Monday, July 24, 2006

Update for DM

Hi DM! I'm glad you're reading again. Here's the quick version of the last few weeks. If you aren't DM, you're allowed to read it as well, as I'll be adding a few things.

*****************BEGIN RECAP*******************

-finished one of my classes so I have afternoons free now. This was an evil, evil class...aka TELUD or BELUD (The Evil Lecture of Ultimate Doom/the Big Evil Lecture of Ultimate Doom)

-still kind of sick... I actually had pneumonia, which meant I was justified in going to the doctor for once... hence, the antibiotics. I've been fighting it off now...I've only had two major coughing fits (major is defined * as "to the point of gagging and inability to breathe for at least fifteen seconds.") in the last 48 hours, where before I was having at least one an hour.

* By me. YMMV.

-It's stinking hot here. It reached 36 degrees celsius * over the weekend. I'm not sure if that helped my pneumonia (drying it up) or hindered it (asthma etc. is made worse). Today is better.

* About 97 degrees F.

-My mom bought a serger that I've been playing with. So far I've made a mystery project * and a halter top. I am pleased.

* Of course, I know what it is. But it's a big secret for everyone else.

**************END RECAP*******************

Gwynabella has a great idea for a blog awards dealie. So, I'll be participating, but I'm currently at Dave's without my favourites.

Ok, I'm done. I'm very tired and I was very hot. I walked about twenty minutes up and down hills to get to his place from the skytrain. Thank goodness Dave's place has A/C. Jealous yet? ;)

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