one skein of yarn that's going into the "to school so that children can cut it up and use it for collages" box. *grumble*

I've started a sweater tank top. And since I'm insane, I'm designing the pattern myself, adapting bits from lots of other sweater/tank patterns. I've already had to do a major structural reset but it seems to be ok now. It's seriously, the most mind numbing thing I've ever worked on. It's knit in the round, so I'm basically making this tube of fabric that's just knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, push stitches around, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit etc. ad nauseum for hours and hours. It's great for watching TV with, and I'm learning how to knit without looking. On the plus side, it's gorgeous, soft, RED RED RED yarn. I likes it.

However, I needed something to give my eyes and brain a break from knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, RED RED RED RED REDREDRED ****REEEEED*****. When I was in Campbell River I was in a yarn store, and since under the agreement of the yarn diet, I am allowed to purchase sock yarn (not really the spirit, since I didn't knit socks before this, yes I know...) I bought a souvenier ball of variegated self striping sock yarn. This stuff is like crack, yo. I'd forgotten how much I love working varigated yarn. It's crazy fine, and I'm using these itty bitty needles...and I figured out how to turn the heel (when I get there) and EEEE!! Socks are totally addictive. :) They're like magic! And no seaming! (I loathe seaming. Which is kind of funny since I like sewing...but only machine sewing. Hand sewing? Kill me now.)

So yeah. I've been knitting and sewing and teaching. Still loving the teaching. :)

Oh, and I found this over at Kerflop. It's going on my wishlist. :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

For real this time...

Unless there's a tragic ferry scheduling mishap, Dave and I will be on Vancouver Island, in Campbell River for the weekend. Bye!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Things I Do When Dave Is Out Of Town

1) Drink faaaaaar too much diet Coke. (wait. I do that anyway.)
2) REALLY NEED TO TALK TO HIM...for no good reason. Just because I can't. :P
3) Move furniture around.

Let's focus on number three, shall we? As many of my loyal readers know, I rent the basement suite in my parents' house (aka I still live at home...but the other one sounds better. And it's true!) I'm VERY lucky, since I have enough stuff for a three bedroom townhouse, that I don't need to keep all of it in my room. I'm even luckier when my brother is out of town as well, because then I get to completely take over the rec room. *waves* Hi Rob! Things will be better before you're back from TO.'re coming back in a few weeks still, right? Not like...tomorrow? Or Tuesday?

Anyway, I've now got a sewing/crafting area in the rec room. EEE!! It currently consists of a desk.

Oh, and craploads of fabric lying around covering a billion surface areas including, but not limited to:
-an ottoman
-a sofa
-a chair
-the floor
-the floor (twice because damn, this stuff spreads out quick)
-Rob's giant speakers that are taller than most five year olds
-a TV media holder which is holding neither TV or media
-the pool table

I also have a mini ironing board and my rotary cutter mats and cutters on the pool table. I have to dig out my iron because I'm getting sick of bringing my mom's up and down two flights of stairs every time I want to iron something. The sewing machine (and maybe even the serger...SQUEE!!) will be coming down in the next few minutes. I just need to rest up after shifting a bookcase to fit back on top of the desk. And drink some more diet Coke. After all, I've got a quota over here!

Friday, February 09, 2007


I did it! And I didn't get eaten alive. Not afraid of teaching high school any more. In fact, I may have been somewhat converted! What an odd culture these teenagers have. I've seen it a little bit in elementary, but it ever obvious in high school. I'd either forgotten about it, or I just wasn't plugged in.

Amusing moment...getting there in the morning and realizing that my first class was going to be Sex Ed. Yep. I got to talk about herpes to a bunch of grade nines. Heh.

Subbing days/eligible days: 8.5/0
Longest stretch of time in a classroom: 5 days
Different schools: 4
Different classrooms: 4
Most students: 21
Fewest students: 10
Grades: 1(twice), 1/2 split, PE 10, Science 9, Personal Planning 9, resource room

The Many Hats of The (subsitute) Teacher

Yesterday I was dispatched to a primary classroom. Nooooooo problem. Then I checked the actual subject.

French Immersion.

Now, anyone who chats with me on MSN may have noticed my tag yesterday reading, "But...but...I don't SPEAK French!" This, while amusing, is also very true. I had up to Grade 11 French, and can speak enough to ask for the basics of life. (bathroom, water, hotel, someone who speaks English) This may prove to be a problem.

As it turns out, I got my choice of classes and swiftly picked a 1/2 English class...but it made me think. I never know who I'm going to be on a given day. I can refuse assignments, but at this stage in the game I'd rather not. I'd made a few jokes over the past few weeks about being dispatched to a high school to teach science and gym. *amused laughter from self and everyone around* Hahahah!!

Guess what I've been dispatched to sub in today? *less amused, and slighly hysterical laughter* HAHAHHAHAHAH!!! And since I'm a complete idiot up for a challenge, I accepted the job.

If I'm not back tonight, assume I've been eaten by wolves. Or grade nines. Whichever seems more plausible.

Subbing days/eligible days: 7.5/8
Longest stretch of time in a classroom: 5 days
Different schools: 3
Different classrooms: 3
Most students: 19
Fewest students: 10
Grades: 1(twice), 1/2 split

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Dave gave me some code, so I know it's right. But let's see if I implemented it correctly...

Subbing days/eligible days: 6/6
Longest stretch of time in a classroom: 4 days
Different schools: 2
Different classrooms: 2
Most students: 19
Fewest students: 10
Grades: 1 (twice)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Vanishing Act

So...hi! I've been about you? I'm now working three jobs, which leaves me only one day a week where I don't have to be anywhere (Sundays). I did two days in a row at my second job, and I haven't heard from them unless they cancel me in the morning, I'm gonna have three days in a row in the same class. Awesome. I love that, especially since I've done a really neat couple of lesson plans for tomorrow. Since I've got no free time, and a swack of fabric, today I bought a rotary cutter to help me turn out quilts etc faster. I love it. I just want to cut stuff out now. Which is why I have the cut out bits for three purses of various sizes, plus two change purses, plus a large "me" sized circle skirt, and a small child sized one (attention beverly_sutphin! It will most likely fit your munchkin! I'll let you know when it's finished.). The small one could probably fit me if I enlarged the hip/waist opening...but then it would be more of a belt. So, no.

And the colour of the first fabric I cut out with my loverly rotary cutter? But with black polka dots! And SO CUTE!!!!!11!!!ONE!!!ELEVEN!!! And it makes the most fantastic looking circle skirts. :D

I'm gonna need to open up an Etsy store if I'm not careful.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I got another call! Rather than phone everyone I know about it (since I got it at...5:45 [in the morning...]) I figured you'd all appreciate it if I blogged instead.

You're welcome!