Tuesday, May 02, 2006

*insane, humourless cackling*

Hello, hubris? This is Karin. Piss off.

After writing the post below, I checked my email. There is one from my faculty advisor who asked me to call her immediately because she thought I may have plagiarised an assignment.

What. The. Fuck?

If you all know me, (which granted...most of you don't...) you would realize that I am probably the least likely person to copy someone else...partly because I'm just so darned smart that I could do a better job on it than anyone else.

Things I've Never Done That Most People Would Find Surprising
-smoked pot
-taken any illegal drugs except for a little alcohol before I turned 19 (some of which my parents let me have) and my brother's Tylenol 3's because the Percocet that I had been prescribed were too strong for me.
-cheated on a test
-cheated on an assignment (including plagiarism, or letting someone else use my work)
-lied to a telemarketer
-lied as a retail employee
-stolen anything (except for some earrings when I was four because I thought the store lost them and didn't want them any more, and the cashews in Dave's room that I can't stop eating!!)
-lied to get a day off work or school
-skipped class before university

Anyway, the whole thing seems to be ok now. But oh my god, waiting for her to call me back was among the longest half hours of my life.

Of course, I'm still sick, and in fact I'm home today. It doesn't have anything to do with the stress of yesterday...more to do with the stressing of my throat yesterday. My throat is currently sore up to my ear.

On the plus side, I learned two great number songs from a Mr. Dressup that originally aired when I was in grade nine. Who knew that children's programming could be such a resource to me now?!

o/~Let's do the number rumba (cha cha cha!) o/~

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