Sunday, May 28, 2006


I find myself in a rather odd position. I feel like posting, but don't really have anything to write about (this is often a precursor to a loooooooooooooooooooooong post.). I went to a lovely BBQ at NoNameYet's new's lovely! I walked right past her daughter when I arrived because I didn't recognize her! Yikes. I need to go over more often, apparently. I had a great time with some people I'd met briefly at one time or another, and also with some good friends whom I've known for ages, and have only met a couple times. The internet is really, really great!! (FOR PORN! [sorry...the link isn't actually porn.])

I was driving through Maillardville tonight (small part of Coquitlam) and it has got this WEIRD energy. I don't know how to describe it. It's got odd connotations for me since I had a boyfriend in grade nine who kind of messed with my mind a WHOLE lot. I don't really want to get into it right now, but remember my tenuous grip on reality? Yeah...he was probably the beginning of the slide into chaos, although just the catalyst at the time. It probably still would've happened without him, just at a different time (if any hiring people see this site, they'll never let me near kids.) Honest! I'm much better now! I just think there are vampires every so often! Doesn't everyone?


This was done a long time ago, but I did it with my previous moniker...therefore, I shall google the phrase "the teacher is" (complete with quotation marks) and see what I am.

The teacher is responsible for diagnosing educational needs, prescribing and implementing instructional programs and evaluating progress of pupils (well, yeah...)

In other words, if the teacher is a consultant, and opts to retain their active ... If the teacher is currently covered by the collective agreement, ... (Boring)

the teacher is circulating, redirecting, disciplining, questioning, assessing, ... The teacher is on the move, checking over shoulders, asking questions and ... (sounds about right except for the "disciplining" thing. "We" prefer to use the term "management")

the teacher is paid for the statutory holidays as well (Woohoo!)

the teacher is incompetent (Well, crap. That's not very nice.)

The teacher is entitled to a Movement Grant that covers such items as ... The teacher is required to complete a personal inventory of all goods shipped. (Boring)


Mostly boring. Oh well. Screw the google issue.

Karin is suffering from schizophrenia, and hears voices that tell her that (Whoa. I'd better check out the rest of that.)

Karin is an orphan living with a not very loving aunt (Awww...poor me.)

Karin is an unusual superhero, at all times very human (Dude, that totally makes up for the aunt thing.)

Karin is the President of the Prince George Kennel Club (

Not to mention Karin is the only one in her family that *isn’t* a proper vampire (Goddamnit. That totally figures.)

Karin is an Early Childhood Educator with over 18 years of extensive experience (Actually, this is probably the most accurate of all of them...although I would have had to start when I was eight.)

Karin is a deity just below the rank of Kami (I take it back...THIS is the most accurate one.)

Karin is a soft spoken yet determined big-air athlete who is turning heads in more ways than one (Name? check. Soft spoken? Um, not so much. Determined? Sure. Big air athlete? Not even close. Turning heads in more ways than one? Oh yeah. To the left and to the right, because I am HOT, beeeyatches!)

Karin is a romantic comedy that features bright, stylized art design (Apparently I'm a movie now. Jesus, though. A romantic comedy??? *gags*)

Karin is one of the best (Only ONE of the best? Screw you!)

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