Monday, May 08, 2006

Holy traffic.

Today on my way to Gigabyte, there was a majorly huge accident directly on my route. I know it was bad because there was a Med-Evac helicopter enroute to a different accident, but the other one took priority and they sent it towards my area instead. Dave knew that it was on my route at the time I drive it, and that it was really serious, so he called my cell phone to make sure it wasn't me. Luckily I'd figured he might do that, checked my phone and had to turn it on. I haven't heard anything but I hope everyone's ok. :( Someone found my site looking for "Barnet Highway webcam", which I'm afraid doesn't exist to my knowledge.

I made it to Gigabyte three minutes before the bell rang to let the kids in, and I made it there safely. I never was so thankful and thoughtful about how lucky I am all the time.

In lighter news, I did indeed make a dozen lemon poppyseed muffins. I tried one last night and was fairly disappointed. I've been craving them for several weeks now, and had what they "should" taste like in my head, so anything else would have been a disappointment. My dad liked the one he tried, so that was good. I took one to school today and OMG. The flavours melded together...oh my. They were fantastic. I then arrived home and discovered there were only three left. Hehe. Dad found that they're better the next day too. :)

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