Thursday, July 06, 2006

Day in the Life

1200: I write in my paper journal. Change my alarm to 800 because I have a field trip and get to "sleep in".
1230-800: I'm asleep.
809: Snooze button.
818: Snooze button.
827: Gah! Gotta move, gotta move! Get ready for school.
856: Race out the door.
924: Gah, traffic on Broadway.
1004: Arrive at the UBC farm almost twenty minutes late. Whoops. Talk with others about practicum and stuff.
1038: Walk around the farm and see cool ways of doing organic farming. And there were chickens!
1208: Head back to campus and meet up with Dave for lunch as a surprise.
120: go to the Education library and take out two young adult novels to read during the BELUD.
130-343: Read my novels, occasionally glancing up to see if there's anything important happening. Nothing important happens.
418: Drive someone home, and drive myself home.
506: Arrive home, have some dinner and chat with my parents.
603: Sit down at the computer, begin composing this, watch an episode of Kim Possible and two of the Simpsons that my computer taped for me, check email and blogs.
701: Think to myself, "Maybe I ought to actually do some homework that I need to get finished for tomorrow."
812: Find scholarship information and pass it on to my faculty advisor, whom I had talked with earlier today and she said that she would help me however she could.
821: Stop stalling and find article on assessment for synopsis for tomorrow.
823: Chat with Bimkins for a few minutes on MSN.
845: Chat with my mom for a few minutes on MSN, then realize how silly that is and go upstairs to talk with her.
858: Make myself a pineapple smoothie. I have definitely perfected the smoothie recipe. Talk to Dave on the phone. He had called to tell me that there had been a machete in a fight at the field he was at this evening, and that everything was all right.
914: Stop chatting with my mom and come back downstairs to do synopsis and research stuff on dyslexia.
956: I finish my synopsis and prepare to do some research on dyslexia, specifically, how to help students in the classroom who have it. Check my beluga picture and see two more fantastic comments. Yippee!!
1015: Double tragedy! The scholarship I was talking about wasn't to do with was for something else. Also, and far more tragic...I've finished my smoothie. Drat me for telling my mom she could have the leftovers!! Also, my mouth is sore from too much pineapple. But I loves me the pineapple... :( Time to get back to started on researching dyslexia... *SIIIIIGH*
1032: *coughcough COUGHGAG HACK cough* Ow. My cough has not gone yet. Ooh, but I'm finished researching, AND I've got an idea for how our presentation should go. Hell, yeah.
1039: Gah! Creepy thumps from outside! Oh. Just moths kamakaze'ing into the window since my light's on, and my curtains are open. Arrange dinner/movie date for tomorrow with best friend, other best friend and his boyfriend. We're trying to decide where to eat...with probably emphasis on fast food. I vote for tacos. They're both fast AND food.
1044: I am accused of acting insane because of pineapple. I protest. I act insane because I am insane. Pfft. Like pineapples could affect my metabolism. Only grapes among the fruit have that privilege. And usually only when they've been fermented, bottled, and consumed with good company. Ahh...sweet, sweet, grapes.
1056: Watch an episode of the Simpsons and skim quilt websites. Realize it's too late to go upstairs and cut fabric for a quilt I've been meaning to work on for the last...six months or so. It's all planned out now...just need to cut out fabric and sew it together. *snicker* Just. Hahah. :P
1120: Begin to turn off computer and go to bed.
1121: Realize that a webcomic I LOVE is online again!!!!
1129: Remember that it's been over two years since I looked at it and can't remember what's going on, so I regretfully close the window and go to bed before I get distracted by any other shiny things.

To be continued as I do more things before bed.

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