Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Look! It's bedtime!

I'm feeling so good about teaching this week. Thank goodness, because last week I was in a deep dark funk because of the whole plagiarism-that-wasn't issue. Being ill probably didn't help at all.

But this week is good! And I am going to be in bed before 10:30 tonight so that hopefully I will be even better. DAMN this cough and aching throat. This is getting ridiculous. Day 12 of being sick, ten pounds lost (BTW, seriously, the next person who claims to want this "diet", I'm going cough right in their face...I've already threatened to twice today.) My right ear has been plugged since last night...it's bugging me a lot and I got a sharp flash of pain this morning and a dull ache happening now. Please send anti-ear-infection vibes at me.

Something that's been bugging the hell out of me lately: song lyrics that reference a storm, but put the thunder first, and then the lightning. Also, it irritates me when lightning makes a noise...I submit as proof:

Garth Brooks, The Thunder Rolls: "And the thunder rolls/and the lightning strikes..." (Probably the most famous of them all. Grrr...love the song...hate this.. SO. IRRITATING.)

Johnny Reid, Time Flies: "Mountains move, rivers run, shadows fall with the setting sun/thunder rolls and lighting strikes the darkness covers and
swallows up the light… and time flies" (This one annoys me because it's the SAME LYRICS as above. Please, if you're going to pay homage to a song, make it factually accurate! Or else choose different verbs.)

Thunder, Distant Thunder: "I hear the sound of distant thunder, it's coming closer every day/Soon there'll be lightning crashing to the ground" (Lightning's already hitting the ground, unless it's going from cloud to cloud, which is cool...BUT! Lightning. Does. Not. Crash.)

Live, Lightning Crashes: "Lightning crashes, a new mother cries" (Please see above about the whole lightning not crashing thing.)

Norm Hacking, Thunder and Lightning: "Thunder she'll roll you and roll you and/Shake you to the bone./There ain't no sky too dark/For Ol' Man Lightning." (this one's a bit of a stretch...ok. But the imagery is there...)

It's actually just the first two that really annoy me. (Yes, they're country songs. Yes, I listen to country and it doesn't annoy me. Shut up, Bill. :P) The other ones I had to Google, and boy...does the word "thunder" look WEIRD to me now!

Ok, really going to bed now. I got caught up in researching all those damned songs.

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