Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Three Days a Week...

If I'm subbing and doing my two tutoring gigs, this is what my day looks like:

(if I didn't get a call the night before, I often get one at 530 am. This is most unamusing.)
730: wake up (again, if I'd gotten a call at 530) and hope like hell that I got enough sleep last night.
731: realize that I didn't.
732: unnnnghhhhhh...drag myself out of bed to make lunch and get ready for the day.
800: leave the house
900-300: teach in a class that doesn't know me, that I don't know with rules that I'm unaware of and problem students that try my patience on purpose. Grrr...
400-500: tutor a girl I've been tutoring for three or four years now. :) She's a sweetie.
515-550: get some food.
600-900: tutor for another three hours.
930: get on the computer and try to do some writing/other work. Last night I made puppets for Crafty Crafty!

I'm very tired right now. I have a couple of articles I've been writing for CC, but I'm exhausted and anything I write will make very little sense. Especially this post.

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