Monday, July 24, 2006

Because I wanna be in the club

Gwynabella's being a tyrant and making it the last Monday of each month. Sheesh. :P

Rules found here.

Blog of the Month: Mimi Smartypants: I read her archives. It took me many, many, many hours, but I was mesmerized. She's one of the grande dames of the blogging world, and she's the one to blame for my asterisking habit (I can stop whenever I want, man!).

Best Randomly Found Blog: Angela's Magic Carpet Ride: She's Canadian, she's got a wicked picture up, she's an amazing artist and her writing makes me laugh.

Hot Blog: Green Duckies: The banner! It tells a story! "Look, a duck egg." "Oooh, it's hatching!" "WTF?!?!? The Queen of the Universe has been reincarnated into a frog??" And, she's got colour coordinating green-ness all over the place. Me likey green.

Boobie Blog: ramblings. Bimkins. Dude. I never get to see you, due to the plague and school. You HAVE to post so I know what the crap is going on in your life.

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