Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Rather than the, "It's a virus. Drink fluids and get lots of sleep * ." I was expecting, I got a doctor that LISTENED to me. She asked me intelligent questions and used the stethescope on my back. YAY! Then she sent me to get a chest X-Ray. ALSO yay!!!

It turns out that I've got what is known as "walking pneumonia" or "mycoplasma pneumoniae" (yes, NNY, you were indeed correct. Well done!). Basically, it means that I'm coughing a heckuvalot, am on anti-biotics and should start feeling better in a couple of days. YES! I feel super vindicated. For once I'm sick and it's actually something real.

* Um, I'm an education student. Where would you suggest I fit that in?

Go RS, it's your birthday...

Random Synapses is three years old today. Let's go back through the archives and see what I was doing three, two and one year ago today.

July 19th 2003: I was depressed and didn't feel like I was accomplishing anything in my life, so I created a set of goals and this blog sometime after midnight. I also had my first karate lesson.

July 19th 2004: I spread some internet rumours about Dave and Gwynabella (with whom I split a bottle of wine with tonight. Hehe...that's amusing.)
I apparently had a lot of clearance yarn and was working at Michaels. (GASP! I named the craft store I used to work at!!!) I also reviewed the various goals I had originally set for myself.

July 19th 2005: Apparently I was doing a lot of stuff, but I didn't write any of it down. How irritating. At this point I didn't know whether or not I'd gotten into the education program, so I was stressing out about that. My car had recently gotten broken into.

July 19th 2006: I have pneumonia. I'm still with Dave, still friends with most of the people I knew before, I'm nearly finished school. It's been a good three years. :)

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