Saturday, January 28, 2006

Crazy Disc Golf Lady

This morning I woke up to weak sun coming in through my window. Good thing, since today's the day that I competed in the Ice Bowl, a charity disc (frisbee) golf tournament. It's been a while since I played (before Christmas, and before that...ummm...sometime in the summer...?), so I didn't have much expectation of me doing very well.

I arrived, a few minutes late because I took too long getting things ready. Whoops. Things hadn't started yet, and I got to throw the disc around some of the baskets a bit with some guys from Mundy. (Rats, I should've gotten a ride out with one of them. Meh.) I threw pretty well in the warm up. The Tim Horton-mobile was there with Timbits, coffee and hot chocolate for us. Faaaabulous. Our teams were assigned and we were off. I played decently, even though most of my good drives were used up in warm up.

We were playing Texas Scramble style, so the best throws were the ones we took, however each person could only record three baskets and three drives for the whole 12 holes, which meant that there was a certain amount of strategy involved. I wound up with some okay drives and a wicked good putt. Some of the holes had games with them, like you could only use your opposing hand (the exception was the one player who only hand one arm...he did a funny throw instead), you had to roll the first throw, the first throw had to be performed with a paper bag over your head etc. Lots of fun. I was soaked through within about fifteen minutes of playing, and my shoes were soaked within about fifteen seconds of walking into the park. Mental note: white, mesh topped shoes are not the best things to walk around a park in January in.

Lunch was chili and ice cream, apparently ice cream is an Ice Bowl tradition. It was GOOOOOOD. We had a putting contest, as well as longest drive, an auction and something called Ring of Fire where everyone is about twenty feet back from the basket and everyone throws their putter discs all at once towards it. It was chaotic and nifty. All in all it was a really great day.

Oh. I almost forgot. I won the women's putting, women's longest drive, novice putting, women's closest to the pin and I tied for the most food and money donated to charity. *buffs fingernails* Women's Championships in Kamloops, here I come. Note to self: I'm busy on May 28th...I'll be in Kamloops.

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