Monday, May 29, 2006

Posting at schoooooool...

My brain is FRIED. Seriously. I have no idea what I'm doing. I just about packed up and left after reading dearheart's comment in my last post, since I thought today was Tuesday. Holy crap.

I'm working on getting two days worth of stuff together, since I'm doing a mock substitute day tomorrow...going to a grade 3/4 class in another school, while my friend is taking my class. And since I'm doing a full day at her school, I have to have Wednesday all fixed up before I can leave here today. Stupid "have to have everything ready before you leave" crappy rule. *GROWL* On the plus side, it means I can go to dearheart's to pick up clothes directly after I finish school.

I'm so tired. I've hit the nine week slump, I think. Ngha. I think I will be asleep by 8:30 tonight...assuming I get home before 7:30...and since it's nearly six...I'm kind of doubting that. :( Much sadness.

Ok, back to my class to organize things (I'm in the staff room right now...I was looking up information on monkeys for tomorrow, but GAH! I'll just go with what I have.)

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