Saturday, May 27, 2006

So much to do...

My schedule for today:

0930-1030: Tutoring. (DONE!)

1200-400: Kids meet for karate.

when I get there-730: BBQ at nonameyet's new place. Not until tomorrow! Wooo...I'm not so busy today!

800-when it's over: outdoor capture the flag in Coquitlam.

I'm doing this BIG freaking loop all over the eastern suburbs of Vancouver today. I'm exhausted already...and I forgot to change my alarm from 0600 to 0800 this morning. Whoops. Gotta go iron my uniform, have something more substantial than 25 brown sugar frosted Mini Wheats, figure out how I'm going to bring the giant freaking sign to the meet and pack clothes that are suitable for BBQ and capture the flag...

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