Thursday, May 04, 2006


Yup, still sick. Yesterday at about 8:00 I took a night time Contac-C and did the paper's Sudoku while I waited for it to kick in. (For reference: Extra strength Neo-Citrin kind of puts me to sleep...doesn't affect me much.) I started drooping over my newspaper in about fifteen minutes, then got up to put my dishes from dinner away. The world started spinning and I ricocheted into several pieces of furniture/walls like a pinball ball before I made it into the kitchen. I was slurring my words, talking about weird was like being drunk. It was insane. So I stumbled downstairs, quickly did a couple lesson plans (which I haven't looked at yet...I wonder if I'll be able to follow them this morning...) collapsed into bed and was asleep before nine.

I woke up briefly at 1 am or so, back to sleep, then woke up again at 0400, back to sleep and then asleep until 6:30, which is when I needed to be up. I'm totally refreshed, although still sick (STILLL!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!) but I'm at least functional.

And now to school.



What? Why are you still looking expectantly at me? OH! The meeting yesterday! It was fine...and Gwyn...turns out it was at 9-930, so your thoughts were right on target.

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