Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So many things!

Today was my practice teacher on call day, where I swapped classes with another student teacher. It went really well. She has a very difficult class (as all the teachers at the school mentioned) but they were rather well behaved for me. I missed my little guys though.

I have new clothes!! I went to dearheart's place and met her fiance and Callie the cat. Now I can stalk the three of them. Muahaha! The clothes look absolutely adorable, and I will be wearing some of them tomorrow to school. Thanks so much!!!!

I acquired some hair removal cream...Life brand, I believe. Despite my lack of luck previously with that stuff, I haven't had any side effects yet. I'll let you know if my legs fall off in the middle of the night. If there is no falling off of the legs, I will wear the red skirt I got from dearheart and a white, non see through blouse. I look like a GROWNUP. I'm all freaked out.

Yesterday night was interesting. I didn't leave the school until past 8:00 pm because I was so busy getting my stuff together for the TOC exchange and tomorrow's lessons. I went out the door and towards my car when I saw a group of kids who were hanging out. Whatever, no big deal. Then I realized that they were looking up on the roof...where one of my kids (he's in grade six or seven) from track and field was. Huh. Turns out he was actually stuck, so I got the custodian and a ladder and brought him down. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to give this story the time it takes to be a really fantastic anecdote (it's funnier in person. :P ) so I'm going to bail now. To bed with me!

Edit: I forgot...I wanted to mention this website that's been advertised on one of the Vancouver radio stations. I would really like to (in theory) do Soldiers of Fitness. Timewise, it'll work perfectly. I'll be at school from 0830-430, which means I could go to the early one and have a shower before class, or the late one after a quick dinner. Plus, it's during the week, so I could still get to karate on Saturdays. And then I die on Sunday until the next week. Who's with me?! Doesn't it sound AWESOME?!?!

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