Friday, February 09, 2007


I did it! And I didn't get eaten alive. Not afraid of teaching high school any more. In fact, I may have been somewhat converted! What an odd culture these teenagers have. I've seen it a little bit in elementary, but it ever obvious in high school. I'd either forgotten about it, or I just wasn't plugged in.

Amusing moment...getting there in the morning and realizing that my first class was going to be Sex Ed. Yep. I got to talk about herpes to a bunch of grade nines. Heh.

Subbing days/eligible days: 8.5/0
Longest stretch of time in a classroom: 5 days
Different schools: 4
Different classrooms: 4
Most students: 21
Fewest students: 10
Grades: 1(twice), 1/2 split, PE 10, Science 9, Personal Planning 9, resource room

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