Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ok, fine. I'll watch, but I'm still mad.

Sittin' here in my Canucks jersey, watching the game. They hooked me. I admit it. Not totally though...I was tutoring for the first half hour, and I ran down here to watch when I got home, but forgot to turn on the TV...but I get to watch the whole third period.

So, I went all girly today...I got my eyebrows waxed for convocation tomorrow. (aside: 9:15 tomorrow morning at SFU! Come if you want!) I figure there will be more pictures taken of me tomorrow than there will be until whenever my wedding is, so I might want to look purdy.

Also, remember that tomorrow night is my grad/bday dinner/karaoke ((AUGH!! Phoenix just scored!!)) and I'll be there at seven until late. Come by sometime for five minutes, or five hours...whatever you want. (((((WOOOOOOO NASLUND!!!!! 19 seconds later by number 19!!!!)))))))) Significant others and/or kids are welcome. I never sent out evites, but consider yourself invited if I know ya. Email me to tell me you're coming, and I'll tell you where we'll be. (Burnaby)

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