Wednesday, May 02, 2007

When Socks Attack

I'm about twenty rows away from the end of knitting my first pair of socks. This is about the same place that I screwed up on the previous sock, causing much cursing and ripping back of knitting and reknitting and oh GOD, I wasted three hours fixing my tantrum that I took out on the cursed, evil gentle, misunderstood sock. Basically, I can't wait to be finished these so that I've got them off my WIP (work in progress) list. Oh, and to wear them, because they're pretty awesome.

To motivate me (I only did two rows during the hockey game last night. TWO. ROWS. I should've finished them) I've got this page open on my desktop. Because I've very sick of green. And plain knitting. And I have some beautiful purple sock yarn that can't wait to be cabled and laced. Ahhhhh... :)

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