Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Compliments don't make me spend money.

I received so many compliments over the last few days about the skirts I've been wearing that I went out and bought $420 worth of new clothes from Old Navy.

Before everyone who knows me has a heart attack, I brought them home so my mom could help me sort through them. I'm returning $320 worth sometime in the next ninety days....and I know Dave is going to bug annoy harass gently remind me about them to make sure they get returned. Thanks in advance, sweetie!

DAMMIT! I forgot to call Ticketmaster. I bought Kit Phantom of the Opera tickets for her birthday/Christmas present and they were for a night that she's got a final exam. Grr. I've been meaning to do this for a week now. Sorry!

Ok, I'm going to bed. If I'm asleep by 1030, I'll get eight GLORIOUS hours of sleep.

PS...where the hell is this week going?? I've only got a day and a half left (Friday's a half day) and then a three day week next week (Monday's a holiday and there's a ProD day on Tuesday that I'm not sure I need to attend.)

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