Friday, February 09, 2007

The Many Hats of The (subsitute) Teacher

Yesterday I was dispatched to a primary classroom. Nooooooo problem. Then I checked the actual subject.

French Immersion.

Now, anyone who chats with me on MSN may have noticed my tag yesterday reading, "But...but...I don't SPEAK French!" This, while amusing, is also very true. I had up to Grade 11 French, and can speak enough to ask for the basics of life. (bathroom, water, hotel, someone who speaks English) This may prove to be a problem.

As it turns out, I got my choice of classes and swiftly picked a 1/2 English class...but it made me think. I never know who I'm going to be on a given day. I can refuse assignments, but at this stage in the game I'd rather not. I'd made a few jokes over the past few weeks about being dispatched to a high school to teach science and gym. *amused laughter from self and everyone around* Hahahah!!

Guess what I've been dispatched to sub in today? *less amused, and slighly hysterical laughter* HAHAHHAHAHAH!!! And since I'm a complete idiot up for a challenge, I accepted the job.

If I'm not back tonight, assume I've been eaten by wolves. Or grade nines. Whichever seems more plausible.

Subbing days/eligible days: 7.5/8
Longest stretch of time in a classroom: 5 days
Different schools: 3
Different classrooms: 3
Most students: 19
Fewest students: 10
Grades: 1(twice), 1/2 split


Adrienne said...

Why wouldn't you be able to teach gym?

The Teacher said...

It's just not something I've done any training in, and I don't have very much experience in taking gym either. I stopped taking it the second I didn't have to any more (grade 10).

Grey said...

Bah. When in doubt, play dodgeball. The kids will be thrilled.

Science? Little tougher, but at least there's an established curriculum. If sorely pressed, fall back on ecosystem dynamics. It's fascinating, and a topic that any kid can (eventually) wrap their head around.