Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hmph. Hi. Blah.

I'm cleaning my room. This makes me grouchy. I'm bored, because...well, I'm cleaning. My room. Blargh.

I want to knit and spin* and sew...but I can't, because I've got to get this room under control. Working three jobs doesn't really allow for the energy to clean.

*heh. Yeah. I made myself a drop spindle and I've spun some of my own yarn. It's UGLY. But it's all mine, and I was already getting better at it.


Gwynabella said...

Ugly yarn rules. I almost wrote "ugly yearn rooles". Wow. And I am sober.

The Teacher said...

You're anti spell check! :)

Want some ugly yarn? I just spun a WHOOOOOOOOLE bunch. Maybe even enough for a very short scarf. I have no idea how much there is. :P