Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Me and my diet tonic water

Holy crap it's hot. I didn't realize until I got home from Vancouver and it was 31 degrees. My room at school is usually freezing cold, so it was NIIIIICE today. I'm drinking my room temperature diet tonic water and wishing it was colder. Hmm...my gin's in the fridge...maybe I should partake. Better yet, my vodka is in the freezer...

Tonic water would be even more bitter if there was no sugar in it. Proof of how much sugar is in tonic water.

It's like a billion degrees in here, which oddly, is the temperature Dave usually insists that I'm at. One would think I would be comfortable. One would be incorrect.

I wore a skirt yesterday...it was wonderful. I almost cried today when I put on my jeans (track meet...didn't want to wear the skirt again).

A list of those family members who have this address...hello everyone!
My cousin Victor (go buy his CD. It's so very very good.)
My cousin Erin
My Auntie Janet (and by extension probably my Uncle Jerry)
My mom and dad and brother (although I don't think they read)

Anyway, I'm currently writing an email, writing this post and working on my lesson plans for a couple of weeks from now. I am doing all of these poorly, so I'm going to publish this and get it out of the way.

BTW, I've posted every day this month. Just thought I'd brag, since it's been half the month. (Watch this space...tomorrow I won't post. :P)

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Nolan Woods said...


Would you have any idea where I could get diet tonic water in Edmonton? If so, please email me at nolan.woods@gmail.com and I'd really really appreciate it.

/random google visitor