Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bored at school

I'm in the computer lab for a non optional far it's been mostly stuff I knew already. Blah.

I desperately want a steamed milk with almond syrup. I managed to control myself today before, and then after PE (I go past two Starbucks on my way to the gym, then to the education building.) I'm proud of myself. :) I need to pick up the syrup myself so that I can make significantly cheaper drinks at home to curb my cravings.

Blah, blah blah, tutoring, blah blah school, blah hanging out with Dave, blah blah blah karate.

I'm so disorganized this term. I have papers scattered all over my room, I don't have a good central binder, and I have no idea what/when my assignments are. I'm exhausted. *sigh* Soon. Seven more months. Or seven more weeks and I'm back on practicum. I can't wait to be the teacher again!! It's so frustrating because I really feel that I could teach a class if I was given one right now.

Oh, I remember. I was offered a job that would start in October 2007 in Los Angeles. I don't have to get things started until September...don't know if I'll take it, but it's an option. And it's certainly a relief that I'm being noted as "EXCELLENT STRONG CANDIDATE" on the file that the interviewer had. Also him insisting that I stay in touch with him because he really really wants me to work in LA...

...maybe I'll get to meet Jack Bauer and Sydney Bristow... ;)

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