Thursday, May 11, 2006

Passive aggressive bullsh*t.

Someone at school today wrote in the sign-in book "Could the student teachers please remember that coffee and tea are fifty cents. Container is on the counter."

Ok. Let's count the things wrong with this.

1) There are three of us. Only three. If you have a problem with us, talk to us...not the book where the WHOLE STAFF can see it. We've gone out of our way to be approachable. Approach us!

2) One of us has paid a $10 fee. This is the price for the whole year...not for the three months that we are there, so technically, she's paid for all three of us, if we wanted to quibble.

3) The other two of us can't drink coffee because it makes us sick, and we haven't had any of the tea. I get water out of the kettle (which I ALWAYS refill, even if I only took a little bit) or the side of the coffee machine (which instantly refills). It's all coming out of the tap.

4) It seems this person has had it out for me...again with the passive aggressive. This person is in charge of the laminating for the whole school and bitched about my laminating to my sponsor teacher who had told me I could get it done. Nice. Very nice.

Anyway, I've got photos ready on my desk to be scanned.

(BTW, I realize and fully embrace the irony of how passive aggressive a blog is. Just so you know that I know.)

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