Friday, July 14, 2006


Last week, I discovered that I had a learning disability. This week, I realized that I had ADHD and dyslexia. Next week I will probably find out that I have an intellectual disability and/or emotional and behavioural disorders.

I'm currently taking a class on students with exceptionalities. Guess what the course calendar is/has been for the last couple weeks...

Hello, my name is K, and I'm a hypochondriac...or at least I think I am. I read about it in a magazine once, and I have all the symptoms. Well, some of them anyway. One for sure. Sometimes. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I KNOW I've got symptoms for that.

Earlier this week, I made Dave look up the symptoms for cystic fibrosis because of all the coughing that I've been doing.* I don't have any of the symptoms, really. Thank goodness. I'm the kind of person who immediately thinks, "BRAIN TUMOR" or "CEREBRAL HEMMORAGE" if I get a sudden headache. If I have a bruise that won't go away? Cancer. Nausea? Well, I get that so often that it doesn't really register as something serious any more. Actual throwing up? Pregnant. Dizziness? Pregnant...or Ménière's. Granted, my mom has this, so I've got some precedent.

*I tried to make an appointment with my doctor today for the insane coughing of ultimate DOOM. She has moved to Yellowknife. Um. She must've gotten sick ** of my constant hypochondria. I made a Wednesday appointment at the student clinic at school, with the understanding that if things get worse over the weekend, they'll let me in on Monday. If things get REALLY bad tomorrow or Sunday, I'm going to the walk-in clinic near my house.

**Ugh. Sorry. That was a terrible pun that I didn't realize I'd put in until I typed it.

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