Monday, February 05, 2007

Vanishing Act

So...hi! I've been about you? I'm now working three jobs, which leaves me only one day a week where I don't have to be anywhere (Sundays). I did two days in a row at my second job, and I haven't heard from them unless they cancel me in the morning, I'm gonna have three days in a row in the same class. Awesome. I love that, especially since I've done a really neat couple of lesson plans for tomorrow. Since I've got no free time, and a swack of fabric, today I bought a rotary cutter to help me turn out quilts etc faster. I love it. I just want to cut stuff out now. Which is why I have the cut out bits for three purses of various sizes, plus two change purses, plus a large "me" sized circle skirt, and a small child sized one (attention beverly_sutphin! It will most likely fit your munchkin! I'll let you know when it's finished.). The small one could probably fit me if I enlarged the hip/waist opening...but then it would be more of a belt. So, no.

And the colour of the first fabric I cut out with my loverly rotary cutter? But with black polka dots! And SO CUTE!!!!!11!!!ONE!!!ELEVEN!!! And it makes the most fantastic looking circle skirts. :D

I'm gonna need to open up an Etsy store if I'm not careful.

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