Monday, July 10, 2006

Vanity Search

So I did some googling* on myself. I'm pleased to announce that I couldn't find me. I'm not going to write search strings, as that would kind of defeat the purpose of remaining ungoogleable**.

*When did that word get verbed? Two or three years now?
**I'm pretty sure that's not a word. And I know it's not a verb the way I've got it.

I'm just waiting to hear from NNY and family about baby...a friend of mine is in the hospital having her second baby. And I'm ahead on homework* so I get to tool around on the computer.

*Behind on readings. Bleah.

Joy MacPhail came to TELUD today. Her talk was fairly interesting. I didn't fall asleep during TELUD either, which was good. I'd forgotten to bring my pencils and sketchbook like I'd planned, so I designed quilt blocks and quilts in my notebook in ballpoint pen for most of the talk. If anyone wants a sampler quilt or something with words, I've designed the entire alphabet mostly to my satisfaction. Of course, I probably can't actually sew them all. I've also been designing cute little pictures like butterflies and flowers. I've got a wine glass and a wine bottle which are kind of cool, but just think of the possibilities for people who hate the super saccharine angel stuff*! How about a gin and tonic? I've already got a martini glass Ooh! Or bondage gear? A corset? I already did a platform hooker shoe...what else? Comments! I need inspiration! I've still got 30 more hours of TELUD to get through! A coffin!

* Like me. Ye gods. The worst thing about liking to do stuff like knit and other craft things are the sickeningly cute patterns. I want DRAGONS people. And designs that make me appear somewhat cool when I do them. ** Not teddy bears praying. Also, don't even get me started on the music...yes MUSIC on some of these sites. Gahhhhhhh...

** Although I AM quilting and knitting. Despite the lessening stigma, it's still not exactly cutting edge, especially since I look rather vanilla. ***

*** I'm allowed to call myself that. Not you. So there. ****

**** Gee, am I passive aggressive much? Hehe.

Give me ideas in the comments about counter-cultural stuff I can design for quilt blocks. How wicked would that be??? Now I'm all excited. :D HOORAY!! ANOTHER PROJECT!!!! :D

Oh, wait.

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