Thursday, July 20, 2006


Gwynabella went and said nice things about my blog posts. Now I feel obligated to write stuff. Oh well...I was planning on doing this post anyway.

I wanted to get some pictures of chest x-rays of people who have pneumonia to post them here. But then I did an image I'm all freaked out * ! There's STUFF in my lungs! Stuff that's not supposed to be there! Granted, I'm not trained in interpreting x-rays, nor did I find pictures of healthy lungs with which to compare. Also, I've got a much milder case than the pictures I did see. But still! Gah!!

This is one of the great benefits and drawbacks of this here thang we call that Internet. I can do a search on and discover what movies a random person was in ** and win a bet. Or else I can do a search and see exactly what is in my body. Is this good? When I made Dave look up the symptoms for cystic fibrosis, I could (and did) compare them to what I was feeling. This meant I got to discount CF as what I had. However, when I was dealing with my cyst back in December, I was looking up symptoms, and wouldn't you know? I had most of the ones for ovarian cancer. That was a pretty scary drawback.

* And now I'm not going to post them because I don't want to see them whenever I open my page. Feel free to google them yourself.

** My dad has a place on Let me know if you want the URL...not posting it here. :)

I've been intentionally not looking up stuff on pneumonia or the anti-biotics I've been taking. Dave did it for me, which was great! This means that if I start having weird symptoms, I can ask him if it's a normal side effect, rather than seeing "Pain in the left hip" and suddenly having my left hip start hurting *. I'm getting achy all over though. I just want to go to BED. I'm so tired. I was really alert this morning, but I'm crashing really badly now.

* My hip just started to ache. Did I think to use that as an example because it was starting to hurt and I only consciously noticed it now? Did it start hurting because I was thinking about it? Am I just falling apart? Does it matter?

I've got the BELUD/TELUD in about 45 minutes, guest speaker, and it only lasts for an hour or so. Yessss...this pleases me. What also pleases me? The email I received this morning.

"dear students,

it has come to my attention that your 100% final exam is tomorrow. i am
sorry i did not realize this and was under the impression that it was on
the last day of classes on august 11.

in order to alleviate your stress levels i have decided to cancel classes
tomorrow (friday, july 21) so you may study. groups who were scheduled to
do their major presentations will simply be bumped to the next class, so
we will resume presentations on tuesday. i will work on a revised
schedule and email it out ASAP.

i hope this helps you all and wish you all the best in your final exam

(my prof)"

WOOOOOO!!! This is a four hour class that I don't have to attend! This means four extra hours of going over things for the final and getting started on a project for another class. In theory, I'm going to Vancouver Island with Dave and some friends this weekend, but...well...I've got pneumonia. * :P

* This excuse is NEVER going to get old for me. Last night I think I used it at least seven times...mostly joking around. "Can you pass the chips?" "I've got pneumonia." *I pass them* "Want some more wine?" "Certainly! I have pneumonia after all!" I don't like using it when it means not going somewhere fun though. :( Like the island. I love the island.

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