Monday, May 22, 2006


Alias ended tonight. :( Dave hasn't posted about it again yet, so I will. Muahaha. Our evening was as follows:

6:59:57-I knock on Dave's door...I told him I'd be there before seven. I'm wearing my black wig. I figure since Alias is all about the dress up, I'd come over in disguise.

7:01-The wig is annoying both Dave and myself, so it goes away.

7:15-We eat a fantastic dinner that he made...fettucini pesto alfredo with grilled salmon and prawns, and garlic bread.

7:50-We settle in to watch the two hour series finale. I get more questions right on Jeopardy than Dave does, but he gets the final answer.

7:59-I'm giggling in anticipation.

8:00-It starts! It' Oprah special? Gah! Dave runs upstairs and confirms that Alias will in fact start at 9. We kill time until then, chatting about what we could do over my nine day vacation that starts on June 23rd. We create a lengthy list of things to consider.


9:24-OMG. no nonononono...



10:22-Realize there's only 38 minutes minus commercials in the Aliasverse. Start getting depressed.

10:23-Stop getting depressed when something REALLY COOL HAPPENS!!! AHHHH!!!!!

10:37-Breathe for the first time in ten minutes.

10:38-EEEEEEE!!! I know who!!!

10:46-Think to self, "There is no way this will wrap up satisfactorily in 14 minutes...gah! Minus commercials!!"

10:54-Oh, the irony.

10:59-Wrapped up satisfactorily. Unbelievable.

11:00-I try to adjust myself to a world with no more new Alias.

This is the only show I've ever seen (with the exception of Firefly, which only had 14 episodes filmed) all of. That's 22 episodes times five seasons, times 42 minutes each (plus the commercial time of the first one because they got a deal with Nokia but it's a long story that is kind of cool but not very interesting to people who aren't fans, and this sentence is now longer than the explanation would have been, but you know what? I'm ok with that.) What I'm trying to say is that I got a little emotionally involved with the characters. I should make myself a couple of bracelets...WWSD and WWBD (What Would Sydney/Buffy Do?) and Dave's actually already used the Buffy thing to get me to do stuff. :P Have I ever mentioned that I've got a tenuous grip on reality? Uh huh.

So anyway, a tip of the wig to five years of Alias. I lift my glass of vodka martini (actually mango nectar), wave my Nokia cell phone in the air and I will never look at a garbage can in the same way again. Thanks for the ride.

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